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37 Famous Bald Celebrities In 2023

Male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss affect everyone — including the rich and famous. Just like the rest of us, dozens of celebrities eventually lose their hair, especially as they get older.

Fortunately, going bald isn’t a death knell for a great career. From actors to musicians, athletes to politicians, baldness has become a hallmark of success and individuality.

Here are 37 bald celebrities rocking a buzzcut or bald look in 2023.

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Bald male celebrities

These famous men are known for their bald celebrity status.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson proves that you don’t need hair to become a bankable movie star. His now-signature look has paved the way to becoming the world’s highest-paid actor [1].
Dwayne Johnson with hair and bald

2. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’s buzzcut adds an intense edge to his action movie star status. See also other bald actors: Jason Statham and Vin Diesel.

Bruce Willis bald

3. Zinedine Zidane

There was a time that Zinedine Zidane had hair, but who remembers it? He’s better known for his iconic buzzcut.

Zinedine Zidane

4. Woody Harrelson

Actor Woody Harrelson has embraced his bald celebrity status. While he wears a variety of hairstyles for his acting roles, he usually sports a shaved head when he’s not filming.

Woody Harrelson with hair (left) and with shaved head (right)

5. Larry David

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David embraced baldness way back when. He’s had a similar style since the early days of Seinfeld, including in his 1994 cameo appearance.

Young Larry David with hair (left) and bald Larry David (right)

6. Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander played George Costanza in Seinfeld, who was famously based on Larry David. So it makes sense that he should have similar levels of natural baldness as Larry himself.

More recently, Jason has worn hairpieces to disguise his baldness (see photo below).

Jason Alexander wearing a toupee (left) and bald (right)

7. Pierluigi Collina

Widely regarded as the best football referee in the world, Pierluigi Collina is proof that alopecia universalis — total loss of scalp and body hair — doesn’t need to halt your career. His iconic bald look is famous among football fans. See also: Matt Lucas’s alopecia.

Pierluigi Collina conspicuous hairless head

8. Ed Harris

Actor Ed Harris of The Truman Show has been balding since a fairly young age. Fortunately, his bald celebrity status hasn’t hindered his acting career.

In recent years, he’s also starred in the hit show Westworld and the second-highest-grossing film of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick.

Young Ed Harris with hair (left) and older bald Ed Harris (right)

9. Vincent Kompany

Former Manchester City captain and current Burnley manager, Vincent Kompany, has always worn his hair short. But in recent years he’s opted for a completely bald look to hide his slightly receding hairline.

vincent kompany with short hair and a stubbled goatee

10. Vin Diesel

A couple of Vin Diesel’s early movies showcase him with hair but it’s his slick bald look that’s seen him through 9 Fast and Furious movies (plus several others outside the franchise).

Vin Diesel with short hair (left) and bald (right)

11. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has revealed that he started losing his hair at the age of 19. While it’s not exactly stagnated his 57-year career, he hasn’t always been at ease with his hair loss:

“It all happened in the space of a year. I thought everything was over, especially one aspect of my life – ladies. Finished! No one is going to want me. It actually didn’t end up that way, but I felt like I was inhibited by it.”

Patrick Stewart wearing a wig (left) and bald (right)

12. Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci’s baldness (combined with his signature thick-rimmed specs) makes him instantly recognisable. He’s starred in dozens of independent and Hollywood films, from Supernova to The Devil Wears Prada.

bald Stanley Tucci

13. Michael Stipe

REM frontman Michael Stipe wasn’t bald in the early years of his career. When he began losing his hair, it was a tough transition:

“The hair helped a lot to hide who I was. So that went away, and things got a little more difficult.”

Young Michael Stipe with hair (left) and bald (right)

14. Prince William

Even the royals aren’t exempt from hair loss. Like his dad, who also has classic male pattern baldness symptoms (and even his brother, Prince Harry), Prince William has extensive hair loss across his scalp.

Young Prince William with hair (left) and bald (right)

15. Laurence Fishburne

From Othello to The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne’s bald celebrity status has become a signature of his on-screen presence.

Laurence Fishburne with short hair (left) and bald (right)

16. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum mixes up his hairstyles for different roles, but his stylish buzzcut is a firm fan favourite. If you don’t have the hair for it, scalp micropigmentation can create a similar shaved-head look.

channing tatum swept back hair (left) and with a buzzcut

17. Kelly Slater

Once the king of the floppy-haired surfer look, Kelly Slater, has embraced baldness as he gets older.

Young Kelly Slater with hair (left) and bald (right)

18. John Travolta

Like lots of actors, John Travolta has switched up his style for various roles over the years. As a result, there have been rumours that he’s had a hair transplant in recent years, though this has never been confirmed. He’s now more often seen sporting a fully bald head.

Young John Travolta with hair (left) and bald (right)

19. Moby

Now known for his trademark bald style, Moby captioned this throwback photo, “And #tbt to 1987 before god stole my hair.”

Young Moby with hair (left) and bald Moby (right)

20. Andre Agassi

Back in the 90s, tennis player Andre Agassi was famous for his striking blonde mullet. Now, not so much.
Andre Agassi with mullet (left) and bald (right)

21. Floyd Mayweather

There’s been some speculation that boxing icon Floyd Mayweather has undergone a recent hair transplant, appearing with longer, thicker hair in 2021 after being bald for most of his career.
Floyd Mayweather with hair (left) and bald (right)

22. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos proves hair loss isn’t a barrier to becoming the world’s richest man.

Elon Musk, who bumped him to second, proved you can also do it if you’ve had a hair transplant.

Younger Jeff Bezos with hair (left) and bald (right)

23. Joe Rogan

Podcaster Joe Rogan has been open about his worries around hair loss and his career:

“I was freaking out — I was freaking out that my hair was falling out, because I was on TV too and I was making a living as an actor at the time.”

However, after reportedly having a failed hair transplant, he’s now fully embraced the bald look.

Joe Rogan with hair (left) and bald (right)

Bald celebrities with beards

Losing your hair is an opportunity to experiment with a new look. These eight celebrities have grown out their facial hair while embracing their baldness.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s bald with a beard look shows how facial hair can add style and sophistication to your appearance.

Samuel L. Jackson clean-shaven (left) and bald with beard (right)

2. Billy Joel

Though he’s now almost completely bald, Billy Joel was known for his thick head of hair and clean-shaven appearance early on in his career.

Billy Joel young with hair (left) and bald with beard (right)

3. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston still has plenty of hair, but he became known for this bald bearded look in his performance as Breaking Bad teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White.

Bryan Cranston with hair and moustache (left) and bald with full beard (right)

4. Terry Crews

Actor Terry Crews is a big fan of the bald-and-beard combination. But he’s not naturally bald, having stated in an interview that he shaves his head every day:

“I am living a lie, because I am really not bald at all. I shave my head every day. But see, the thing is, if it grows in, people will go, ‘Who is he? What is that?’ And people get really disturbed when I grow it. So I’ve been this way for 30 years.”

terry crews with short hair (left) and shaved head with goatee (right)

5. Donald Faison

Actor Donald Faison occasionally grows out his scalp hair (and facial hair). But he’s better known for his closely cropped hair, perhaps due to his temple hair loss.

Donald Faison with hair (left) and bald with stubble (left)

6. Jason Statham

With longer hair, it’s clear to see that Jason Statham’s hair is thinning on top. Fortunately, he’s forged a career from his signature look: a buzzcut and a short, stylish beard.

jason statham thinning hair (left) and bald with stubble (right)

7. Alan Shearer

Former footballer and current Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer has had significant hair loss over the years, but reports suggest he’s happy with his look, leading him to resist getting a hair transplant [2].
Alan Shearer in his younger days with hair (left) and bald with stubble (right)

8. Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola’s thinning hair means he’s now embraced the shaved head look, supplemented with a salt-and-pepper beard.

Young Pep Guardiola with thinning hair (left) and bald with beard (right)

Young bald celebrities

Many men start losing hair in their mid-20s or even earlier. Here are six young men experiencing hair loss.

1. Nicolas Srut Roman

YouTuber Nicolas Srut Roman was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at the age of 7. Now, aged 22, he uses his online presence to raise awareness of this condition.

Nicolas Srut Roman

2. Sofyan Amrabat

Aged just 26, Moroccan footballer Sofyan Amrabat made a name for himself at the 2022 World Cup. Despite appearing to have a relatively full hairline, he wears his hair fully shaved.
Sofyan Amrabat with hair (left) and buzzcut with beard (right)

3. Jacob Batalon

Spiderman actor Jacob Batalon is believed to suffer from alopecia, leading to his baldness at the age of just 26. He wears a wig in the Spiderman franchise.

Jacob Batalon

4. Fabinho

Fabinho has worn his hair short throughout his football career, with his hair showing signs of recession at a relatively early age. Now, at age 29, he wears his hair fully bald.

Fabinho with hair (left) and without hair (right)

5. Matthew Clarke

Matt Clarke’s hair was thinning bit visible when he signed for Brighton aged 22. Since then, he’s shaved his hair to disguise his hair loss at the age of 26.

Matthew Clarke with thinning hair (left) and completely bald (right)

6. Edo Kayembe

24-year-old Watford midfielder Edo Kayembe has a distinctly recessed hairline, causing him to wear his hair closely cropped.
Edo Kayembe

Bald female celebrities

Many famous bald women also suffer from alopecia, including Jada Pinkett Smith, Gail Porter, and Ricki Lake.

Find out which other famous women have been affected by baldness in this list of female celebrities with alopecia.

See celebrity hair transplants

Hair loss affects the majority of men at some point in their lives. As the stigma around hair transplants decreases, more and more celebrities are choosing hair transplants, hair systems for men, and other proven male hair loss treatments to restore their hair.

England cricket captain Ben Stokes has had a hair transplant at the Wimpole Clinic, and decided to open up about his procedure to further reduce this stigma:

“It’s amazing in cricket now how many people have had [a hair transplant]. It’s a conversation thing now. People ask about it: “What’s it like? How many grafts did you need? Does it hurt? I think I’m going to get one.” The stigma around it has just completely disappeared.”

37 Famous Bald Celebrities In 2023, Wimpole Clinic

See these celebrity hair transplant before and after photos to see which famous people have opted for an FUE or FUT procedure.

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