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How Much Does A Receding Hairline Transplant Cost?

A hairline transplant can cost anywhere from £1,625 to £9,750. Each hair transplant clinic charges based on their location, surgical experience, and the type of hair transplant procedure you choose. The cost of your hairline surgery will also depend on the extent of your hair loss, and how many hair grafts you need.

Most men don’t need a hair transplant until they’re at least stage 2 on the Norwood Scale. At this stage, the minimum number of hair grafts you need is 500 grafts. However, if you’re approaching the later stages of temple hair loss, you may need as many as 3,000 hair grafts. In this article, you’ll discover:

  • How the cost of a receding hairline transplant is calculated
  • Examples of hairline transplants and their indicative costs
  • What payment options are available for a hairline transplant.
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How much does a hairline hair transplant cost?

According to our UK hair transplant cost research, each hair graft costs £3.25 on average at UK hair transplant clinics. Therefore, a receding hairline transplant will cost anywhere from £1,625 to £9,750. This table shows the scale of hair transplant costs based on the extent of your hair loss:
Norwood stage Number of grafts (upper limit) Hairline transplant cost
1 500 £1,625
2 1,000 £3,250
3 1,500 £4,875
4-5 2,500 £8,125
6-7 3,000 £9,750
Norwood Scale used to diagnose the stage hair loss in individuals who suffer from male pattern baldness

Norwood stages 4 to 7 are characterised by balding into the mid-scalp and crown area as well as the hairline. The number of grafts in the table above refers only to your hairline.

If you’re developing a bald spot on your crown as well, you may need additional grafts. Some people with more extensive hair loss may need a 4,000 graft hair transplant or even a 5,000 graft hair transplant.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) tends to be cheaper than follicular unit transplantation (FUT). You may also pay a premium for procedures such as an unshaven FUE transplant (UFUE). An unshaven hair transplant requires more time and technical skill from your hair transplant surgeon and will therefore probably cost more.

Learn more about our hair transplant prices.

Example hairline and temple transplants and costs

before and after afro hair transplant

Number of grafts: 700
Average cost: £2,275

before and after 1200 graft hair transplant

Number of grafts: 1,200
Average cost: £3,900

before and after 1500 graft hair transplant

Number of grafts: 1,500
Average cost: £4,875

before and after 2200 graft hair transplant

Number of grafts: 2,200
Average cost: £7,150

before and after 2500 graft hair transplant

Number of grafts: 2,500
Average cost: £8,125

Where can you go to get the best price for hair restoration surgery?

Clinic location can affect the cost of your hairline transplant surgery. Even within the UK, there’s some variation regarding the cost of a hair transplant.

You’ll pay slightly more at a hair transplant clinic on Harley Street due to higher operating costs. In many cases, you’ll get more experienced hair transplant surgeons and a higher standard of care.

Good clinics may also recommend additional hair loss treatments before and after hair transplant surgery to help fight further hair loss. For example, hair loss solutions like Minoxidil for a receding hairline can boost your chances of seeing substantial transplanted hair growth more quickly after a hair transplant.

Should I go abroad to get a cheap hair transplant?

Some people choose to go abroad for a hair transplant. Many Turkish clinics offer all-inclusive packages that significantly lower the cost per graft. However our research into hair transplant costs in Turkey found some clinics artificially inflate your graft quote, so you’ll ultimately end up paying for grafts you don’t need. This isn’t just bad for your wallet, it also puts you at risk of hair graft overharvesting of your donor hair area.

Too-good-to-be-true prices often indicate cost-cutting. In some cases, this affects the safety and success of your hair transplant. There may be a greater risk of complications such as hair transplant infection if your surgery is performed in unsanitary, unsafe, or even unlicensed conditions [1-2].

Cheaper hair transplants can be a false economy. If your hair transplant goes wrong, you’ll ultimately look for repair surgery elsewhere which will cost you more in the long run. That’s why we recommend choosing a UK clinic with excellent hairline surgery reviews, clear evidence of past success, and a good CQC rating [3]. You’ll get better results, aftercare, and value for your money.

If you feel a hair transplant isn’t for you, we’ve also picked out the best hairstyles for a receding hairline.

Can you get a receding hairline transplant on finance?

Yes. It’s common for people to pay for their hairline transplant on finance. This helps you spread the cost of a hair transplant over several months, making it more manageable and affordable.

The Wimpole Clinic offers hairline transplants on 0% finance, so you won’t pay interest on your FUT or FUE hair transplant.

Is a hairline transplant worth it?

Yes! Many men report that their hairline transplant makes them feel younger, better, more confident, and is definitely worth it.

James Walton, a Wimpole Clinic hair transplant consultant, reported,

“Since having the hair transplant it’s completely changed how I feel and I’m proud of the hair that I have – it doesn’t embarrass me. Being able to go down to the beach and swim, play with my daughter and go on nice holidays, it’s made my life so much better!”

Get a free quote to stop your receding hairline from an experienced hair transplant surgeon at the Wimpole Clinic. Book a consultation at one of our 6 surgeries around the UK.

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