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500 Grafts Hair Transplant: Coverage, Results, Costs
Dr. Michael May (FRCS)
Medically reviewed by
Dr. Michael May (FRCS)
Updated on October 4, 2023

A 500 grafts hair transplant is usually the minimum number of grafts you can get in one session and is considered a small hair transplant. If you need fewer grafts than this, your hair loss may not be extensive enough to need a hair transplant. Instead, you can try non-surgical hair loss treatments like laser hair regrowth, Minoxidil, and Finasteride to reverse your hair loss.

In this article, discover what coverage you can get from a 500-grafts hair transplant, how much it costs in the UK, and who can benefit from this type of transplant.

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What is a hair graft?

During the hair restoration procedure, hair transplant surgeons take healthy hair follicles from one part of the head and transplant them to areas of thinning or balding. This hair is known as donor hair and usually comes from the back or side of the head or anywhere else where hair growth is dense and healthy.

These hair follicles are normally extracted from the donor area and transplanted through a graft, which is the standard term for a strip of skin or tissue that contains hair follicles. Grafts can be taken in strips (as is the case for FUT hair transplants) or as individual units (as they are for FUE hair transplants).

500 hair grafts: what coverage can I expect?

A 500 grafts hair transplant provides light scalp coverage, so it’s suitable for patients who don’t have extensive hair loss. Most people getting a 500 grafts hair transplant aim for coverage in zone 1, or to address very light thinning in zone 2 or 6:

Informational graphic about how many grafts needed to restore for hair restoration


The following photos show real-life Wimpole Clinic patients before and after their hair transplant. Each of these patients has had a 500 grafts procedure:

Wimpole Clinic patient before and after 500 grafts hair transplant

Afro hair transplant patient — FUE results after 7 months

before and after 500 grafts hair transplantation
Male hair transplantation patient — FUE results after 8 months
female patient before and after 500 grafts transplant

Female hair transplant patient — FUT results after 10 months

female patient before and after 500 grafts transplantation
Female hair transplant patient — FUT results after 10 months

How much hair loss will 500 grafts cover?

As the above photos show, 500 grafts are enough to make a difference to people who have relatively light loss of hair. Many female patients who have slightly widened partings will choose this graft volume to increase the hair density and prevent too much of the scalp from being visible. This applies to women who have stage 1 hair loss on the Ludwig Scale:

Ludwig Scale


Men who are affected by male pattern baldness often seek treatment when their hair loss is more extensive, so they tend to need more grafts. However, if you get hair restoration surgery soon enough, you may be able to get 500 grafts hair transplantation and manage any future hair loss with Minoxidil or DHT blockers.

Men at stage 2-3 of the Norwood Scale may be appropriate candidates for a 500 grafts FUT or FUE procedure, depending on their age:

Norwood Scale

How many grafts do you need for hair restoration?

The graft number needed to fully restore hair to your liking will vary depending on the extent of hair loss that has already occurred. Many patients need more than 500 hair grafts. Find out how many hair grafts you’ll need in our guides to other hair graft volumes:

How much does a 500 hair graft hair transplant cost in the UK?

Across the UK, the average cost of a hair graft is £3.25. So you can get a 500-graft hair transplant for £1,625 on average. You’ll pay a slight premium to have a procedure at a Harley Street hair transplant clinic, as this is one of the most esteemed areas for cosmetic surgery in the world. The cost of a crown hair transplant can also be higher, due to the greater surface area that needs to be covered.

At the Wimpole Clinic, our hair transplant prices start at £3,499 for FUE and FUT hair transplants with the latter tending to cost a little bit more due to the larger medical team required for the procedure. Learn about the difference between FUT and FUE hair transplants.

How can I find out how many hair grafts I need?

While you can measure your hair loss against the Norwood or Ludwig scales visually, the best way to get an accurate graft quote is by visiting a hair transplant clinic. It can be difficult to assess your hair loss, particularly around the crown. So it’s important to get a professional opinion from an experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Our trichology team will examine the extent of your hair loss to give you an accurate quote for your hair transplant. Book a consultation to get your free quote and ask any questions that you might have about hair restoration.

If you are looking for inspiration on what to ask your hair loss specialist, check out our prepared list of questions you want to ask before getting a hair transplant.

500 Grafts Hair Transplant: Coverage, Results, Costs, Wimpole Clinic

Dr. Michael May (FRCS)
Medically reviewed by Dr. Michael May (FRCS)Updated on October 4, 2023
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