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Stuart Hogg’s Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know

Retired rugby union player Stuart Hogg has seen dramatic changes in his hairline in recent years. After balding at a relatively young age — in his early twenties — Stuart Hogg decided to undergo a hair transplant to restore his thinning hair.

So was Stuart Hogg’s hair transplant a success? And what do we know about his procedure? Find out all about Stuart Hogg’s hair transplant below.

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Has Stuart Hogg had a hair transplant?

Stuart Hogg has had not one but two hair transplants. The first took place in July 2018 to tackle Stuart’s receding hairline. He then had a second hair transplant to repair the damage caused by bleaching his new hair grafts.

Stuart Hogg playing rugby


Stuart Hogg’s hair transplant took place at a Manchester-based hair transplant clinic. Let’s explore what his hair looked like before and after his procedure, and a timeline of his hair.

Stuart Hogg hair transplant: before and after

Prior to his hair transplant, Stuart Hogg still had good density around his crown, but he had substantial temple hair loss, as well as thinning through the mid-scalp:

Stuart Hogg playing rugby


Stuart’s male pattern baldness had reached Norwood stage 3 or 4 by the time of his hair transplant. According to the Norwood Scale, this stage of hair loss is characterised by a receding hairline and thinning around the mid-scalp:

The Hamilton-Norwood scale should the different stages of male pattern hair loss


Stuart’s hair transplant restored his hair to Norwood 1, a natural-looking hairline for a man in his mid-twenties:

Stuart Hogg on the rugby field

Timeline of Stuart Hogg’s hair transplant

Stuart Hogg had his first hair transplant at age 25 approximately, with the procedure taking place in July 2018. So what did his hair look like before and after his procedure?

Before hair transplant: 2016-2018

In 2016, Stuart Hogg’s hair was thinning at the temples, leading him to opt for a hair restoration procedure.

Stuart Hogg 2016
Stuart Hogg playing rugby


In these earlier stages of hair loss, Stuart brushed his hair forward over his receding hairline. This textured brush forward is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles for a receding hairline.

Stuart has explained the reasons behind his decision to get a hair transplant:

“I decided to get a hair transplant because I was getting quite a bad receding hairline. I felt that, being on the television quite a bit, I needed to try and look my best. So I decided to bite the bullet.”

Post-hair transplant: 2018-2019

Stuart Hogg’s new hairline was soon visible following his hair transplant recovery period:

Stuart Hogg post hair transplant


His temple hairline was brought forward to create a straighter, lower hairline, which can be seen clearly in this photo of Stuart with a post-transplant buzzcut.

On the success of his hair transplant, Stuart said:

“It’s definitely given me more confidence. I had quite a bad receding hairline that I was trying to hide all the time, but after the hair transplant I feel I’ve got a huge amount of confidence to try new things.”

Hair transplant bleach damage: 2019

However, Stuart’s hair transplant success didn’t last long. He bleached his hair after his hair transplant which unfortunately caused his new hair grafts to fall out.

Stuart Hogg with bleached hair


Of the experience, Stuart said:

“I got in trouble because I killed all the roots off so I had it redone. It was a little bit painful. It’s getting there. I’ve obviously had a bit of work done a couple of times.”


That’s why it’s important to look after your grafts with good hair transplant aftercare. While it is possible to bleach or dye your hair after a hair transplant, make sure you get the go ahead from your surgeon before you do so. Ideally, you should wait at least six weeks before colouring your hair.

Second hair transplant and Stuart Hogg’s man bun: 2020-2023

Fortunately, Stuart was able to have a second hair transplant that restored his hair to perfect health and density.

Stuart Hogg post second hair transplant


Since his second transplant, Stuart has grown his hair out and tried new styles, including a man bun. While he hasn’t always enjoyed the media attention on his physical appearance, it’s great that he now has the confidence (and the hairline) to experiment with new hairstyles following his transplant.

Stuart Hogg with a man bun


That said, it’s important to avoid overly tight hairstyles regardless of whether you’ve had a hair transplant. That’s because man buns and other tight hairstyles can lead to traction alopecia if worn too often. And if you’ve had a hair transplant, or you’re worried about hair loss, it’s important to preserve as much of your hair as possible.

What type of hair transplant has Stuart Hogg had?

Stuart Hogg had an FUE hair transplant. FUE is the most popular modern hair transplant method because:

That’s why many other celebrities and sports stars chose FUE for their own hair transplants.

How many hair grafts did Stuart Hogg have and how much did it cost?

Stuart hasn’t revealed how many hair grafts he had, but it’s likely to have been around 3,000 grafts to 4,000 grafts, based on the extent of his hair loss.

Informational graphic showing how many hair grafts are needed for male hair transplants


Our hair transplant cost research found UK clinics charge an average of £3.25 per graft. So Stuart’s hair transplant is estimated to have cost around £9,750 to £13,000.

More athlete hair transplants

Stuart Hogg isn’t the only sportsman who has revealed he’s had a hair transplant. Ever since Wayne Rooney revealed his hair transplant in 2011, more and more footballers and sports stars have opened up about their hairline enhancements.

Arsenal centre-back Rob Holding’s hair transplant was performed here at the Wimpole Clinic. Dr. Luciano Sciacca restored his Norwood stage 4 hair loss to a lower, straighter hairline that looks completely natural:

Rob holding before and after his FUE hair transplant at Wimpole Clinic


We’ve also worked with other rugby stars to restore their hair; Jonathan Joseph’s hair transplant was performed at the Wimpole Clinic. Our surgeons are experienced in several types of hair restoration, including Afro hair transplants.

Jonathan Joseph before and after his FUE hair transplant surgery

Find out more about getting a hair transplant

Hair transplants aren’t just for celebrities and athletes. They’re much more affordable and accessible than you might think, though they may not be necessary if you’re still in the early stages of hair loss.

Hair loss treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil may help if you’re younger than 25, or your hair is still around Norwood stage 2.

If you’re considering a hair transplant, there’s a lot to think about before you take the plunge. Book a free consultation at the Wimpole Clinic to meet with our patient advisors, and learn more about whether a hair transplant is right for you.

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