How Natural-looking Is A Beard Transplant?

How natural-looking is a beard transplant?

How natural does a beard transplant look?

Like good dental work, tailoring or a professional shave, achieving an effortlessly groomed look more often than not depends on the skill and experience of the specialist who delivers it. It’s for this reason that so many of us continue to trust the same few specialists with our needs throughout our busy lives, and in the world of facial hair restoration, the theme is much the same! A smooth, natural-looking Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) beard transplant depends for the most part on the expertise, dexterity and sensitivity of the hair transplant specialist who performs it.

With ever increasing awareness of successful beard transplants, scores of celebrities now sporting full beards and our own beard client base growing, we look at what an FUE beard transplant procedure entails – how does it work? and how important is the experience of your surgeon in performing a successful FUE beard transplant procedure? Lastly, we give you three ways to ensure that the facial hair restoration decision you make will be one you’re happy with.

FUE beard transplant – a point by point

  • Hair restoration for missing facial hair due to scars, genetic beard hair loss or facial surgery
  • FUE hair transplant: individual hair grafts are harvested directly from the donor area, usually under the chin
  • A circular incision is made in the skin around the upper part of the follicle
  • Hair is then extracted (pulled) directly from the abundant area
  • The hair tissue is then grafted finely under a microscope by the specialist
  • The hair is placed skilfully into the destination area in a natural growth and dispersion pattern
  • Tiny scabs left by the incisions disappear after five days and the hairs themselves fall out shortly after, leaving just the activated hair root
  • Two weeks later healthy, natural beard hair starts to re-grow

Beard transplant clinics – do they all provide the same procedures?

In an FUE beard transplant, the process of removing hair from the donor area and transplanting it is now a well-practised and trusted technique. The natural look so many men seek however very much relies on the skill and experience of the hair transplant surgeon and in how they place each graft into the destination area. In an FUE procedure, each hair is patiently and carefully placed by the surgeon to ensure it is a recognisable addition to the existing hair surrounding it, therefore requiring both experience with a range of hair types and a knowledge of hair behaviour. It’s key therefore to choose a clinic which really specialises in beard transplant and has the hair restoration experience to deliver an organic-looking facial hair crop.

3 ways to ensure you’ll be happy with your beard transplant

  1. Consult with your clinic surgeon before booking. Hair restoration can be a daunting decision and having a clear, definitive discussion about it with your hair transplant surgeon with a facial hair assessment and getting the 411 on all the procedure options available will really help you get clear and plan a stress-free change
  2. Follow self-care post-procedure guidelines carefully and use the support of your clinic. Hair transplant is not an overnight procedure however you can help to support a swift recovery and great results by following advice and keeping in touch with your clinic if you have any concerns
  3. Visualise! Even though celebrity trends change as fast as the UK weather, more and more men go for beard transplants because they want the choice to change their look as swiftly as they change their clothing style. And we say, why not?

At The Wimpole Clinic we feel confident to place our beard transplant clients in the capable hands of someone who has years of experience and honed skills in facial hair restoration. Our FUE specialist, Mr. Mir Malkani has not only successfully performed an extensive list of beard transplant procedures with many different clients but is also one of only a handful of FUE specialists with his level of experience in the UK. To find out more about the team at The Wimpole Clinic, click here. To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss beard transplant, click here


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