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NeoGraft – A Hair-Loss Treatment Breakthrough?

A revolutionary new way to treat hair loss has been unveiled in a hair restoration clinic in San Diego, America. This new procedure creates permanent results while being minimally invasive and is set to completely turn the world of hair restoration treatment on its head.
The game-changing new treatment plan is centred around a process called Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) in order to restore thinning or missing hair to its former glory.

Follicular Unit Excision

FUE is the process in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the occipital part of the head (the section situated at the back and lower part of the skull) and then embeds them one by one into the area of the missing or thinning hair. This process was first introduced in the 1990’s, as a step forward from traditional hair transplanting methods of usually transplanting strips of hair from one part of the head to another. This procedure was very invasive and would often leave heavy scarring in its wake. Hence, FUE was developed.

As hair follicles are transplanted individually, FUE is much less evasive and so leaves minimal to no scarring and a quick recovery time. The process can be carried out under local anaesthetic and produces much more natural looking final results than transplanting hair in strips.

Dr Roy David, a hair transplant surgeon from San Diego, came up with the NeoGraft hair transplantation device to make the process of FUE quicker and much more efficient.

The NeoGraft way

The revolutionary NeoGraft hair transplant process is entirely automated which makes it quicker, more efficient and even cheaper for patients despite it being more technologically advances treatment available. The biggest advantage of the NeoGraft procedure is that it is virtually painless and minimally invasive. The entire process is completed under general anaesthetic, and patients can benefit from extremely short recovery times.

The process involves a motorized punch to rotate around each individual graft while controlled pneumatic pressure is used to gently lift each follicle smoothly without the kind of twisting or pulling that can damage hair follicles. NeoGraft’s creator, Dr Roy David, is an expert hair replacement physician and a renowned cosmetic surgeon and has been practicing both specialities for over ten years. While he is not the inventor of the FUE process itself, he has high hopes that his automated version of the procedure will not only benefit those who suffer from hair thinning or loss to get a natural and quick solution, but also to open that door to those who may not have previously been able to afford such a treatment.

Will we see NeoGraft on our shores?

The NeoGraft procedure is still in its infancy. As it stands, there are no concrete plans to bring this revolutionary treatment to the UK. However, should the procedure reach its creators high expectations, we are sure to see it in UK clinics when it does.

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