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Do Beard Transplants Look Natural?

Like good dental work, tailoring or a professional shave, achieving a full, effortlessly groomed beard depends on the skill and experience of your beard transplant surgeon. Getting a natural-looking beard with reduced patchiness is usually a top priority for patients — so how natural do beard transplants look?

When performed by an experienced surgeon at the best hair transplant clinic, transplanted beard hair looks completely natural. In fact, you’d never be able to tell it wasn’t natural.

So how do good surgeons get these kinds of beard transplant results?

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How do FUE beard transplants work?

Beard transplants help those who are missing facial hair due to scars, genetic beard hair loss, or facial surgery. They’re not suitable for those with alopecia barbae — a type of alopecia areata that only affects the beard.

Here’s how FUE beard transplants work:

  • Individual hair grafts are harvested directly from the donor area, usually under the chin
  • A circular incision is made in the skin around the upper part of the follicle
  • Hair is then extracted (pulled) directly from the abundant area
  • The hair tissue is then grafted finely under a microscope by the specialist
  • The hair is placed skilfully into the destination area in a natural growth and dispersion pattern
  • Tiny scabs left by the incisions disappear after five days and the hairs themselves fall out shortly after, leaving just the activated hair root
  • Two weeks later healthy, natural beard hair starts to regrow.

Why you need a skilled surgeon for a natural-looking beard transplant

FUE is a well-practised and trustd technique — but it requires expert precision to pull it off. Achieving a natural look relies on the skill and experience of your hair transplant surgeon, and in how they place each graft into the recipient area.

In an FUE procedure, each hair is patiently and carefully placed by the surgeon to ensure it is a recognisable addition to the existing hair surrounding it. This requires experience with a range of hair types and knowledge of hair behaviour.

It’s key therefore to choose a clinic which specialises in beard transplants, and has the hair restoration experience to create a natural-looking beard.

See how to find the best hair transplant surgeon.

3 ways to ensure you’ll be happy with your beard transplant

Here are our best tips of getting the most out of your beard transplant.

1. Consult with your clinic surgeon before booking

Hair restoration can be a daunting decision. Having a clear, definitive discussion about it with your hair transplant surgeon — plus a facial hair assessment — will help you choose a stress-free procedure. It can also help you determine if you’re the right age to get a beard transplant.

2. Follow self-care post-procedure guidelines carefully

Use the support of your clinic to ensure a fast recovery and minimal post-transplant downtime. The post-op itch of a beard transplant is real — but avoid scratching your hair grafts as they grow in. Hair transplant is not an overnight procedure, but you can recover swiftly with great results by following advice and keeping in touch with your clinic if you have any concerns.

3. Choose a beard style that suits you

When your beard starts to grow, it’s important to style your beard to suit your face. Check out our complete beard grooming guide to understand how to safely cut and style your beard.

Where to get a beard transplant

If your beard is patchy, or you’ve lost hair to scarring or surgery, a beard transplant could restore your facial hair, giving you the look you want.

At the Wimpole Clinic, our beard transplant patients work with some of the most experienced, capable surgeons in the business. Our FUE specialists have successfully performed an extensive list of beard transplant procedures with many different clients. Here’s a sample from our beard transplant before and after gallery:

Before and after beard transplant

 To find out more about how our team can give you a natural-looking beard that suits you, book a free consultation.

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