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How to prevent hair loss

What can I do to prevent hair loss?

Prevention they say, is the best cure. Well, as an established London hair restoration clinic, we could play devil’s advocate and just say straight off that the remedies for pattern balding are so fantastic and natural-looking that nobody need worry about hair loss at all….


Since happy, healthy hair is our goal, why not let us tell you the best ways to hold on to the lovely locks you already have? Preventing hair loss is a holistic endeavour and some of the easiest ways to keep hair healthy are often missed or ignored. So…

Treat it like a lady

Have you stopped to notice how roughly you treat your hair? In an effort to save time, many women tug and tear through wet hair with a brush rather than a comb and aggressive towel drying can be like some sort of morning assault. This way of treating your hair can put a lot of pressure on structure and either dry it out or break the ends. To prevent excessive hair shedding, adopt a delicate touch, the same as you would for your face. Leave your hair to dry naturally at least one in every four washes.

Avoid excessive heat and styling

We love a good hair style (check out Rosamund Pike’s new sleek look), however sacrificing your healthy hair in the name of Naomi or Kate is not worth it. You can prevent hair loss through styling by applying professional, protective hair products and limiting the amount of heat-styling per week or month. Particularly for black/Afro-Carribean hair, regular scalp massage with oil can help to prevent traction alopecia (prevent hair loss from tight hair styles). Learn more about curly hair and hair transplants.

Eat your hair

Well, not literally. Eat the things that your hair is naturally made up of, one of which is a strong protein called Keratin. Produced by amino acids, Keratin can be found in high-protein foods such as salmon, lean meat, whole grains and nuts. Vitamin-C based foods support the production of Keratin so definitely add in citrus fruits, peppers and brussel sprouts. Lastly, Sulfur, although poisonous-sounding is highly concentrated in keratin and is naturally found in foods such as eggs, dried beans, kale and soybeans.

Give your hair a spa massage

A blissful, completely satisfying way to treat damaged and dry hair or to prevent hair loss is to massage warm oils into it. Like a much needed relaxation massage in a spa, scalp and hair massage is an easy and incredibly rewarding way to protect and treat your hair. Start with the roots and take your time moving slowly through the hair until you reach the end. Coconut or almond oil are effective and you can leave them on your hair over night in a shower cap without worrying about over-doing it.

Prevent hair loss – hair loss cures

There is no official ‘cure’ for male or female pattern balding. Unfortunately genetics hold all the cards there. However, many men and women have benefitted from the natural look of an FUE hair transplant which can be administered in less than a day and has lasting results. Other remedies include hair loss lotions such as Minoxydil 4 and 5% are proven to prevent hair loss and help restore hair.

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