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Cheaper Isn’t Always Better – Getting The Hair Transplant Treatment You Deserve

With over half the population in the UK being affected by hair loss, which includes men and women, it isn’t surprising that so many people are now seeking hair transplants as an effective and long-lasting solution. However, it isn’t always a cheap option. Hair transplants aren’t available on the NHS, which can price some people out of the market completely or worse force them to sacrifice quality over cost, taking the cheapest solution they can find.

While in some cases this can work out fine, with people receiving excellent treatment at budget prices, as a rule in life ‘you get what you pay for’ and when it comes to something as important as your health, cheaper is not always better. You should always put your health first along with the proven success rate of the treatment you choose to ensure you get the hair transplant treatment you deserve and the greatest value for money too.

The cost factor

Of course, the price of such a procedure will inevitably have an influence over your decision and in the hair transplant industry the quality and costs relating to hair transplants vary widely. The price you pay can vary on geographical location, the type of treatment you receive and the quality and reputation of the surgeons.

However to ensure you make an informed decision that isn’t solely based on getting the cheapest price, here’s some additional considerations beyond cost that should be taken into account.

Do your research

Before your decide on a particular clinic or even a procedure, it’s always a good idea to do some research and shop around. During this process you should check out the qualifications of the surgeons who carry out the procedures, their experience and success rates; In addition, look at the clinic’s overall reputation and the different types of procedures they offer for hair transplants. If a clinic is more expensive, but has a proven track record over a cheaper one, surely it makes sense to go with them and pay a little more to ensure your safety and maximise the success of the procedure and deliver the desired results?

Home or abroad?

Many patients who are looking to get FUT or FUE done cheaply will often look abroad as a cheaper alternative to the UK. There are countries in South America, Asia and even within Europe that offer very low prices on hair transplants, but with travelling to have the procedure you also need to factor in the additional expenses for travel and recuperation time. Furthermore, you also need to consider the difference in medical practices and quality the country may have, as well as language barriers and repeat treatment costs abroad. The good thing about the UK is that the medical profession is highly regulated and practices to a very high standard, which shouldn’t be overlooked. Plus choosing a clinic close to you means that if there are any complications after the procedure or you need additional treatments it isn’t a plane ride away.

Aftercare matters

This follows on from above, with many hair transplant treatments there will be a level of aftercare required. With many cheaper offers, the aftercare may be lacking or incur additional costs on top of the original treatment. However, most hair transplant clinics will offer aftercare as part of the procedural costs and have customer service and satisfaction at the forefront of their operation, not profit.

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