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What to expect at your first hair transplant consultation

Are you considering a hair transplant?

We often suggest that our readers seek advice from an experienced hair loss specialist before making a decision about a hair transplant or about other hair loss remedies. This is for two main reasons: the first is that hair transplants may not necessarily be suitable for you and secondly it takes an experienced trichologist to accurately assess the hair loss and create an expert hair restoration plan which is both aesthetically pleasing and budget efficient. The whole idea of hair transplant can initially feel daunting so allow us to take you through what will happen during the first hair transplant consultation.

Medical history – what your hair loss consultant needs to know

The medical questionnaire part of the hair transplant consultation is essential to determine from a surgical point of view whether and which hair restoration procedures would be suitable and completely safe for you, based on your past medical history. Most men or women suffering from pattern baldness are suitable however there may be considerations such as medication use, skin type or previous procedures/operations. This can be discussed here and it’s essential to be completely honest about your medical history, just as you would be with the GP about any other medical procedure.

Hair loss scalp examination

Next is the scalp examination which, naturally, is the key to finding out the extent of hair loss and to plan how many hair grafts will be needed for an effective and natural-looking hair transplant procedure. Your hair density will be evaluated and we will look to compare the amount of fine hair to the number of thick ones. We will also assess the degree of miniaturization of your hair strands caused by shrinking hair follicles and the diminishing of each hair’s diameter and length.

This part of the hair transplant consultation is simple and clear-cut and should not involve any discomfort if there are no other existing issues with the scalp. It is here where we also demonstrate a visualisation of a new hairline to restore growth in the balding areas. It’s also a chance for you to air any queries or concerns you may have.

Key details about the hair transplant procedure

You may have concerns or fears about having a hair restoration procedure and these can be alleviated at this point by your consultant as he will explain to you exactly what is to be expected in each stage of the procedure plus advising you on a likely timescale for any suggested procedure. You can also become aware of what you’ll need to do, if anything in particular, to prepare for the session.

What to expect following surgery

We give all our clients clear, concise literature about what to expect following the procedure should they choose to go ahead with the transplant however at this stage we can give you an indication of the level of after-care you’ll need to be aware of and of potential healing times. There will then be time to answer any questions or queries you may have and often we’ll take a photograph. Photos give a different perspective than the mirror and aid the visualisation process.

Bring a friend to your hair transplant consultation

It’s a great idea to have a friend, relative or partner to your hair transplant consultation while you consider your hair transplant options. We have heard many times that clients found it useful to have someone present who knows them and their plans, both for support and for perspective. What’s more, they can be a second pair of ears when it comes to the procedure details and to help plan if and when you’d like the session to take place in the context of your day-to-day life.

The Wimpole Clinic, in the heart of London’s west end offers a completely free, no obligation hair loss consultation during which you can find definitive answers to your queries about hair transplants and about all our hair restoration options. We welcome both men and women of any age and hair type. You may also like to see our gallery of successful hair transplants or just get in contact to ask a question.

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