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Chili Oil For Hair Growth + 6 More Oils For Healthy Hair

Natural oils have been used to treat hair loss for centuries. They continue to be used in many cultures — particularly those that are knowledgeable about plants and their effects. Chili oil for hair growth is a popular natural formula.

There are also many other hair growth essential oils which are said to be beneficial for your hair. Here’s a look at some of the natural oils which are used today to help with hair loss and thinning and how they impact your hair.

Chili oil for hair growth

The idea of smearing chili oil over your scalp may sound like a recipe for disaster. But a 2007 study showed that capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili, can actively promote hair growth in individuals suffering from alopecia [1].

How does chili oil affect hair?

While more studies are needed to show the true impact of chili oil on hair growth, there is other evidence to suggest that it could boost your hair health. Capsaicin can increase blood flow to the scalp, which in turn brings more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. Chilis also contain a lot of vitamins like iron and B vitamins which promote a healthy scalp. Learn more about vitamins for hair growth.

Should I use chili oil on my hair?

Although studies have shown that capsaicin has been linked to hair regrowth, it’s not yet a widely accepted remedy. Chili also has the potential to cause significant reactions, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. You may experience burns, irritation and inflammation if you use too much.

How to prepare chili oil for hair growth

Mixing a small amount of chilli powder with a base oil, such as coconut oil, is an easy way to apply it. Apply a small amount at first, in case you experience any side effects like burning or irritation. You’ll need to part your hair to make sure the paste reaches the actual scalp, and doesn’t just sit on the hair. It will need around half an hour to work its magic.

Other oils

Chili oil isn’t the only oil which has been linked with an improvement in hair growth. Here are some other natural oils which are frequently used.

Black seed oil

Black seed oil, which is made from nigella seeds, has been shown to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth in telogen effluvium patients [2]. It can also reduce psoriasis symptoms and fight hair follicle inflammation [3].

Coconut oil

One of the reasons coconut oil makes such a good base for chilli powder is that it’s also renowned to have its own restorative qualities. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing, and can help the scalp to stay in the very best of health, in turn improving growth. Coconut oil also has the potential to remove lice and dandruff, as well as providing a deep shine.

Jojoba oil

This oil doesn’t work on the hair follicles themselves but instead on any crusty build-up which could block the regrowth of hairs. Jojoba oil cuts through any residual debris, removing it from the scalp, and thus clearing the path for improved hair growth.

Rosemary oil

A component often found in shampoo, rosemary oil is credited with not just rolling back hair loss, but also preventing greying. Known to stimulate the follicles, rosemary can help hair to grow not just longer but far stronger too.

Thyme oil

Used as a massage oil, thyme can help to restore circulation and in doing so, enhance shine, lustre and vitality.

Lavender oil

Stress and anxiety are often linked with hair loss. Lavender has calming properties, helping the individual to relax. However, it is also a powerful hair loss treatment. Studies have revealed that when rubbed with lavender oil daily, hair regrowth improves over a period of seven months.

Burdock root oil

Known as Arctium Lappa, burdock root oil has a very potent effect on hair loss. Helping to boost circulation as well as removing scalp irritations, burdock root oil delivers vital fatty acids right to the roots of the hair, as well as natural phytosterols. These have been shown to help to reverse the effects of hair thinning and are an ingredient often found in hair thinning treatments.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamaldehyde, the main compound in cinnamon, has been shown to improve hair growth in animals [5].


More natural remedies to stimulate hair growth

Many people prefer to try natural remedies to stimulate hair growth before turning to surgical treatments like hair transplants. Certain herbs are also said to promote healthy hair. Take a look at how herbs like marshmallow root and basil could also improve the condition of your hair.

Proven hair restoration techniques

Most natural remedies for hair growth have only limited evidence to back them up. If you’re serious about sorting your hair loss, you should discuss it with a hair loss specialist.

The team at our UK hair transplant clinic can help restore your hair to perfect health. We can diagnose and treat your condition to give you the hair — and the confidence — you deserve.

Take a look at our hair transplant clinic reviews to see how we’ve changed the lives of our hair loss patients.

Chili Oil For Hair Growth + 6 More Oils For Healthy Hair, Wimpole Clinic


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