What’s happened to Wayne Rooney’s hair?
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What’s happened to Wayne Rooney’s hair?

In the aftermath of England’s historic defeat against Iceland in the recent Euro 2016 knock-out round, it seems England Captain and international football veteran let his full head of hair appearance slip.

The father of three and world renowned Manchester United player, is one of the most famous hair transplant success stories to date. He’s not only shown what a great job they can do to help replace hair in bald areas, but his overall profile as a household name, has done a huge amount in raising awareness and popularity for hair transplants around the worldwide, since he underwent treatment in 2011. However, like many who undergo such hair loss treatments, the aggressiveness of male pattern baldness can still continue to have an effect on untreated areas, which it seems is exactly what happened to Rooney post Euro 2016.

Before and after

You only have to compare footage before the Iceland match and throughout the Euro 2016 tournament, to notice a stark difference. During the four England games, Rooney can be seen on the pitch with what appears to be a full head of brown hair, but the day after was a completely different scene all together. Photographed outside the England team’s hotel in Nice, Rooney’s hair shows signs of definite thinning on the top of the scalp, and looks nothing like his hair from the night before.

But you may be wondering, what happened to Rooney’s hair? Did it just fall out overnight? Obviously, the answer is no. It’s much more likely that Rooney used a hair thickening spray to cover up the area of thinning hair temporarily. These can be used to great effect for areas with hair loss, making the existing hair look thicker, although understandably as a spray the results aren’t long-lasting and will wash out. It’s entirely possible that with the end of the football season looming and a big international tournament to prepare for, Rooney opted to postpone any further hair transplants and concentrate on the job at hand.

What’s next for Rooney’s hair?

When it comes to hair loss, the symptoms can worsen over time, affecting additional areas, which means that in many cases, like Rooney’s the treatment required is ongoing and more than just a one off fix. Looking at Rooney’s current head of hair in photographs, it’s clear that there is follow-up work to be done if he wants to find a more permanent solution to his baldness.

The top of the scalp and crown, show clear signs of thinning and in comparison to the front d-shape where he famously had his hair transplants before. This would suggest that additional hair transplants taken from the back of his head would help replace lost hair and provide him with a full head of hair again, without the need to use thickening sprays.

Hair loss and thinning is common in both men and women, but thankfully now there are ways you can manage hair loss, get back your confidence and a full head of hair. Why not speak to our experts at The Wimpole Clinic to find out the options available.

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