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Hair Transplants For Women

Female hair loss and hair thinning is an increasing concern — and not just for women of a certain age. 40% of women under the age of 50 experience hair loss — and women as young as 25 may be affected [1]. As a result, more women than ever are considering a female hair transplant in London.

The Wimpole Clinic treats hundreds of female patients who are looking for a hair transplant in London every year. See how our hair transplants are helping women rediscover their confidence and self-esteem.

Why does female hair loss happen?

Hair loss or hair thinning in women can occur for a number of reasons, from illness to wearing tight ponytails [2]. The primary known reason is female pattern hair loss [3]. Like with male pattern balding, this condition is genetic and irreversible. So when women start to notice thinning hair, they worry that it may lead to permanent hair loss.

Not all female hair loss is genetic. Hair loss will naturally occur due to fluctuating hormone levels (for example, post-pregnancy, where hair is actually restored to its slightly thinner state pre-pregnancy). In other cases, the hair thinning or bald patches may be temporary, stemming from stress, illness, or malnutrition [4].

Lifestyle changes or medication can sometimes reverse temporary hair loss. However, permanent genetic hair loss can usually only be restored with hair transplant surgery.

Why women are ditching wigs for hair transplants

Many women fear that a noticeable amount of hair loss will inevitably lead to having to wear a wig every day to conceal it [5]. They worry that people will know they’re wearing a wig or a hairpiece to cover up their natural hair. Wigs are also a temporary solution. When you go to bed or to the pool, you need to remove it and expose your natural hair. This can lead to a serious dip in confidence and how attractive you feel.

Hair transplants offer a more permanent, realistic solution to hair loss. Female hair transplants in London are rising in popularity as women seek hair restoration treatment that makes them feel more confident about their tresses.

How does hair transplant for women work?

Hair transplants for women begin with an initial consultation. At this appointment, your consultant will assess your hair loss type and see if you’re eligible for surgery. Note that some clinics are overeager to get patients in the chair, so we recommend you consult with multiple clinics to find the right team to perform your hair transplant.

Most eligible female hair transplant patients can have either FUT or FUE surgery. The process takes around 5-10 hours depending on how many grafts are needed. You’ll be given a local anaesthetic to make the procedure as painless as possible.

After surgery, you’ll follow a comprehensive aftercare process as recommended by your transplant care team. Adhere to this as closely as possible to ensure you get the results you want.

Find out whether FUE or FUT hair transplant is more suitable for you.

Hair transplant alternatives for women

A female hair transplant is not the only hair restoration option. Some women are looking for a less invasive or more affordable solution. Alternative hair loss treatments, such as laser hair therapy, offer painless, non-surgical intervention. A hair loss consultation will help you find the best course of action to address your hair loss.

There are also some prescription and over-the-counter medications that can help. However, many commonly prescribed medications such as Propecia aren’t suitable for women, so it’s important to see a specialist before starting a course of medication.

Are hair transplants painful?

Most patients find hair transplants are less painful than they expected. One of our patients, Amy, reported, “The incision of the donor area was virtually pain free thanks to the anaesthetic, as was the rest of the procedure. I cannot recommend this clinic enough.”

That said, hair transplants are a surgical procedure, so you may experience a little discomfort at various points throughout the process.

When will I see results from my hair transplant?

Most hair transplant patients begin to see sustained new growth from around 6 months after surgery. It takes a little while for your new hair grafts to settle in and take root, so don’t be alarmed if it takes longer than this. You will probably begin to see your final results 12-18 months after surgery.

Read more about how long it takes to see hair transplant results, and how long your hair transplant will last.

How much do female hair transplants in London cost?

We recently conducted an investigation into hair transplant prices all over the UK to find out how much patients should be paying for their transplant. We discovered that you’ll pay a slight premium for a hair transplant on Harley Street, London.

Harley Street is home to some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in the world. A hair transplant from a Harley Street clinic can cost 4% more than elsewhere — but you’re paying for their experience and expertise. Harley Street surgeons are 30% more experienced than others.

When it comes to hair transplants, you usually get what you pay for. So don’t be tempted by cheap prices that seem too good to be true, as they probably are.

Choosing a female hair transplant clinic

If you decide that a hair transplant is right for you, it’s important to take the time to find an experienced surgeon. This should be someone who has performed multiple female hair transplants and knows how to create results that look natural, blending in with the existing hair growth while avoiding cell trauma.

It’s also helpful to read previous customer reviews prior to booking a consultation. This will help you understand what to expect, how well patients are looked after and what the results look like in the long term.

Female hair transplants in London

A high surgical skill-level in female hair transplant is essential. Grafts are individually placed to look natural and to blend in with the existing hair growth, as well as to avoid cell trauma and poor graft survival.

Here at the Wimpole Clinic on Harley Street, we’re seeing more and more female hair transplant patients. These women want a permanent, painless and aesthetically pleasing solution to their hair loss.

One of our female hair transplant London patients said, “I felt really looked after. Everyone was so caring and did their best to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible. My head is looking good and my hair is really starting to come through now.”

If you would like to know more about hair transplants for women in London, get in touch with us to book a free, no-obligation consultation.


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