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Is Going Abroad For a Hair Transplant Safe?

In some ways, the ‘hair transplant holiday’ can initially seem like a good idea. You can use your holiday time as the recovery period, and often be away from the daily stresses of life.

However, the main reason that some people choose to go abroad for their hair transplants is usually related to the cost-saving. Clinics in countries with less strict health and quality regulations than the UK can legally offer cut-price procedures, which may appear to be a good budget option. 

There are two issues to consider though when weighing up the advantages of going abroad for a hair transplant. The first priority must always be health and safety. Are these cheaper clinics operating in line with best medical practices? Are their staff adequately trained to deal with any unforeseen developments or side-effects? Is the clinic run according to the highest possible standards of hygiene and patient safety? 

Researching the safety of foreign hair clinics is vital if you want to avoid the complications that can arise if this usually safe procedure is not carried out correctly. Unless you’re prepared to make two trips (which would probably cancel out your cost-saving), the only way to do your due diligence for foreign clinics is to research online or speak to previous patients. The extent to which the clinic will help you make an honest appraisal of what you’re signing up for depends largely on how reputable, professional, ethical and trustworthy they are. 

Of course, there’s likely to be a considerable number of decent quality, safe and reputable clinics in many of the countries that offer these hair transplant holidays. The difficulty is knowing which ones are going to provide a pleasant and problem-free experience, and again, you are limited to researching this remotely. 

The second issue to think about is whether you will be satisfied with the results of your procedure – the whole purpose of the trip and expense. Your package might not include meeting your surgeon or visiting the clinic prior to your transplant, which means you have to book and pay for your trip and then travel out there on the assumption that they’re adequately qualified and can provide the results you’re looking to achieve. In many reports, the room where your surgery is shared, often like a ward where many surgeries are carried out by technicians and supervised by a surgeon.

Although many hair transplants can lead to great results and satisfied patients, there have been occasions when the outcome is not as expected. Failed or disappointing transplants can be a result of poorly-trained or inexperienced surgeons, language barriers expectations that are not managed, and these tend to be found more often in the budget clinics. 

So, for the question as to whether going abroad for a hair transplant is safe – the answer is that it depends on a number of factors, firstly, what the driving force behind it is, remember saving money can cost more in the future. 

While it’s possible that you could have a safe procedure that delivers the great results you’re hoping for, there are some risks associated that may outweigh the money you might save. It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you factor in the travel costs, additional insurance, and any unforeseen expenses should things not go to plan, it may be that opting for a cheaper foreign clinic turns out to be a false economy. 

Although it’s not always the case, there’s a reason that ‘you get what you pay for’ is such a well-worn saying. If a foreign clinic can offer the same hair transplants available in this country for a greatly discounted price, it would be wise to find out how they are making their savings and what costs they have cut. And even though everyone loves to save some money and get a bargain, when it comes to your health and your appearance, paying a little more for a safe and satisfying experience with a hair transplant clinic you know you can trust may prove to be a wise investment.

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