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Hair transplant surgery: the questions you really want to ask

If your hair is thinning or receding you may have decided that hair transplant surgery is the only real solution, but you may be understandably a bit nervous about what’s involved.

Although the procedure is low risk, you may have concerns that you’re just a bit embarrassed to ask about.

For anyone considering a hair transplant surgery, here are the answers to the questions you really want to ask.


Will it hurt?

This is one of the most common fears and your surgeon will completely understand your apprehension over the possible pain.

However, the procedure itself is carried out under a local anaesthetic and the chances are that you won’t feel a thing. After the transplant has been completed, once the anaesthetic wears off you might be a bit sore, but only minimally. Some people feel slightly numb in the area where the hair has been removed from.

The entire process is surprisingly painless.



Will people be able to tell?

Once the entire transplant cycle has finished, the results will be natural looking with little or no scarring visible. If you were to meet someone for the first time, they would have no idea that you’d had a hair transplant.

However, while the grafts are healing then those around you will be able to see you have undergone surgery.

The site where the hair is taken from is not likely to attract any attention, particularly if you opt for an FUE hair transplant procedure.

However, there will be some scabbing around each follicle where the transplant is grafted onto; you can expect this to last approximately a week before it heals up.


Will I instantly have a gorgeous head of hair?

When the transplant procedure has been completed, the grafts will be in situ and you’ll have a good idea what your new hairline will ultimately look like.

However, the chances are that your new hair will shed and fall out within a fortnight of being implanted. This is a normal step in the process and makes way for new hairs to grow. Once these hairs have grown, your follicles will be in the normal cycle of shedding, resting and growing, so any future loss won’t be noticeable in the same way.

Therefore, whilst you will get an idea of what your hairline will look like in the end, it won’t be an instantaneous thing. Hair grows at the rate of 1cm per month so you may need to be patient and wait several months before you see the optimum results.


Will my transplanted hair be weird or different?

Your own hair follicles are used for hair transplants so you won’t need to worry about hairs from a donor looking different to your own.

Each square centimeter of hair contains tens of follicles, and each follicle typically holds between one and four hairs.

The follicles are removed from places on your scalp where it won’t be noticeable and implanted into the host site. The hairs that grow will be your own, and will look natural and match the rest of your head.

The only fact worth mentioning is for eyebrow transplants. Because it’s scalp follicles which are used to provide the new growth, they won’t stop growing at the same length as a normal eyebrow hair. You’ll need to be committed to a routine of clipping or cutting the hairs to stop them growing too long.


Is it worth the money?

Only you can decide how important your hair is to you; some individuals feel perfectly at ease with having a receding or uneven hairline and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, for some individuals a loss of hair can be extremely traumatic, leaving them suffering from a dramatic loss of self-confidence. A hair transplant can make them feel good about themselves once more, eradicating the excruciating sense of being self-aware in one swift move.

Only you can decide if a hair transplant is worth the money and some men are entirely happy without one. For those that would feel happier with more hair, it’s one of the cheapest cosmetic surgeries and there are now thousands of individuals who undergo the procedure every year.


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Image Credits: Shezay Des and Gary Clarke

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