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19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline

Finding a flattering hairstyle for a isn’t easy. Choosing the right style depends on lots of factors, including how much hair you have left, your face shape, and the hairstyle you actually want.

Fortunately, there are lots of hairstyles that can work with a receding hairline. From buzzcuts to bleach, short styles to longer looks, here are the top 19 hairstyles for receding hairlines.

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Top tips for finding the right hairstyle for a receding hairline

  • Ask your barber for advice. Your barber can take all the important factors into account to recommend a look that suits you.
  • Experiment with new styles. Be open to new ideas and styling suggestions. It’s never too late to try something new.
  • Work with your natural hair type. Don’t fight your natural hair texture. Find a style that complements your hair type, rather than trying to change it.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling-Heat can make hair loss worse, so avoid styles that require straightening, curling, or chemical treatments.
  • Consider hair regrowth solutions. Topical solutions like Minoxidil can give you more styling options and help stop a receding hairline from progressing.

Best men’s hairstyles for a receding hairline

Tired of trying to achieve the perfect combover every morning? Here are 15 of the best hairstyles for a male receding hairline.

high fade hairstyle for a receding hairline

1. High fade

A high fade helps your receding hairline blend into the rest of your hair, opening up more styling options. Bald fades achieve the best blend.

How to style a high fade

Fades can be tricky to achieve at home, so head to the barber for this one.

When the fade’s cut in, use your preferred pomade to style your hair forward or slick it back.

slicked back hairstyle

2. Slicked back

Slicked-back styles are popular right now and they can look great with a receding hairline or widow’s peak. It works best if you have fairly limited hair loss.

The slicked-back haircut is a favourite with England cricket captain Ben Stokes following his hair transplant:

Ben Stokes post hair transplant

How to style a slicked back cut

A slicked-back look can hide hair loss well if styled properly. Using a little pomade or gel, comb your hair back and slightly to the side, over your temples.

If your hairline is only receding slightly, you won’t need to worry too much about this.

Wear with a neat beard or shadow for an ultra-modern look.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

3. Textured brush forward

Brushing your hair forward is a surefire way to hide thinning hair at your temples. It works best if you still have good density across your mid-scalp.

How to style this look

Trim the back and sides of the hair, leaving a good crop on top.

Using pomade or wax, use your fingertips to push the hair forward, leaving it tousled and messy.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

4. Tousled mid-length cut

Men with naturally curly hair (such as 3A type hair) may find that mid-length hairstyles effectively hide their receding hairline. The curls fall around the face, disguising any thinning hair.

This style may not work as well for men with naturally straight or fine hair, as you won’t get as much natural coverage.

How to style tousled curls

Grow your hair out to your preferred length. Use a salt spray to create a textured, tousled effect.

Get regular haircuts to keep your hair neat and light. The weight of longer hair can reduce density around the forehead.


5. Buzzcut

Sometimes seen as a last resort, a buzzcut is actually a really strong look in itself (as many bald celebrities can attest). It’s also really easy to maintain at home.

See the best buzz cuts for a receding hairline.

How to style a buzzcut

If a buzzcut will be a dramatic new look for you, don’t feel you have to go fully bald from the off.

Opt for a number 2 while you’re getting used to your new look. Then experiment with shorter styles when you’re ready.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

6. Brushed-up quiff

A quiff is a bold look that can distract from any thinning or recession around your hairline. Choose a simple spiky style (left) or a bold bouffant (right).

Styling a quiff for a receding hairline

Use your preferred styling product to push the hair forward over your temples and upwards at the front. Longer hair will probably require more product.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

7. Men’s fringe

A fringe is the ideal hairstyle for a receding hairline. It works with curly or straight hair textures and hides any hair loss around your temples. Even a thinning fringe can hide hairline recession.

How to style a fringe

Modern male fringes tend to finish a little way above the eyebrows. Visit your barber every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it tidy and out of your eyes.

Men with curly hair can use wax or pomade to create a tousled effect.

Men with well-groomed facial hair

8. Beard balance

The facial hair trend isn’t going anywhere, and a beard is a great way to detract from hair loss on your head. If your beard is patchy or thin, Minoxidil can help stimulate beard growth.

How to style a beard to balance hair loss

This look works best with thicker, longer beards. Keep your hairstyle short and simple, in a style you’re comfortable with (buzzcuts and crew cuts work well).

Trim your beard regularly to keep it neat. Use beard oil to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Before and after application of hair system

9. Hairpieces and hair systems

Hairpieces have come a long way since the classic toupée. Modern hair systems for men can look indistinguishable from your natural hair, helping you achieve any style you want.

How to wear a hair system

Hair systems are best fitted by a professional. They can match it to your natural hair, then cut and style it however you like.

Hair systems aren’t permanent. You’ll need to get it reglued every 6 to 8 weeks.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

10. Side-swept

The side-swept look is a modern favourite. It’s easy to style daily and looks great with or without a beard. You’ll need good hair density across your mid-scalp to wear this look well.

How to style a side parting

Part your hair at the tip of your temple. Then, using pomade or wax, comb your hair back and to the side.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

11. Sleek, straight hairline

Having Afro-textured hair gives you the option to cut in a new hairline altogether. Shaving your hairline back a few extra millimetres can make any receding hairline almost unnoticeable.

How to get the look

This one’s best left to the barber to achieve a sleek, straight hairline. Get a regular trim to keep your hairline razor-sharp.

Modern mohawk and faux hawk

12. Modern mohawk

Shaving down the sides of your hair with a stylish undercut can disguise your receding hairline. Keeping the hair long on top to create a thick, tousled crop on top of short hair is the ideal distraction. You’ll need good coverage across the crown and mid-scalp to pull off this look.

How to style a modern mohawk

Choose a close fade that undercuts the hair on top. Use wax or pomade to style your hair forward, covering the temples.

high and tight haircuts for receding hairlines

13. High and tight haircut

The high and tight (sometimes known as a military cut) is a simple, classic style. While it won’t disguise your receding hairline, this shorter cut can be a good segue from long or mid-length hair to a buzzcut.

How to style a high and tight cut

This low-maintenance style just needs a regular trim now and then. Apply a small amount of wax to create a mini quiff or slightly slicked-back look.

bleach blonde hairstyles for men

14. Bleach blonde

Bleaching your hair is a bold move, but it will detract from your hairline. If you have a lighter skin tone, it can also make your hair appear less visible. On the flip side, this receding hairline hairstyle will stand out more against darker skin tones.

How to style bleach blond hair

Wear your bleached hair however you like. This bold look works best with a stylised modern cut, such as a quiff or brushed forward style. While bleach is suitable for men of all ages, it’s especially popular with younger men, so may work well if you have a receding hairline at 20 or younger.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

15. The Jude Law

Many men look distinguished without trying to hide their receding hairline. Embrace the recession with an unfussy trim a la Jude Law.

How to style the Jude Law

Get your hair trimmed regularly. Use your preferred product to style your hair however you like.

Worst receding hairline hairstyles for men

Here are four no-go receding hairline haircuts for men.

bad combover hairstyles

1. Combover

A high fade helps your receding hairline blend into the rest of your hair, opening up more styling options. Bald fades achieve the best blend.

The combover isn’t seen much these days, and for good reason. If your hair is thinning along your hairline or mid-scalp, a combover can make it much more obvious. That’s one of the many reasons why we put it on the list of the worst haircuts for men who are balding on top.

That’s why slicked-back and side-swept styles require good density across the scalp, even if you have hair loss around your temples.

example of pompadour hairstyles

2. Pompadour

Pompadour styles are on-trend, but they draw a lot of attention to the hairline — especially if it’s receding.

You need a lot of hair for this bouffant style, so those with thinner frontal coverage may find a pompadour hard to pull off.

tight man bun and ponytail

3. Tight hairstyles

Man buns and tight updos can tug at the hair follicles and damage them. So if you want to make your existing hair last as long as possible, treat your follicles with care and avoid tying your hair back too tightly.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

4. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks put repeated stress and strain on the hair follicles, causing further hair loss. The longer and heavier your hair, the more your follicles are likely to be affected.

This can impact hair across the scalp, not just at the hairline.

Hair growth tips for receding hairlines

Struggling to achieve the style you want? Stimulate hair regrowth along your receding hairline with these tips and male hair loss treatments.

Learn more about treating temple hair loss to address the underlying cause of your receding hairline.

19 Best & Worst Male Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline, Wimpole Clinic

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