Hair Transplant In Winter
When is the Best Time of Year for a Hair Transplant?

Have you thought about when’s the best time to get a hair transplant? It might surprise you to hear that there are certain times of year that could be better than others! By choosing the date of your transplant wisely, you might see better results and have an easier recovery time. If you’re interested in why, when, and if it really matters, here’s everything you need to know.

Why Some People Think Spring/Summer is Better

When it comes to the best time to visit a hair transplant clinic, the general opinion is that it’s the warmer months. A lot of people visit clinics far from their homes to get the best service, which is much easier in the sun than snow!

Summer is also a time when it’s normal to take time off of work and break your routine. If you need to take time off of work to let your scalp heal, it’s natural to think of the summer months. If you’ve got kids, it’s also nice not to have to do the school run whilst you’re recovering.

There are plenty of reasons why the summer seems the ideal time for a transplant, but what do the experts say?

Is Summer Really the Best Month for a Hair Transplant?

Although there’s nothing wrong with getting a hair transplant in summer, it definitely isn’t the best time. It won’t turn your transplant into a failure, but there are certainly more things to think about in terms of recovery.

During summer, we sweat more, which can make the healing process a bit more difficult. To stop the bacteria from your sweat becoming a problem, you might have to clean the area more frequently or avoid activities that could make you sweat. You also have to be careful with sun exposure as you don’t want your healing scalp to be exposed to harmful UV rays.

It’s not bad to have a hair transplant in the summer but keep in mind a few days inside in a cooler climate.

The Best Time to Get a Transplant is in Winter

During winter, the colder weather means you won’t sweat so much and keeping your scalp cleaner will be a whole lot easier.

Our lifestyles also change in winter. Instead of being outdoors, playing sports and sunbathing, you’re more likely to stay inside. This means that your day to day life should be less affected, making the whole process a whole lot easier! You won’t be craving for a swim in the sea or searching for shade at the beach, so healing will be less of a hassle.

By the time summer does arrive you should be seeing new hair growth too, so you can head out with new confidence!

It’s All Up to You

There are a lot of reasons that might affect when you decide to get your hair transplant. The final decision is completely down to you and, as long as you keep up with the aftercare, the time you choose shouldn’t affect the healing too much. You may have to be a little more careful in the summer, but if that’s the time that suits you then go for it!

The most important thing you can do is choose the right surgeon. Finding someone who’s qualified, experienced, and trusted is the best way to make sure your transplant is a success. They will take all of your lifestyle needs into consideration and let you know the best time and way to proceed with your surgery.

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