Derma needling for hair loss
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Derma needling for hair loss

Derma needling has been used by skincare professionals for quite some time now in the fight against signs of aging. It has been proven to help skin to appear rejuvenated, plumped up and brighter. Hair loss experts are now extending its use to help treat hair loss in patients with surprising success.

Derma needling for the skin works by rolling needles across the surface of the skin, puncturing small holes across the surface. This process encourages the body’s natural healing process which also encourages the production of collagen, a natural plumping agent which gives the skin a youthful appearance. When applied to the scalp, derma needling has a similar effect.

How does it work?

Derma needling treatment for hair loss comprises of micro needles being rolled over the scalp, again causing small holes across the surface of the scalp. The body’s healing system is activated by these micro injuries and this system has been shown to encourage the production of specific stem cells and proteins which are responsible for the production of new hair follicles as well as allowing the hair follicles to absorb the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

As protein production, derma needling and the creation of micro-injuries encourages blood circulation in the scalp and within the hair follicles. Poor circulation can be a cause of hair loss but increasing blood circulation allows the individual hair follicles to better absorb the vitamins and minerals they need to encourage healthy hair growth.

Is it effective?

Derma needling has been showed to be an effective treatment for a range of hair loss causes. It has even shown proven positive results for patients who are suffering male or female pattern baldness or alopecia. Patients will need repeated and regular treatments of derma needling as the body’s healing system will only be stimulated for a short period of time and when the body stops the healing process, the proteins will stop being made. Therefore, repeated treatments are required to re-stimulate this response within the body to encourage continued activity and growth within the hair follicles.

Derma needling is a relatively new treatment for hair loss but with minimal recovery time, due to the micro-injuries being covered by the hair, and the relative invasiveness of the procedure; derma needling is perhaps to become just as popular for treating hair loss as it is for treating aging skin.

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