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Hair transplant: celebrities we may have missed!

Here at the Wimpole Clinic we like to keep up to date with our celebrities, particularly those with hair transplants. We have ourselves had a few well-known gentlemen come through our doors – though we couldn’t say who of course! We uphold a strong confidentiality agreement with our clients meaning that we often take our hair restoration work to the grave. Fortunately, Buzzfeed has no such agreement with the celebrities they’ve found!

Hair transplants, where healthy hair follicles from a person’s scalp are transplanted into areas where hair loss has occurred, are now widespread among the famous – and indeed among us civilians too. We are a little surprised by some of them featured here (Matthew McConaughey) – so subtle were they that had two photos not been put together, we’d never have known. It should be noted that some of apparent hair restoration in these photos is not actually the result of a hair transplant but rather of clever hair styling (see Al Pacino). Still, perhaps a transplant is on the cards for those individuals? In the meantime let us recap three key questions about having a hair transplant…

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

Hair transplants can take anywhere between six and ten hours usually, depending on the number of grafts needed to cover the bald area. Since male hair loss or male pattern balding usually occurs on the crown of the head, the procedure

is focused on that area though the surgeon will usually transplant healthy hair follicles from an area at the back of the head where hair growth occurs. Therefore the procedures are performed with the patient lying face down on a medical bed with a face hole for comfort. The procedure will usually be performed throughout one day rather than over several days.

How long before hair regrowth starts after a transplant?

Healthy, stable hair regrowth usually occurs between three and six months after the hair transplant. Many patients see early hair growth, within a couple of weeks, however this is typically followed a hair ‘shedding’ period (normal following a hair transplant) as the old hairs from the transplanted grafts die and are replaced. Once full hair growth has begun, the rate of growth will be as it was before the hair loss.

Can hair transplant work for any hair type?

Yes. As long as there are healthy hair follicles on other areas of the patient’s scalp and alopecia totalis (complete pattern balding where no growth exists anywhere) has not occurred, hair transplant is possible for any type including Caucasian, Afro-carribean, Asian and any type of hair.

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