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Do Beard Rollers Work For Beard Growth?
Dr. Ismail Ughratdar (FRCS)
Medically reviewed by
Dr. Ismail Ughratdar (FRCS)
Updated on June 5, 2024

Derma rolling is an affordable, minimally invasive hair growth technique. Derma rolling for hair has been shown to help men with male pattern baldness improve their scalp hair loss when combined with Minoxidil and other hair growth treatments [1-3].

So can beard rollers do the same for beard hair loss? In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The science behind beard rolling for facial hair growth
  • Whether beard rollers are safe
  • How often to use a beard roller for best results.
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Do beard rollers work to stimulate hair growth?

While no scientific studies have investigated the effectiveness of beard rollers in promoting hair growth specifically, there is evidence to suggest they work for scalp hair loss. Therefore, the same mechanism may also apply to beard hair.

One study revealed that derma rolling (also known as microneedling) could boost the effects of Minoxidil [2]. Average hair count was four times higher in those using microneedling and Minoxidil at the same time, compared with those using Minoxidil only.

Before and after photos of two patients who used micro-needling combined with Minoxidil treatment

In addition, 82% of hair loss patients who added derma rolling to their hair loss routine said their hair growth improved by more than 50%. By comparison, just 4.5% of Minoxidil-only users reported this level of growth.

Whether these same results can translate to beard hair growth hasn’t yet been clinically tested. However, beard rollers may improve the absorption of Minoxidil for beard growth, which has been shown to be an effective treatment [4].

Before and after results of using beard rollers in conjunction with Minoxidil

So it’s possible that a beard derma roller could stimulate facial hair growth if you use it in conjunction with Minoxidil which can help to promote more blood flow to the facial hair follicles.

How long do beard rollers take to work?

Beard rolling doesn’t work overnight. Like all hair loss treatments, you need to give it at least a few months for the results to kick in.

One study found that microneedling with Minoxidil for scalp hair could enhance hair growth within just one week, compared with Minoxidil alone [2].

hair growth results comparing micro-needling to Minoxidil

However, it’s more likely to take three or four months to see sustained beard growth following microneedling treatment.

Is it safe to use a beard roller every day?

Using a beard roller every day isn’t recommended. Beard derma rollers create hundreds to thousands of tiny wounds in your skin, which prompts your body to produce collagen and triggers the body’s natural healing process.

Beard rolling once or even twice a week gives your skin time to heal in between sessions. However, if you use a derma roller every day, you’re not allowing for that crucial healing time.

How often should you use a beard roller?

So how often should you use a beard roller if you want to see results? Again, there’s not much scientific evidence to prove the perfect timeframe for using a beard roller to promote hair growth. However, we do know that it’s linked to needle size.

Derma roller sizeMaximum recommended frequency
0.25mmEvery other day
0.5mm (recommended)Up to three times a week
1mmOnce every 10-14 days
1.5mmOnce every 3-4 weeks

Larger needles should be used less frequently, as they pierce your skin more deeply and therefore need more time to heal.

Risks and side effects of beard derma rollers

Beard derma rolling has relatively few side effects, but you might experience:

  • Skin irritation and tightness (some describe it as a sunburn-type feeling)
  • Discomfort (this is more common with larger needles)
  • Bleeding (more common with larger needles)
  • Itchiness

If your derma roller isn’t clean, you may also be at risk of infection. So it’s really important to clean and disinfect your derma roller between uses.

Can you overuse a beard roller?

Yes, it’s possible to use a beard roller too often. As well as increasing the risk of pain and discomfort, you could also damage your skin and create scar tissue which can inhibit hair growth. So try to limit your beard rolling to the maximum limits outlined above, and never use a derma roller more than every other day.

Beard roller results

Clinical photographic evidence showing the effects of beard rolling is limited. So what does the anecdotal evidence show?

Youtuber Thom Gardner shared his beard-rolling results after three and six months:

beard rolling results after 3 and 6 months

The impact on Thom was minimal. Speaking about his results, he said:

“In relation to achieving my goal of filling out my patchy facial hair parts, I don’t feel like this experiment was a success for me at all. Am I glad that I gave the beard roller a shot? 100%.”

Other people have had greater success using a beard roller. Greg Berzinsky (who’s known for his full, lustrous beard) says he noticed a 5% increase in new facial hair growth after six months of beard rolling:

Victor Emery has seen even more substantial results after using a combination of beard rolling and Minoxidil. Here are his results before and after three months of use:

before and after 3 months of beard rolling combined with Minoxidil treatment
Left: original facial hair. Right: facial hair after three months of beard rolling and Minoxidil.
Consistency and patience are key to achieving results from beard rolling. Some people see results within three months, while it may take longer for others to get the same gains.

Is there a downside to using a beard roller?

Because beard rolling is a relatively low-risk hair growth technique, there aren’t too many downsides to using a beard roller. However, there are some cautionary points to consider before you get started:

  • There’s limited evidence of the effectiveness of beard rollers. While they can offer some slight improvements in theory, there’s not much clinical evidence to support the use of beard rollers in stimulating hair growth. So try to manage your expectations.
  • You’ll need to use Minoxidil as well. Most studies show that microneedling stimulates hair growth by improving the absorption of other treatments. For best results, you should combine it with Minoxidil, increasing the cost of the treatment.
  • It can snag existing hairs. Derma rolling can pull at and damage your existing beard hair. This can be uncomfortable and inhibit your hair growth efforts. Using a derma stamp instead of a roller can help with this.
  • It can be uncomfortable. Rolling needles across your skin can result in some discomfort, particularly if you’re using longer needles or using the tool too frequently.

These downsides can be mitigated and managed, so if you’re keen to try beard rolling, don’t let them put you off.

Should you try derma rolling for beard growth?

Microneedling is a common technique that’s widely used in the cosmetic industry. It helps certain treatments penetrate the skin barrier that is otherwise poorly absorbed.

While there’s minimal evidence to support the use of derma rollers for your beard, the risks are low and beard rollers are very affordable. So there’s no harm in adding beard rollers to your facial hair growth routine, especially if you’re already using Minoxidil.

Make sure to manage your expectations of beard rolling. Most people only see minimal improvements, often just the transition from thin vellus hairs to terminal hairs.

A beard transplant is the best way to get a fuller, thicker beard. Beard transplants look completely natural, and while they’re more expensive than derma rolling, they often give much better, more consistent results.

before and after beard transplant

Some people also use derma rollers after a hair transplant to stimulate further growth.

For advice on tackling your limited beard growth, book a free consultation at the Wimpole Clinic. We can talk you through your options and help you find the right beard growth solution.

Do Beard Rollers Work For Beard Growth?, Wimpole Clinic

Dr. Ismail Ughratdar (FRCS)
Medically reviewed by Dr. Ismail Ughratdar (FRCS)Updated on June 5, 2024
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