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Can having wavy hair make a significant difference in the illusion of density with a transplant?

Hair transplantation is a cutting edge procedure which has the ability to transform people’s lives. It can boost self esteem, increase confidence and improve your self image. However, it can also be daunting to commit to the procedure of having hair follicles removed and re-grafted. You may have questions about the final results or about whether you are even a suitable candidate for hair restoration, particularly if you have an unusual hair type.

How will I know if I’m suitable for a hair transplant?

Before committing to a hair restoration procedure at the Wimpole Clinic you will be invited in to speak to a specialist and will have the opportunity to ask questions about your individual requirements. At this initial consultation the doctors will check that you are suitable for a procedure. This will involve a frank discussion about your medical history to ensure that there is no underlying reason why you wouldn’t be suitable for surgery but also to check on the quality and characteristics of your hair.

What difference does my hair type make?

Your hair type will actually have a significant impact on the way in which the procedure is carried out and what the finished result will look like so it is important for your doctor to establish this in the beginning. Whatever you hair type, the transplanted hair will take on the qualities of the original hair. It may take a number of months to settle and establish into your natural texture as the follicles have gone through as big change, but eventually the new hair will match your natural curl or wave.

If you have fair, straight hair then it will look sparser on your scalp than dark or wavy hair. Straight, fair hair is easier to transplant because the hair follicles can be removed more easily but more of it will be needed to give good coverage. If you have wavy hair you are lucky in that you will probably need fewer hair transplants in order to give the illusion of thicker hair. Coarse hair also gives good coverage and so generally, fewer transplants are needed. The reality is that the fullness of hair is not necessarily a true indicator of how much hair there is, is it simply about perception, and wavy hair is great at giving an illusion of density.

At the Wimpole Clinic, we’ve worked on a variety of different hair types and can certainly advise on how likely it is your particular hair type will impact your results. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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