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Baga Chipz’s Hair Transplant At The Wimpole Clinic: Results, Costs, Grafts

While her flamboyant wigs make her look amazing, Baga Chipz’s hair transplant at the Wimple Clinic helped her achieve a flawless natural hairline as well. This can be a major confidence booster for someone as dedicated to beauty and self-care and always striving towards cosmetic perfection as Baga.

Since her androgenetic alopecia had led to a receding hairline, as well as temple hair loss and hair thinning at the crown in the past few years, it had become more and more challenging to appear publicly without wearing a wig or a hairstyle that masked her uneven hairline. This was taking a toll on the performer’s self-image, so she decided to get a natural looking hair transplant that would solve her hair woes before they got too advanced.

And in her open, forthcoming style, Baga did not make a secret out of her procedure, like some of the other celebrities who got a hair transplant. Instead, she took smiling post-op photos with the surgical team and was happy to share her hair transformation with the world.

  • The kind of hair transplant Baga Chipz had
  • The results of Baga’s hair transplant
  • How many hair grafts Baga needed
  • The cost of Baga Chipz’s hair transplant
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Baga Chipz in drag

Who is Baga Chipz?

Leo Loren, famous on the UK drag scene as Baga Chipz, is a British performer born in 1989. She specialises in drag queen shows, either on her own or together with her troupe, The Buffalo Girls.

Baga Chipz is best known for her 2019 appearance on RuPaul Drag Race UK. However, she has also been featured in a 2014 documentary series called Drag Queens of London and participated in the 2020 edition of Celebrity Masterchef. More recently, in 2022, Baga appeared in the school drama series Ackley Bridge, as well as in RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World.

Baga Chipz at the Wimpole Clinic

Baga Chipz’s hair transplant at the Wimpole Clinic

Baga came to the Wimpole Clinic in June 2023, excited to finally prevail over her hair loss and regain her lovely, straight hairline and she was not disappointed. The procedure was simple and virtually painless. Everything went smoothly, and in the end, the performer had a big smile on her face, in anticipation of her gorgeous new hair, which took only a few months to grow out.

Baga Chipz’s hair journey

Little is known about Baga’s hair timeline, as the fabulous drag queen usually makes public appearances wearing an assortment of stylish wigs. However, the rare occasions when the public got to see her real hair painted a picture of slow, but steady temple hair loss and hairline recession.

Baga Chipz at age 23 (left) and 26 (right)
Baga Chipz at age 23 (left) and 26 (right)

The early years

One of Baga’s earliest publicly available photos shows her at age 23. Her hairline was straight and youthful, though early signs of frontal hair thinning could already be made out in the centre. By 26, her photos reveal a slightly more uneven hairline, with possible signs of temple hair loss.

At 28, Baga decided to adopt one of the best hairstyles for men with thin hair, a bold asymmetrical cut which draws attention away from receded temples and creates the illusion of a straight hairline.

Baga Chipz at 28
Baga Chipz at age 28

Before the hair transplant

After age 30, Baga’s androgenetic alopecia had visibly advanced. One photo shows an M-shaped hairline, which the performer would soon start to cover with side-swept hairstyles and stylish high fades.

Baga Chipz at age 30
Baga Chipz at age 30

Baga Chipz at age 30

By 31, her hairline had receded significantly further than it was at 23, as can be gleaned from the increased distance to the small scar on her forehead. It had also grown more asymmetrical, with increased hair thinning on one side of the head. There were miniaturised hairs around her frontal area and her temple points were clearly dwindling.

Baga Chips at age 31
Baga Chipz at age 31
Come 2022, at age 33, Baga had started to resort to styling artifices to hide her thinning frontal area. Thanks to her combed-over fringe, it is difficult to see what her hairline looked like one year before her hair transplant.
Baga Chipz at 33
Baga Chipz at age 33

Baga Chipz’s hair transplant: the results

Baga’s hair transplant was a complete success, as can be seen from the photo taken six months after her surgery. Since the performer was diligent with her hair transplant aftercare, there were no post-procedure complications and the healing process went smoothly.

Her new hairline is perfectly straight, but at the same time, natural-looking. Her temple points are better defined and there are no more signs of temple recession. She has regained her youthful appearance and and no longer needs to wear hairstyles that cover her hairline.

Baga Chipz before and after celebrity hair transplant

Baga Chipz’s hair transplant after 7 days (left) and 6 months post-procedure (right)

Why did Baga Chipz need a hair transplant?

Throughout her performer career, Baga has been all about her appearance, undergoing several plastic surgeries and maintaining an ample skincare routine [1]. So when she saw the first signs of hair thinning and balding, she decided to take action by getting a discreet, natural-looking hair transplant.

The reason Baga needed hair restoration surgery was that she was experiencing androgenetic alopecia (commonly known as male or female pattern baldness). This condition occurs when your body produces excessive amounts of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds to androgen receptors in your hair follicles, making them shrink and become unable to produce hair [2].

In the past years, Baga began to experience typical symptoms of male pattern baldness, such as a receding hairline, temple hair loss and thinning hair on the crown. Her hair loss was consistent with Norwood Stage 3 androgenetic alopecia.

Baga Chipz at 32
Baga Chipz at age 32

What kind of hair transplant did Baga Chipz have?

Baga opted for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant, which is currently the most popular hair restoration choice. That is because unlike Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which can leave a fine, yet visible scar on your donor area, FUE is discreet, leaving virtually no scarring. Since, when not in costume, the performer likes to wear short hairstyles, this aspect is very important in preserving a natural look.

FUT vs FUE hair transplant

How many grafts did Baga Chipz need?

Since Baga’s hair shedding was not very advanced, she only needed 1,900 hair grafts. According to the hair graft calculator, Norwood Stage 3 androgenetic alopecia that affects the hairline and crown can require between 1500 and 2500 grafts, so Baga’s hair transplant was on the smaller side.

informational graphic about how many hair grafts are needed to restore hair

It is a good thing that the hair restoration surgery was performed in a timely fashion when an under 2000 grafts hair transplant was sufficient since hair transplant overharvesting can lead to unnecessary scarring, patchy hair growth on your donor area and not enough healthy follicles left in case a follow-up procedure is needed.

How much did Baga Chipz’s hair transplant cost?

Since Baga Chipz got her hair restoration surgery at one of the best hair transplant clinics in the UK, you may assume she paid a considerable amount for the procedure. However, you would be surprised. While we cannot disclose this information for privacy reasons we can comfortably say they did not pay much more or less than the average UK figure we discovered in our hair transplant cost analysis.

Since, as per our internal survey of 108 hair transplant clinics conducted in 2022, the average cost per hair graft was £3.25, a 1,900 graft hair restoration surgery might have cost approximately £6,000.

average cost of the hair transplant in the UK

Are you considering getting a hair transplant?

If you have been experiencing hair loss and would like to follow in the footsteps of numerous actors and footballers who had hair transplants to preserve their youthful look, you have come to the right place. Book a consultation now with one of our world-class surgeons and find out everything you need to know about this simple, effective and virtually painless procedure.

The best part about getting hair restoration surgery is that, unlike other treatments which only work for as long as you are taking them, a hair transplant is permanent. That means you will be able to enjoy fuller, more fabulous hair for the rest of your life. Here are some examples of successful hair transplants after 10 years.

If you would prefer for your hair restoration procedure to remain a well-kept beauty secret, you can rest easy. Surgical advancements in this field have made it easier than ever to get a hair transplant without anyone knowing. As you can see in our before and after hair transplant gallery, the results of our procedures look discreet and natural.

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