Hair Fibres after FUE – Can I use them?

Hair fibres are a thickening product which give an instant appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The better brands use keratin which is the same protein as natural hair is made from. Hair fibres work by using electrostatic charge which creates a magnetic effect and bonds the fibres to human hair. This works by instantly making hair look fuller and camouflaging bald patches.

They will work until you next wash your hair but are safe to use on a daily basis. Bear in mind that there are many products on the market of varying quality and purchasing hair thickener from specialist clinics makes it much more likely that you will receive a higher quality and more effective product than if you buy from supermarkets or the high street. Here, we look at the use of hair fibres after transplant, in order to help you understand whether and when you could use them.
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How soon after FUE can I use Hair Fibres?

FUE hair transplant or Follicular Unit Excision is a process in which healthy hair follicles are removed from the side or back of the head and then grafted onto a thinning area. FUE is a state-of-the-art hair restoration procedure that promotes fast recovery and encourages speedier post-operative hair growth. However, for a period of time after the implants have been grafted in they will be vulnerable to any disturbance. Therefore it is best to look after them carefully for a week or two until they have taken a good hold in the scalp. When you’ve spent a lot of money on a transplant you will be keen to ensure that you are giving your new hair the best opportunity to grow.

The advice, therefore, is to refrain from using Hair fibres for at least two weeks after your hair transplant procedure. It is wise to heed the advice even though it may be very tempting to cover up the bald areas during the time you are feeling most exposed and your hair has been cut very short. The recommendations extend to other styling products containing alcohol as well as any heat treatments or colourants.

The good news is that Hair fibres are a fantastic way of helping with a quicker return to normal life following a hair restoration procedure as the results of FUE are not immediate. Hair Fibres can bridge the gap between the operation and the new hair growth which can take a few months to occur.

If you’re wondering about a transplant or wanting to use hair fibres post-FUE, then professional advice is a must. Why not contact the experts at the Wimpole Clinic to find out more.

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