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What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplants?

One of the most common questions regarding hair transplants is; What is the success rate? 

A simple answer is that thanks to advances in science, medicine, and technology, the success rates of hair transplants have increased considerably in recent years, becoming one of the more successful treatments for hair loss. 

For a more precise indication of the potential success of the procedure, a study into male-pattern hair loss from William Cranwell, MBBS(Hons), BMedSc(Hons), and Rodney Sinclair, MBBS, MD, FACD of the University of Melbourne states that; 

“With modern techniques, graft survival in excess of 90% can be reliably achieved.”

So, the potential success rates for the latest hair transplant procedures are very high. 

However, individual results can depend on a number of varying factors, such as the suitability of the candidate, the type of treatment, the standard of aftercare and the calibre of the surgeon. 

Successful candidate

Whilst a hair transplant is an increasingly viable option for many people, there are occasions when a candidate is not suitable. The factors that influence whether the procedure is possible and likely to be successful include aspects such as the thickness of hair, the stage of hair loss, the flexibility of the scalp. Age, health, and genetics can also impact whether a transplant is the most appropriate solution. 

Successful procedure

Two factors that will influence the success of any hair transplant procedure are how well the pre-op prep has been managed, and of course, the skill and experience of the surgeon. The best hair transplant clinics will ensure that the pre-operative consultations and preparatory steps have been adhered to, to give the procedure the best possible chances of success. Opting for a highly qualified, experienced surgeon with a long-standing experienced team who has worked with this surgeon for a number of years, and with a proven track record of this type of procedure, will also dramatically increase the chances of successful results. 

The type of hair transplant process can also play a part in the end result, depending on what type of candidate you are and how strong your donor area is

Successful aftercare

The success of a hair transplant is also reliant on the right aftercare. A degree of post-operative care will be included as part of the hair transplant service, with follow up appointments designed to achieve the best results from the procedure. The results can also be affected by how well the candidate conducts their own aftercare, as well as their lifestyle. For example, ensuring good health and the right hygiene practices immediately after the treatment will give the grafts the best chance of becoming successfully established. 

Successful experience

A good hair transplant clinic will aim to ensure that the entire experience is a positive one. To assess the quality of care and level of skill of your preferred clinic, ask for referrals and ensure that you see photographic evidence (before and after images) of previous patients. Some clinics will even have customers who are so delighted with their results that they are happy to speak to potential candidates and share their experience. 

Long-term success

Beyond the technical success, ie does the grafted hair regrow as expected, does it last etc.., there is the additional aspect of does the hair transplant achieve what you were hoping for? If your aim was to have hair coverage and style that enables you to feel confident and happy with your appearance, there is more to consider than just the procedure results. The best practitioners will also address questions such as how your hair, lifestyle and even hair trends may change in the future. 

Designing the right hairline and transplant requires careful consideration, experience, and skill if the procedure is to be a success in the longer term. For this, you need to ensure you opt for a reputable surgeon and a highly experienced team with a proven track record and experience in hair transplants that are successful on all levels.

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