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Is Hair Loss Affecting Your Love Life?

Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women of all ages. While it is nothing to be ashamed of and can happen for many different reasons,…

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What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplants?

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Best Ways To Combat Hair Loss In 2020

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Working Out After Your Hair Transplant

If you're investing time and money in a hair transplant, you naturally want the effects to look as great as you imagined.  That’s why to ensure the success of your…

What Women’s Beauty Treatments Damage Hair?

What women’s beauty treatments damage hair?

In today’s society, where we’re exposed to immaculate pictures of celebrities everyday on the news, the Internet and in magazines, looking good has become a major priority for many of us. In particular, women are putting themselves through rigorous diets and beauty regimes to ensure they look and feel fabulous and are up to date on the latest fashion and beauty trends.

5 Natural ways to thicken your hair

Thinning of hair can often be seen as a precursor to hair loss and is one of the first signs that your hair is crying out for some much needed…