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Bradley Cooper’s Hair Transplant: Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret?

Fans of Bradley Cooper have debated the star’s possible hair transplant for years. While it is clear the actor’s receding hairline has improved in recent years, some fans argue his new look may be due to a hairpiece or hair loss products, such as Finasteride or Minoxidil

Cooper is notoriously quiet on the topic, with no word on either his progressive hair loss or its sudden improvement. However, given the changes to his hairline, it seems possible he could have got a hair transplant without anyone knowing

If Bradley Cooper did have a hair transplant, it must have been performed discreetly by a skilled surgeon as he has no visible scarring or evidence of surgery. However, it’s also possible that his results are due to hair loss medications combined with products such as hair-thickening shampoo. Read on to learn more about:

  • Bradley Cooper’s rumoured hair transplant
  • His reasons for possibly having one
  • Bradley’s hair timeline
  • The type of hair transplant he may have had 
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About Bradley Cooper

Bradley Charles Cooper, born in 1975 in Philadelphia,  is an American actor and filmmaker. While he initially pursued an education in English literature at Georgetown University, Bradley’s passion for acting led him to join the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City.

After graduating, Cooper began his acting career by appearing in television series such as Sex and the City and Alias. However, his breakthrough came with his role as Phil Wenneck in The Hangover in 2009. 

Bradley has played characters in dramas, thrillers, and romantic comedies throughout his career. He has become one of Hollywood’s most respected actors following his role in A Star Is Born, which he also directed and produced. 

Did Bradley Cooper have a hair transplant?

It’s easy to see why fans have debated Cooper’s possible hair transplant. His hairline and density have changed significantly over the years, going from a receding hairline to thick, healthy frontal hair. 

Bradley Cooper’s hair shedding started to become obvious in his early thirties, around the time he starred in Wedding Crashers (2005). However, by 2009, his hair had become considerably fuller, and signs of male pattern balding had disappeared. 

Bradley has not publicly addressed these rumours or issued any statements on his hair loss or possible treatments. However, hair restoration surgery is not uncommon in celebrities whose appearance is closely scrutinised by the media. 

Unless Cooper decides to issue a statement on the changes to his hairline, the details will remain open to debate. Cooper tends to keep a low profile and prioritise privacy in many aspects of his life, so he may choose not to discuss his hair treatment publicly.

Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, 2018
Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, 2018 [2]

Why did Bradley Cooper need a hair transplant?

Bradley Cooper is one of the 80% of men who are affected by male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) at some point in their lives [3]. Several factors contribute to this condition, including ageing, genetics, and the activity of certain hormones. 

A male sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binds to androgen receptors in your hair follicles when your body produces too much. This makes them shrink, meaning they stop producing hair in a predictable pattern. This pattern is documented by the Norwood Scale, shown below. 

Norwood Scale for male pattern baldness
The Norwood Scale [4]

Cooper’s androgenetic alopecia appeared to reach a Norwood stage 2-3 before he took action. Here are some photos of Bradley when his male pattern baldness reached its peak. 

Bradley Cooper before his possible hair transplant
Bradley Cooper shortly before his possible hair transplant [5][6]

In these photos, you can see sights of temple hair loss, a slight M-shaped hairline, and receding hair. Cooper’s hairline visibly improved shortly after these photos were taken, possibly due to a hair transplant. 

Bradley Cooper’s hair timeline

Bradley Cooper’s hair has changed significantly over the years. Let’s take a closer look at Cooper’s hair journey, all the way from childhood to his current look.

Bradley Cooper as a young child
Bradley Cooper as a young child [7]

Childhood years

Bradley had a full head of hair as a child. Few pictures of the star as a child exist, and he tended to wear a full fringe, so it’s hard to tell what his hairline looked like. However, his hairline is more visible as a teenager. 

Teenage Bradley Cooper with a healthy hairline
Left: a young Bradley Cooper [8]. Right: Bradley Cooper in his junior year in 1992 [9]

Teenage years and young adulthood

As a teenager and young adult, Bradley wore shorter hairstyles, which revealed his face. In these pictures, he appears to have natural areas of weak hair growth around his temples, but there are no signs of hairline recession. His frontal hair appears thick and healthy, suggesting he was not yet experiencing male pattern baldness. 

Bradley Cooper showing signs of hair loss
Left: Bradley Cooper in 2006 [10]. Right: Bradley Cooper in 2007 [10]

The first signs of hair loss

Bradley’s first signs of hair loss appeared around 2005 when the film Wedding Crashers was released. He developed an uneven hairline, and early signs of frontal balding.

Bradley Cooper’s male pattern baldness in Wedding Crashers
Bradley’s first signs of male pattern baldness in Wedding Crashers (2005) [11]

Bradley’s possible hair transplant

There was a sudden change in the shape of Cooper’s hairline between 2007 and 2008. If he had indeed had a hair transplant, it would likely have occurred in 2008. Below, you can see how Bradley’s hairline altered. 

Bradley Cooper’s hairline changed between 2007 and 2008
Left: Cooper in October 2007 [12]. Right: Cooper in December 2008 [10]

In these images, Cooper’s hairline appears to have significantly changed. In the first photo, he has an M-shaped hairline, which disappeared in 2008. In the 2008 photos, his frontal hair appears thicker, and he has a youthful, even hairline. 

Bradley Cooper’s hairline in 2024
Bradley Cooper’s hairline in 2024 [13]

In 2024, Bradley has maintained his youthful hairline of 2008. A hair transplant is permanent, so it is impossible to say for sure whether the changes to his hairline are due to hair restoration surgery or another type of ongoing hair loss treatment. 

What kind of hair transplant did Bradley Cooper have? 

If Bradley did have a hair transplant, it was expertly done. As a wealthy celebrity, this is unsurprising because Cooper would have access to the best hair transplant surgeons available. His hair today is very natural-looking, and fans are unable to tell whether he had a transplant at all. 

Did Cooper get an FUE or FUT transplant?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are the two main types of hair transplant.  Here are the key differences between FUE and FUT:


Extraction method:

Individual hair follicles are extracted directly from the donor area using a micro-punch tool.

Extraction method:

A strip of scalp is removed from the donor area and then dissected into individual follicular units.


Leaves tiny, dot-like scars, which are less noticeable and heal faster.


Leaves a linear scar at the donor site, which can be concealed by surrounding hair.


Shorter recovery time [14] due to less invasive extraction.


Longer recovery time due to the more invasive nature of the procedure.

Procedure time:

Longer due to the individual extraction of follicles.

Procedure time:

Shorter compared to FUE, as more grafts can be harvested in one session.


Bradley has kept his hair long since 2008, so it’s impossible to see whether he has a scar from FUT on the back of his head. Unless he cuts his hair short or issues a statement, we won’t know which type of hair transplant he had or if he had one at all. However, FUE would be the most likely, as it carries a lower risk of scarring, and Cooper’s appearance is important as an actor.

How many grafts did Bradley Cooper have?

Bradley likely had 1500-2000 grafts to fill out his receding hairline. The number of hair grafts you need depends on the areas affected by hair loss. In Cooper’s case, zone 1 and some of zone 2 were affected, although he retained some of his central zone 2 hair before treatment. 

Hair graft calculator

If Cooper had a hair transplant, his frontal hairline would have been rebuilt on the corners without obvious lowering. He also had possible hair restoration on the upper region of his temples. He didn’t appear to lose much hair between 2005 and 2008, suggesting he may have used finasteride to stop the progression of his male pattern baldness.

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