Is a Close-Cropped Buzz-cut after Hair Transplant Possible?

Whatever type of transplant method you have the likelihood is that your hair will need to be cut short before the harvesting and placing of the donor grafts begins. With this in mind you may wish to have your hair cut short anyway before you have your procedure.

One of the most common worries patients have concerns what they can do with their hair once they have had a transplant. Can it be cut and styled and if so, how long after the transplant can this be done?

Wait for the grafts to heal

One thing that will affect your ability – and your desire- to do anything to your hair is how well your scalp heals post-surgery. Any scabbing, scarring or redness should heal in around 3 days on average. The grafts themselves will take around 10 days to settle in and seal themselves comfortably in the scalp.
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Generally speaking, you should make absolutely certain that all the scabs have fallen off and for good measure wait for around 2-4 weeks to ensure that any grafts have fully shed. This is a natural part of the healing process. Your surgeon will give you all the advice you need regarding healing times for your particular transplant method and you will be given an aftercare kit to assist in your recovery.

Keep an eye on any scarring

Modern hair transplant methods ensure scarring is minimal however there will be some scarring for a period following a procedure. With this in mind how short you cut your hair is entirely down to whether you mind showing your transplant scars or not. The shorter you cut your hair the more likely it is that scars may be visible for a while.

Many hair transplant surgeons would advise you to refrain from shaving your head after surgery for at least a month and also that if you do opt for a close shave you will run the risk of exposing your scars and that the result may not be what you expect if you don’t wait until after all the grafts have shed.

Yes a buzz-cut is possible

In conclusion, then, a buzz-cut, or any other type of cut, is possible following transplantation surgery. The best advice though is to wait as long as possible to avoid disrupting the healing process and to give yourself the best outcome.

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