Is your hair loss product working?
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Is your hair loss product working?

As a fully online-active hair loss clinic, we sometimes come across queries or concerns about non-invasive hair restoration products aimed at reversing premature balding and various types of alopecia. Hair loss is a sensitive issue and to add to that a feeling that your hair product is not or does not appear to be doing the job it was bought for is likely to send anyone into a spate of anxiety and frustration. In today’s blog we’re going to look at the most popular non-invasive hair loss products and how they work with the aim of giving you key information you’ll need to start addressing your hair loss.

What are the top hair loss products and how do they work?

  1. Minoxidil 4% or 5% is the most recognised non-invasive hair loss product on the market , is prescription only, and comes in the form of a scalp lotion to be applied once or twice daily. It encourages growth through actively preventing dihydrotestosterone (DHT)- the cause of pattern balding, from destroying the hair follicles.
  2. Florisene for women – more of a supplement programme than a hair loss medicament, this product contains ferritin and is popular due to both good results and its extensive clinical backing which suggests that the major cause of CTE (Chronic Telogen Effluvium or progressive hair shedding) is low serum ferritin. For some women, low ferritin levels results in gradual hair loss. Research has shown that if the serum ferritin is raised above a certain point, then normal hair growth resumes.

Do non-surgical hair loss products really work?

Some hair loss sufferers have had concerns that Minoxidil has done the reverse of its function and caused hair shedding after use. The speculated reason, stated within the product description however for this shedding is the encouragement of hairs already in the telogen phase to shed early. It is assured that this is expected as old hairs get released and the new ones start growing in and the majority of users are satisfied with the results. Unfortunately therefore it may come down to trust and patience and there are some great hair discussion online forums in which to hear the experience of others.

Minoxidil is the only one of these products suitable for both men and women. Some high street brands offer a mixed hair loss product containing Minoxidil which can certainly be effective however it’s important to get advice from a hair restoration specialist as there may be a more effective option for you. Minoxidil needs to be taken indefinitely to retain the hair growth.

What do I need to consider when using these products?

Application – this may sound obvious but a fair few clients have come to us with concerns about hair loss from their product while in the meantime either overusing or misapplying them. Always follow the guidelines and take advice from professional hair loss specialists.

External factors – using hair restoration lotions may require that certain hair practises such as heavy styling take a back seat. Hair styling and hair accessorising should always be reassessed in the circumstances of premature hair loss and also to give products the complete chance of performing their function successfully.

Medical advice – as we keep saying it’s always best to get sound advice from an experienced professional hair loss clinic who can assess your individual hair loss issues, provide clarity and give you unbiased options.

What else should I consider when using these hair loss products?

The extent of the hair loss is obviously a key factor and some specialists suggest that using these products may in part be an experiment to see if the product really gives you the kind of hair restoration you’re looking for. You may also need to consider your individual skin type, hair care routine and the convenience of using either a regular lotion or ingesting a tablet every day.

Some hair loss sufferers use both a hair restoration product as the Minoxidil 4 or 5% and then compliment the hair growth with hair thickeners to create the look of denser hair formation.

If you have any on-going concerns about a product you are using, contact a specialist as soon as possible and get some help. And of course, always read the labels.


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