What Is The Average Cost Of A Hair Transplant? What Is The Average Cost Of A Hair Transplant?

With a hair transplant, like any type of surgery, achieving the desired result is usually more important than getting the best price. However, for the majority of patients, the cost is undoubtedly still an important part of the decision. 

So, if you’re considering this type of procedure, knowing what it’s likely to cost can help you to evaluate whether it will be the right investment for you. 

As a guide, hair restoration surgery with a reputable company can start at around £3000, depending on the type of treatment, the desired result, and a number of other factors. 

The average cost of a hair transplant can vary widely, and it’s important to do your homework to ensure you receive the result you want, as well as a high-quality service and good value for money. 

For example, it may be possible to go abroad for a seemingly cheaper hair transplant, but after you factor in the additional travel costs and the extra time off work, the saving might not be worth the hassle factor. (Especially when you consider that you might not have access to any necessary aftercare or further treatment.) 

If you’re seriously considering a hair transplant, a bit of due diligence can help you to find the right option for you, in terms of both cost and results. So, here are some other things to bear in mind when reviewing your options.

What’s included? 

There’s far more to a successful hair transplant procedure than the hours in the operating room. A comprehensive consultation with an experienced surgeon is essential to ensure you receive the look you want, and that you will be happy with results for many years to come. Aftercare and post-operative support are also an important and valuable element of the service. 

The calibre of the surgeon

In a field such as hair restoration, there is no substitute for skill and experience. As with any valuable skill, you would expect to pay more for an experienced and gifted surgeon from a successful London hair transplant clinic. This is especially true when the results will be so visible and have such a significant impact on your appearance. 

The type of procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves the careful extraction of small groups of hair follicles from the scalp; these are then transplanted in units into the desired area. The alternative FUT procedure, also known as the strip method, involves a slightly less labour-intensive method of harvesting the donor hairs, which can make it a more cost-effective option. 

The extent of the surgery

All hair transplant surgeries involve meticulous precision and skill. It can take a number of hours to perform the successful collection and grafting of individual hairs. As a result, an extensive transplant area, such as a large section of the scalp, will take much longer than a smaller area, such as a small bald patch or thinning area. The extent of the surgery and the subsequent time involved is likely to be reflected in the overall cost of the procedure.  

Insurance cover

Depending on the nature of your requirements, it may be possible to claim at least some of the cost from your medical insurance provider, for example, if your hair loss is related to a health issue that is covered on your policy. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out if and how much they will contribute towards the cost of the treatment. If your hair transplant is a personal choice for cosmetic reasons, it’s unlikely that your health insurance will cover the cost.

A hair transplant is an expense to be considered carefully. For advice on whether a hair transplant is the right option for you, it’s advisable to consult a reputable hair restoration specialist or trichologist. The best companies will be happy to provide you with Before and After photographs of previous patients, to help you choose between the various types of procedures. You may even be able to speak with them about their experience and examine the results for yourself. Seeing the difference a new look and increased confidence can make to previous patients may help you decide if it will be a worthwhile investment for you. 

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