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12 Best and Worst Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth (2024)
Dr Peter Thomas (GMC)
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Dr Peter Thomas (GMC)
Updated on May 21, 2024

While more research is needed, there is some evidence that you could effectively use scalp massagers for hair growth stimulation. That may be because they can improve blood flow to your hair roots, stretch your hair follicles to help you produce thicker hair and relax you, preventing hair loss from stress. However, there are better and worse scalp massagers for hair growth, depending on their properties and functions. Moreover, the way you use these devices can also impact their effect on your hair thinning.

Using a good quality scalp massager for hair growth may increase hair thickness in people with a healthy scalp [1]. There is also some evidence that regularly massaging your scalp may improve the symptoms of male pattern baldness after 6 months [1]. However, using a poor-quality device, made of unsuitable materials can not only be ineffective, but it can lead to hair breakage and scalp damage.

Keep reading this article to find out more about:

  • The impact of scalp massages on hair growth and hair loss
  • The best and worst scalp massager options
  • The optimum scalp massage duration and frequency
  • Other effective ways to stimulate hair growth
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Can scalp massagers really stimulate hair growth?

Can scalp massagers really stimulate hair growth?

At this time, the body of research studying whether scalp massage for hair growth works is quite limited. However, there is some indication that scalp massage could indeed stimulate hair growth.

One study performed in 2016 on 9 men with healthy hair revealed some increase in hair thickness after 24 weeks of undergoing 4 minutes of scalp massage per day [1].

Furthermore, a survey completed by 327 men with androgenetic alopecia who used scalp massage between 11-20 minutes per day for approximately 7 months, revealed that 68,9% of them reported hair loss stabilisation or new hair growth [2].

There are several theories regarding why massage would promote hair growth. One is that it helps dilate blood vessels beneath the skin allowing more blood flow to your hair follicles, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients the follicles receive. This can help them grow thicker and denser.

A different theory states that the mechanical stress of stretching the scalp could influence some of the genes and potassium channels involved in hair production, accelerating its transition to the growth phase [1]. However, a sufficient amount of stretching force would need to be applied and it is not yet clear what type of massage can achieve this.

If these theories are correct, a proper scalp massage could employ similar mechanisms to the popular hair growth medication Minoxidil to increase your hair density and thickness.

Which scalp massagers are best for hair growth?

Here are some of the best scalp massagers that you can use to help stimulate your hair growth:

Viviya Electric Scalp Massager With LED Light

1. Viviya Electric Scalp Massager With LED Light

This device combines scalp massage with the hair restoration properties of red light therapy for hair growth. Also known as low-level laser therapy, it has been scientifically demonstrated to stimulate cell metabolism, increase hair density and reduce hair loss [3].

Moreover, this product is electric, which provides a comfortable and relaxing scalp massage, with even motions, and it is also waterproof, which makes it safe to use in the shower and on wet hair. Finally, it has 8 massage claws of different softness, which you can use 4 at a time, in the combination you like best on either a wet or dry scalp.

Price: Approximately £27 ($34)

Best features, according to reviews: This stimulating scalp massager provides an extremely pleasant and relaxing feeling, making for a blissful massage experience on either wet or dry hair.

COMFIER Electric Scalp Massager, Waterproof Head Massager with Multi-Modes Vibration

2. COMFIER Electric Scalp Massager, Waterproof Head Massager with Multi-Modes Vibration

The Comfier electric scalp massager is waterproof and marketed as perfect for use in the shower. It has 4 massage heads with 28 individual nodes, which can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Moreover, it has 4 vibration modes, with adjustable speeds, for a lighter or more revigorating experience. The nodes are specifically designed for gentle exfoliation, alleviating scalp itching and breaking up scales in people with common scalp problems such as scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

The fact that it is cordless gives it portability – you can place it in your bag and take it along to the gym or the spa.

Price: Approximately  £40 ($50)

Best features, according to reviews: It doesn’t get tangled in your hair so it’s great for all hair types. Additionally, this massager can also be comfortably used for other body parts as well.

JIEJUNJIE Electric Head Scalp Spider Massager with Red Light

3. JIEJUNJIE Electric Head Scalp Spider Massager with Red Light

The Jiejunjue electric scalp massager may look strange, but it harnesses the therapeutic properties of red light alongside the soothing vibration of 20 contacts. This makes it superior to similar devices, which often only have 8-12 contacts because it can stimulate the entire surface of your scalp. The device also has 5 vibrating modes and uses noise-cancellation technology, for a soothing experience.

Furthermore, it is cordless and uses a Bluetooth connection, providing you with mobility during use. However, it is more expensive than the average scalp massager and some users report that the contacts may not produce enough pressure for an efficient massage.

Price: approximately £95 ($119)

Best features, according to reviews: The versatility provided by the different vibration modes and speeds.

JUNLUNCE Scalp Applicator & Head Massager with Applicator Bottle

4. JUNLUNCE Scalp Applicator & Head Massager with Applicator Bottle

This Junlunce product does not only massage your scalp, but it also allows you to apply hair treatments such as topical Minoxidil or essential oils for hair growth to your scalp at the same time. It has 14 rolling ball teeth, which ensure a good distribution of the solution you choose to use, but also 7 auxiliary comb teeth, which help spread the fluid evenly on your scalp.

Its ergonomic design and soft silicone top cap make it easy to grasp and prevent slippage when wet or oily. It also has a generous 40 ml reservoir, which is easy to clean and includes a visual scale, so you can control the liquid volume.

Price: Approximately £15 ($19)

Best features, according to reviews: The reservoir is easy to fill and the liquid distribution is controlled, with no leakage.

Juniper Exfoliator Scalp Massager Brush

5. Juniper Exfoliator Scalp Massager Brush

The award-winning Juniper scalp massage brush is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of yeast infections on the scalp, such as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, by providing gentle exfoliation and flake removal.

Additionally, it can also be effectively used for removing oil and product buildup from a healthy scalp. Its many, soft-yet-firm bristles deliver a revigorating massage, which can improve blood flow to your scalp. It has an ergonomic, easy-to-hold shape, with a ring that prevents slippage and a chain for convenient storage.

Price: Approximately £17 ($21)

Best features, according to reviews: It is very effective in exfoliating your scalp and alleviating dandruff-induced itchiness and flaking with its soft bristles.

AIMIKE Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

6. AIMIKE Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

Its soft, silicone bristles and ergonomic, eco-friendly handle made from wheat straw make the Amike shampoo brush an excellent choice. It can gently massage your scalp, spreading shampoo during your hair wash or help to evenly spread hair oil across the scalp.

At the same time, it can also exfoliate your skin, removing buildup and flaking and alleviating itchiness. While they are too soft to damage your scalp or break your hair strands, its 44 bristles can provide adequate pressure to increase blood flow to your hair follicles.

Price: Approximately  £6.50 ($8)

Best features, according to reviews: Its sturdiness, ergonomic shape and ease of use.

Bodylife Home Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

7. Bodylife Home Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This practical and inexpensive massager has soft silicone bristles which can gently exfoliate your scalp and get your blood flowing. Its ergonomic shape and convenient handle ensure that you can use it in the shower, to lather your hair with shampoo or even to evenly distribute your favourite hair growth oil across your scalp. Moreover, Its natural beechwood base makes it sturdy, pleasant to touch and eco-friendly.

Price: Approximately  £6.5 ($8)

Best features, according to reviews: Its soft, yet firm bristles, which can provide efficient and comfortable exfoliation.

Kobe Wike Massage Brush

8. Kobe Wike Massage Brush

The soft silicone pins on the Kobe Wike massage brush can stimulate your blood flow without tangling your hair. On the contrary, you can use this product to detangle efficiently, since it has 3 levels of bristles. It is small and compact, which means you can take it anywhere. However, its handle is rather short and made of plastic so it may be easy to slip out of your hand when using it in the shower.

Price: Approximately  £8 ($10)

Best feature, according to reviews: It works well for detangling your hair.

Which scalp massagers should you avoid?

Ammonia Octopus Head Massager

1. Ammonia Octopus Head Massager

Albeit cute, this octopus head massager is made of polystyrene, a hard but brittle plastic, which can bruise your scalp if massaging too forcefully or result in injury if it becomes deteriorated. Moreover, it only has 8 arms, which are spread wide apart, making it more difficult to obtain uniform scalp coverage.

It is not likely to help spread shampoo on your scalp effectively and its shape is not ergonomic, which makes it easy to drop and damage. The bottom line is that his product seems more like a repurposed children’s toy than an effective scalp massage device.

Amaxiu Wooden Massage Comb

2. Amaxiu Wooden Massage Comb

While this comb may look like a traditional, sturdy and eco-friendly scalp massager, it only has 5 hard prongs set in a line. They can damage your scalp if pressed too hard and pull out or break tangled hair. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain good scalp coverage using this tool and it seems to offer no real advantage to your five fingers, which are softer, more mobile and provide better pressure control.

Healifty Jade Massage Comb

3. Healifty Jade Massage Comb

These combs will not only break off tangled hair, but they can also be a real hazard to use. Their hard and pointy teeth can scratch your scalp and since they can get easily chipped without you noticing, they may even result in deeper cuts. Finally, their thin, shiny surface makes them difficult to grip and they have a good chance of chipping if they land on a hard bathroom floor.

Hokin Head Massager Scalp Scratcher for Deep Relaxation

4. Hokin Head Massager Scalp Scratcher for Deep Relaxation

While this type of head massager can feel nice and relaxing, it is not likely to be efficient when it comes to applying pressure and getting your blood flowing. It has 12 small points which rest at the end of some very flexible wires. They are fine to use if all you are looking for is a pleasant and soothing feeling on your scalp, but if you are hoping for hair growth or thick hair, you might need a sturdier device.

How often should I massage my scalp for hair growth?

It appears that the efficiency of scalp massage increases with the duration and frequency of treatment. According to the existing evidence [2], a scalp massage of 15 minutes per day may help you achieve visible improvements in hair thickness and density in approximately 5-6 months. However, there is likely no harm in massaging your hair for longer or more frequently, if you make sure you are doing so gently, using a soft, smooth massager.

Is it safe to use a scalp massager?

Scalp massage is generally safe and few negative consequences could arise from using a good quality massager in a gentle fashion. However, you should know that some researchers reported a temporary increase in hair shedding during the first 12 weeks of use, which was corrected by the 24-week mark [1].

Most of the unwanted side effects of scalp massages usually stem from using an improper device or a poor technique:

What to avoid in a scalp massager:

  • Hard, poor-quality material (e.g. hard plastic) can harm your overall scalp health and cause bruising or scraping. Furthermore, a bad scalp massager can even break your hair strands or become chipped into shards resulting in a cut scalp.
  • Sharp points or edges can result in lesions to your scalp, hands or face.
  • Too soft material may not place enough pressure on your scalp to cause the desired effect.
  • Poor-quality massagers with oil dispensers can pour too much hair growth oil onto your scalp, which can make your hair greasy and clog your pores.

What to avoid when massaging your scalp:

  • Rubbing your scalp forcefully can damage it and break off your strands.
  • Overfocusing on a certain area can make your scalp tender in one spot.
  • Using a massager on a sore or inflamed scalp, rashes or lesions can not only be uncomfortable but also increase your risk of infection, such as scalp folliculitis.
  • Not cleaning your scalp massager between uses can make your hair greasy, especially if you have an oily scalp.

Other effective ways to stimulate your hair growth

There are other things you can do alongside scalp massages to efficiently stimulate your hair growth. Here are some efficient treatments, therapies and natural remedies that you can try:

  • Minoxidil – this is one of the most prescribed hair growth medications, which has been shown to help increase hair density and thickness in many types of alopecia, from telogen effluvium to androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata. It works by widening the blood vessels in your scalp so more oxygen and nutrients can reach your hair follicles.
  • Red light therapy for hair growth – as previously mentioned, there is scientific evidence that this therapy can stimulate hair growth and limit hair shedding in several types of alopecia. It works by boosting cell metabolism and making more energy reach your hair roots.
  • Dermarolling for hair growth – this therapy involves using a small device covered in fine pins, called a derma roller, to create microscopic punctures in your scalp. They trigger your body’s natural healing response and increase the penetration of topical hair treatments.
  • Essential oils for hair growth – depending on the condition which is impeding your hair growth or making your hair fall out, there are plant-based oils that can help. Rosemary oil for hair growth [4] and pumpkin seed oil for hair growth [5] have been proven most efficient in curbing the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia.  Black seed oil for hair [6] works best for reversing telogen effluvium, while peppermint oil for hair [7] can alleviate the symptoms of itchy scalp problems, reducing strand breakage.
  • A hair transplant – if you are experiencing extensive hair shedding or find that non-surgical options are not effective in curbing your hair loss, you may need to get a natural-looking hair transplant. This procedure is simple and effective, and it involves taking healthy hair follicles from areas where there are enough strands left and implanting them in your balding spots. The best hair transplant clinics in the UK have a 97-100% success rate, with results you can see for yourself in our before and after hair transplant gallery. The best part about getting this procedure is that, unlike medication that you have to keep taking,  a hair transplant is permanent, which means you can enjoy thicker hair for years to come.

Are you concerned about your hair growth?

Anytime you are worried about your hair health, the best thing you can do is to book a consultation with a trichologist. They will examine your scalp and identify the reason your hair is not growing as fast as you would like.

Moreover, if you are experiencing hair loss, they may perform tests such as a dermoscopy, a scalp biopsy or order blood tests for hair loss, so they can offer you an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosing and treating alopecia from the first signs of hair thinning and balding can give you a better chance of stopping hair loss and achieving regrowth. So don’t hesitate to let the specialists take all the necessary steps to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

12 Best and Worst Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth (2024), Wimpole Clinic

Dr Peter Thomas (GMC)
Medically reviewed by Dr Peter Thomas (GMC)Updated on May 21, 2024
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