The Type of Transplant with the Shortest Downtime?
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The Type of Transplant with the Shortest Downtime?

Many of those who opt for a hair transplant understandably have lots of questions to ask about the procedure. What does it involve, will it hurt and, the question most asked – how long will it take me to recover?

However the answer to this one is not as simple as it appears. Recovering from the process is dependent upon several things, not least of which is the issue of how small or large a transplant you are having. Physical recovery in itself is a simple process, involving the waiting for the scalp to heal and this is usually achieved within a few days. The time it takes you to feel confident enough to go back to work or resume your normal activities depends on the size of the transplant. Different types of transplant procedure, whilst both give entirely natural results, can have different results as far as downtime is concerned.

FUE Hair Transplant

This method is the one that is most commonly carried out and is extremely popular with very good results. Because this is a one-day procedure which uses short-term local anaesthetic a quick recovery and minimal downtime is guaranteed. In many cases patients can return to work within 1-2 days. The process of extracting the donor grafts and then transplanting them take anything between 2 to 6 hours depending on how many grafts are needed. Any dressing applied to the donor site can be removed the next day. Patients will make a post-surgical follow-up visit after three days.

FUT Hair Transplant

This method is also a one day procedure which causes minimum scarring but uses a slightly different method of harvesting the donor grafts, called strip harvesting.

In both of these methods the recovery time and the time taken to get back to normal are roughly similar. By the end of the first week there will be few signs that any surgery has taken place although the minimal scarring FUT method has the slightly longer recovery period and requires a little more post-surgical care. In most cases you can get back to your normal work and social activities after 2-3 days but if you feel self-conscious you may wish to wait for 10-14 days.

New Hair Growth

Newly transplanted hair grows at the same speed and with the same density as existing hair and new growth will start to become visible at around three months after a transplant procedure.

If you’re looking for a transplant that will work best with your hair loss, it isn’t always the case that the one you want will suit you. Why not call us at the Wimpole Clinic to find out what your best option is – so we can help you get the best results you can.

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