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The best shampoo advice

There are myriad shampoos and conditioner brands on the market, all proclaiming benefits for the hair and scalp – but many do not live up to expectation. It may explain the frequency with which many of us change the products that we purchase as they fail to produce the healthy, long, thicker hair that we desire. The key is to use treatments proven to promote healthy hair growth.

The Wimpole Clinic does not have an expansive range for exactly that reason; we have selected only those products able to provide the two key ingredients your hair needs.

To produce healthy prolonged growth you need:

  • Moisture
  • Protein

Excessive hair shedding can be down to breakage in weak, damaged hair which is most often triggered by lack of moisture in the hair strand. Over-indulgence in protein treatments can also lead to excessive breakage and hair loss. The more products or chemicals you use on the hair, the more moisture and protein you will need to use.

So what is the answer?

Our shampoo advice: A three step regime is best followed – first, thoroughly clean or clarify, leaving hair squeaky clean. This should be followed by a shampoo that replaces moisture and lastly, a protein packed conditioner that does not ‘weigh’ the hair down. In combination, these treatments provide a perfect balance for healthy hair, helping to produce longer thicker growth.

Step 1

The hair should be stripped clean or clarified at least twice a month; this rids the hair of the build-up of products used on a daily basis and is the perfect starting point for all regimes/treatments.

Wimpole Clinic shampoo advices:
‘Sensitive shampoo – a gentle mild shampoo free from common irritants that create itchy scalp syndrome. The shampoo removes excess oil from the scalp but does not strip the natural oil within the scalp tissue thus ensuring that the scalp is clean, healthy and in perfect balance. The citrus base ensures that the PH of the shampoo matches the PH of the scalp, which is important in combatting both oily and sensitive scalp conditions.’

Step 2

A moisturising shampoo should then be used for each wash – especially important if you are in a hard water area such as London. The best moisturising shampoos do not leave the hair stressed as they use gentle, natural cleansers and moisturisers, leaving hair feeling soft and detangled.

Wimpole Clinic shampoo advice:
‘Total shampoo – suitable for dry and/or dull hair. Contains coconut, wheat extracts, honey and glycerine. This is suitable for everyday use with normal cleaning and moisturising action for normal to dry hair.’

Step 3

A protein treatment helps to re-build the hair. Protein helps to reconstruct the shaft of the hair, making it thicker, stronger, more pliable and longer, repairing the structural damage to the hair shaft caused by chemical treatments, products and heat appliances.

Wimpole Clinic shampoo advice:
‘Total conditioner – reconditioning treatment for dry, chemically processed, damaged and / or long hair. Contains Cationic surfactants, olive oil, amino acids, and glycerine. A deep, penetrating conditioner for normal to dry hair. Quickly penetrates the cortex to restore moisture content and repair internal damage before structural defects can occur.’

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