Good hair gives us a good feeling – everyone knows that. And yet, few people consider the relationship between mental health and hair. Many mental health conditions can cause thinning or unhealthy hair, forming a cycle of damage to self-esteem…


Why Women Don’t Talk About Hair Loss

No matter what your age, for a woman, losing hair can lead to a stressful and traumatic time. And for many women, it is something they don’t discuss, preferring to hide it away by using headscarves or wigs etc. For…

Menopause and hair loss: What it is and how to treat it

For many women, menopause is a particularly trying time in their lives, as hormonal changes trigger a number of distressing physical and psychological symptoms. It is already hard enough to deal with the irritability, hot flashes, and loss of a…

Scalp Psoriasis – Diagnosis And Treatments

What is Trichoclasis – How is it Best Managed?

What is Trichoclasis? Trichoclasis is one of a number of conditions, which are commonly referred to as “split ends”. Technically Trichoclasis is a fracture of the hair shaft but with a hair which still has a cuticle (which is intact…

Laser Comb - The Comb Of The Future

Laser Comb – The Comb of the Future

Whilst it might sound a bit futuristic, the Laser comb by HairMax, a brush capable of emitting a low-level laser beam that can assist with the stimulation of hair growth and skin healing has been around for a number of…

Woman's Eyebrow Transplant

What happens during an eyebrow transplant

You might not have given much through to maintaining your eyebrows, but if you want to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance, your eyebrows can be a very accurate indicator of your true age. What happens during an eyebrow transplant?…

Hair And Anorexia Nervosa

Hair and Anorexia Nervosa

Good hair gives us a good feeling – everyone knows that. And yet, few people consider the relationship between mental health and hair. Many mental health conditions can cause thinning or unhealthy hair, forming a cycle of damage to self-esteem…

Eyebrow Transplants - Facial Hair Treatment Isn't Just For Men

Eyebrow Transplants – Facial Hair Treatment Isn’t Just For Men

The notion of facial hair transplants or treatment is not a new one, and for some time men have been relying on this method to help them grow a healthy beard and moustache. Just as we can treat the head…


Hair loss treatments becoming ever more popular

Recent trends are showing a huge increase in the amount of people looking to treat their hair loss - a trend that is forecast to continue over the next few years. Increasingly poor diets, high levels of stress and the…

Hair Loss: Are Ponytails To Blame?

Hair loss: Are ponytails to blame?

The ponytail is a much-loved hairstyle, worn by women (and some men) to keep the hair off the face.

Grace – Traction Alopecia

Feedback after surgery I am a registered nurse who has suffered with hair loss (Traction Alopecia) in my hairline and top scalp. This had been caused by using tight hair styling, extensions and chemicals over many years. I discovered the…


Brittle Hair vs Hair Thinning – What’s the Difference?

When your hair is healthy, you just know it - it’s shiny, silky, glamorous and feels like a gentle caress against when it brushes your skin. Beautiful locks are such a confidence booster, as they make you look and feel…

Advances In Eyebrow Restoration Surgery

Advances in eyebrow restoration surgery

Technical advances in eyebrow hair replacement  allow partial or complete eyebrow loss to be successfully treated – from completely denuded (bare) brows to patchy or partial eyebrows; from eyebrow damage resulting from tattoos to missing sections of eyebrow due to scars.…


Hair loss and the menopause

The menopause is a time of great changes in the female body, when hormones change causing a period of adjustment for most women. There are not many women who manage to go through the menopause without experiencing some symptoms, but for some individuals, the signs are more severe. Hair loss isn’t often discussed as one of the biggest problems experienced during the menopause but it’s surprisingly common to a lesser or greater degree. Here we take a closer look at hair loss and the menopause and why it occurs.
5 Natural Ways To Thicken Your Hair

5 Natural ways to thicken your hair

Thinning of hair can often be seen as a precursor to hair loss and is one of the first signs that your hair is crying out for some much needed attention. While there is a plethora of products on the…


Losing hair mid 20s? What’s going on?

Why am I losing hair mid 20s? It seems more than a little unfair, doesn't it? You'd think the one thing we could count on was that hair loss or male or female pattern balding was an older person's game. No way…


Common Diagnostic Tests Your Trichologist Will Perform

It is important for a trichologist to physically examine your hair and ask you lifestyle questions to establish scalp conditions, in order to evaluate and apply the correct cause of treatment, no matter the symptoms or worries you present with.…

Am I A Good Hair Transplant Candidate?

Am I a good hair transplant candidate?

The good news is that most men, or women, with significant baldness or thinning are potential candidates for a hair transplant. However, before committing to the procedure there are a number of factors that doctors will want to take into…

Foods & Supplements To Combat Hair Loss

Foods & supplements to combat hair loss

Hair loss is complex but the foods that we eat and the supplements that we take can have a beneficial effect by influencing the quality and quantity of hair growth. Good nutrition with complex proteins is essential for healthy hair,…

Restoring Over Plucked Eyebrows

Restoring over plucked eyebrows

Once upon a time, thin eyebrows were actually in fashion but today, not so much.

Hair restoration shame: the stigma of opting for full hair?

Let's be honest, the pressure on men to have 'great hair' has significantly increased over the last few years. Leto-long hair, hipster hair, teddy-boy hair, Clooney hair, Beckham hair; it doesn't matter what your style you just need good hair…


Chemotherapy hair loss special: cancer

Chemotherapy hair loss is often considered an inevitable part of the cancer treatment process and although warnings are issued, it is a distressing event which the patient is never quite prepared for. Furthermore, natural-looking artificial hair wigs may be hard to…

Instant Coverage With Hair Loss Fibres

Instant coverage with hair loss fibres

Most hair loss treatments take weeks, even months, to show their full effects. Full, long lasting coverage of bald spots or receding hair lines requires you to be patient but the wait will be more than worth it. However, if…

7 Facts About Beard Transplants

7 facts about beard transplants

When you think about hair transplant, the automatic image that springs to mind is a receding hairline but science has now advanced to being able to carry out other types of follicular transplant too. As well as on the top of the head, it’s possible to have a transplant in the eyebrows and the beard too. In fact, beard transplants have rocketed in popularity and are now an extremely common request at private clinics. If you’ve never considered a beard transplant but the idea intrigues you, here are seven must-know facts about the process.