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Jonathan Joseph Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know

Footballer hair transplants are getting more and more popular. Rob Holding’s hair transplant is known for being one of the most successful in the game, while Wayne Rooney paved the way for many other men to choose hair restoration surgery. But what about rugby players?

Fewer rugby players have come clean about their hair transplants. But celebrated England and Bath rugby union player Jonathan Joseph has been open about having had two hair transplants at the Wimpole Clinic. His once-receding hairline has been levelled out to create a natural result.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jonathan Joseph’s hair transplant journey.

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Jonathan Joseph’s hairline design

As part of any hair transplant procedure, the surgeon works with the patient to design their new hairline. Our principal surgeon, Dr. Michael May, outlined where Jonathan’s hairline had receded. He then followed the line of Jonathan’s original hairline to create a natural design:

Jonathan Joseph pre-hair transplantation surgery

Hairline design is important. If a surgeon is too ambitious, it can lead to disappointing results for the patient, and/or overharvesting from your donor area. So prospective patients must choose a hair transplantation clinic that’s honest about the results you can expect, and also realistic about hairline design.

For his first hair transplant surgery, Jonathan Joseph was quoted for a 1500 graft hair transplant. This graft volume typically works for men with Norwood stage 3-4 hair loss.

Jonathan Joseph’s Afro FUE hair transplant

Jonathan Joseph opted for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure for his Afro hair transplant. While Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is more often recommended for people with Black hair types, an FUE hair transplant offers several benefits:

  • FUE hair transplants won’t leave any substantial scarring
  • Recovery time from this type of procedure is usually quicker
  • It’s less invasive
  • FUE hair transplant procedures can be slightly cheaper than FUT

Both transplant surgery types offer the same hair growth success rates, so whichever procedure you choose, you’ll get excellent results.

However, there can be complications with FUE surgery for patients with Afro hair textures, as the punch used to extract the hair follicles can harm the grafts. However, our skilled surgical team was able to remove Jonathan’s hair grafts with ease and precision and without damaging them.

Here’s what Jonathan’s new hairline looked like 1-2 days after surgery:

Jonathan Joseph immediately after surgery and 2 days after hair transplant

Jonathan said,

“I met with Dr. May, my surgeon, and I found him to be very professional and direct – which I appreciated a lot. I was not pressured into making any decisions and was given a wealth of options to consider.”

Ultimately, Jonathan chose FUE because it leaves minimal scarring. He often wears his hair cropped short, so the lack of scarring means it’s virtually impossible to tell he’s had a hair transplant:

Jonathan Joseph post hair transplant

About his hair transplant surgery, Jonathan said,

 “The technicians on the day were always very friendly and they performed their task with a high level of precision when placing the grafts. Matt, my patient advisor, was very helpful in answering all of my questions.”

Initial hair transplant growth

Around 4-6 months after hair transplant surgery, most patients start to see some growth from their new hair grafts. Jonathan’s transplanted hair began to grow in around this time:

Jonathan Joseph 4-6 months post hair transplant

While his transplanted hair growth hasn’t quite reached full density at this point, Jonathan’s new hairline is clearly visible. It follows his original hairline to a T, so it appears completely natural.

Most men with male pattern baldness — a type of hereditary hair loss — will find that their hair continues to fall out around the transplant if they don’t take steps to manage it.

Hair loss management for men often includes taking DHT blockers like Finasteride or Dutasteride. Some men avoid taking these medications due to the potential side effects, such as Finasteride-induced erectile dysfunction. Other preventative hair loss solutions like Minoxidil have very few side effects.

Jonathan didn’t use any ongoing hair loss solutions. Eight years after his first hair transplant, he returned to the Wimpole Clinic for a follow-up FUE procedure of 1850 grafts.

Jonathan Joseph’s second hair transplant: full growth

“As we all know, it’s all about results,” said Jonathan. “I am very pleased with mine now 10 months on from the procedure!”

Ten months after his surgery, Jonathan’s new hair is thick and full:

Jonathan Joseph's restored hair density after second hair transplant at Wimpole Clinic

Because he sometimes chooses to shave his head, it’s important that no scarring can be seen across the back of the scalp, where the donor hair was taken. Thanks to the skill of our surgeons and technicians — and the noninvasive FUE technique — Jonathan can shave his hair as short as he likes, with no visible scarring.

Jonathan Joseph's hair in 2022

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How much did Jonathan Joseph’s hair transplant cost?

We never reveal our patients’ personal information — but we can say that Jonathan didn’t pay over the odds for his transplant. While many clinics will charge celebrities higher fees (or give them a discount to get a high-profile figure on their books), no Wimpole Clinic patient will ever pay a premium. We pride ourselves on offering fair hair transplant prices for all our patients.

Jonathan agrees.

“After extensive research into the hair transplant industry I found Wimpole Clinic to be the right choice. As a public figure I felt a lot of clinics I spoke to were very eager to get me into the chair, with over promises and wild prices in both directions!

“The Wimpole Clinic was a lot more focused on my objectives. I was impressed by their track record for so many years and I was not disappointed.”

Jonathan Joseph’s top-up hair transplant

Approximately two-thirds of hair transplant patients get the results they want after a single hair transplant procedure [1]. However, some patients may decide that they want to increase their hair density with a second hair transplant. Jonathan Joseph opted to have both his procedures at the Wimpole Clinic, following the service he received before, during, and after his first transplant.

“I have had since had a second hair transplant with Wimpole Clinic,” said Jonathan. “On both occasions their standards and the way they treated me were impeccable. The second time round was even better, and as a high performer I admire how they keep developing their service and improving their offering.”

Our team is dedicated to pioneering new techniques and ensuring we offer top-of-the-range service to all our patients. See more hair transplant reviews from our previous patients for more information.

If your thinning hair or hair loss is getting you down, it’s time to seek help. Our trichology team is available to diagnose and treat your hair loss condition, and determine how many hair grafts you’ll need for a successful hair transplant.

Learn more about Afro hair transplants at the Wimpole Clinic, or book a free consultation to ask any questions you really want to ask before a hair transplant and start your own hair restoration journey.

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