Thicker, stronger and dandruff free hair in one bottle!

The scalp would normally defends itself against micro-organisms and fungus infections. It is often the case, however, that the defence system becomes weakened and fungal infections develop. When this occurs the scalp is unable to defend itself and develops a…

What-to-expect At-your-first-hair-transplant-consultation

What to expect at your first hair transplant consultation

Are you considering a hair transplant? We often suggest that our readers seek advice from an experienced hair loss specialist before making a decision about a hair transplant or about other hair loss remedies. This is for two main reasons: the…

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Does smoking cause hair loss?

Every year, around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking [1]. Not only can smoking affect your health, but it can also affect your physical appearance – even contributing to hair loss. Although we aren’t exactly sure of just…


Is hair transplant painful?

Last week we talked about the gradually diminishing stigma of hair transplant and the reasons why some men would rather suffer with male pattern baldness than opt for a simple hair transplant procedure with a specialist London trichologist. One of…


Treat the Cause and Not the Symptoms – What your Trichologist Should be Telling You

A trichologist is someone that specialises in the science behind hair. Hair and scalp conditions can be an irritating and embarrassing part of our life, but a good trichologist will work with you to ensure improvement over the condition of…

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Can natural DHT blockers cure hair loss?

For many men, baldness is something caused by a genetic sensitivity to something known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) [1]. Many of the most popular hair loss treatments, such as Finasteride and Dutasteride work by blocking DHT which, after regular use, can…

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Does Minoxidil work on eyebrows? 

Minoxidil is a product that men have used to combat male and female pattern baldness for years now and, since it’s such a popular treatment, you may be interested to know if the product can be used on any other…

Hair Fibres Featured Image

Hair Fibres after FUE – Can I use them?

If you suffer from male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss, a hair transplant is often the most effective way to help you restore your hair. That's why there's been a 157% increase in global hair transplant procedures since…

Getting-ready-for-hair-transplant-surgery-the Essential Steps

Getting ready for hair transplant surgery: the essential steps

If you have been struggling with thinning or receding hair, you may have tried a number of different treatments in order to stop or reverse the effects.
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Do I need to increase blood flow to the scalp for better growth?

Hair growth is surprisingly slow at around an inch every few months, around 6 inches in total over the year. This growth rate, of course, varies from one person to another with various things affecting it such as nutrition, stress…


The strangest hair restoration myths debunked

Hair restoration continues to gain in popularity and many people benefit from the confidence boost it offers them. However, some people still find that myths about hair transplants prove a barrier to them booking the potentially life altering surgery. We…

Common Scalp Problems And How To Treat Them

Common Scalp Problems and How to Treat Them

Scalp conditions can be very common, and can sometimes lead to some form of hair loss. Issues concerning the scalp can range from the everyday dandruff that’s extremely common to skin irritating psoriasis and everything in between. To help you…


Can A Top Knot Or Man Bun Cause Hair Loss?

Man buns and top knots may have passed their popularity peak, but many men still sport these hairstyles. However, recent evidence suggests that these hairstyles can lead to thin, patchy hair in a condition known as traction alopecia [1]. So…

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Minoxidil Guide: Uses, Results & Side Effects

Although there are many causes of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness like diet, stress, lifestyle, and illness, it’s genetics that accounts for 80% of cases [1]. Whatever the cause is for you, experiencing hair loss can be a…


Psychological Reasons That Women Undergo Hair Loss Surgery

Hair loss surgery is often wrongly linked with vanity, when in actual fact it’s much more serious than that.
Derma Needling For Hair Loss

Derma Roller After Hair Transplant

Derma rolling -- also known as derma needling or microneedling -- has been used by skincare professionals for some time now in the fight against signs of aging. In conjunction with other therapies, derma rolling or derma needling can help…


Why Women Don’t Talk About Hair Loss

No matter what your age, for a woman, losing hair can lead to a stressful and traumatic time. And for many women, it is something they don’t discuss, preferring to hide it away by using headscarves or wigs etc. For…

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How to deal with Hair Transplant Scabs

As with all procedures, there are certain things to expect after a hair transplant. One such thing is hair transplant scabs which may appear within 24 to 48 hours of surgery. These are perfectly normal, and with 650,000 people worldwide…

Shaping Your Eyebrows To Suit Your Face Shape

Shaping Your Eyebrows to Suit Your Face Shape

Like haircuts, when it comes to eyebrow shaping, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Your perfect eyebrows will depend on the shape of your face
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Hair Transplant Growth Chart

When you’ve had hair transplant surgery, it’s natural to be eager to see results. Hair transplant recovery and hair regrowth is a slow process, so you’ll need to be patient — sustained growth can take anywhere from 6 months to…


The Truth about Hair Loss: Fact or Fiction

Hair loss is often perceived to be unavoidable with up to seven out of ten men believing that there’s no reliable treatment. Centuries ago, “treatment” for hair loss involved smothering their head in chicken droppings but thankfully modern treatments aren’t just less disgusting, they’re also much more effective. Hair loss can be very effectively treated, particularly if help is sought sooner rather than later. However, there are many myths about hair loss and its causes which still persist; can you tell fact from fiction?
Can A Trichologist Help My Hair Grow Longer?

Can a Trichologist Help my Hair Grow Longer?

Trichology is the science behind hair and your trichologist is an expert who can look into how to increase your hair growth and improve your hair’s condition. We’ve all seen hair adverts that show models with luxurious locks of hair…


How To Deal With Dry Brittle Hair Falling Out

When your hair is healthy, you just know it — it feels thick, full, soft and shiny. But it’s not always easy to keep your hair healthy. According to a survey of women in the US, 91% of people cause…


Hair thinning in women

It’s the Catch 22. None of the women in your family suffer from hair loss or female pattern baldness and yet, why the thinning hair? According to London’s Royal Free Hospital, ‘About 45 per cent of women will have some degree…