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Silk Pillowcase Benefits For Your Hair And Skin

What can be more pleasant than to have a good night’s sleep pampered between cool, smooth, and shiny sheets? The saying “soft as silk” was invented for a reason. Sheets made of this fine fabric have been among the most coveted for a long time.

The benefits of silk pillowcases extend beyond making you feel like royalty when using them. More specifically, pillowcases made from this material may help clear your complexion and make your locks smoother and shinier. So if you suffer from dry brittle hair falling out, switching to a silk pillowcase may be the answer.

How do silk pillowcases work? The science behind the fabric

When we think about healthy, protective fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre allows our skin to breathe. However, what is good for our body is not necessarily also the best option for our face and hair.

Cotton captures moisture and traps it inside. This may be great to keep us dry during the day, but sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can promote skin inflammation and acne. And when it comes to hair, cotton’s coarse fibres grind against our locks, making them frail, frizzy, and dry.

Silk, on the other hand, is made of continuous filament fibre which makes stitching unnecessary. The surface of the fabric is perfectly smooth, giving it a frictionless feeling against your hair. This is what makes it feel cool, which helps regulate skin temperature. It also makes it soft and gentle, which keeps it from absorbing moisture.

Having your complexion exposed to less friction and moisture during your sleep has been shown to reduce acne [1]. It can also prevent hair breakage and reduce tangling.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits for Your Hair

Silk pillowcases can help reduce hair loss

Sleeping on such a smooth surface will protect already dry and brittle hair from suffering any more friction damage. Rougher fabrics rubbing against it during involuntary nocturnal movement can cause sensitive strands to split and break, which is why you may find loose hairs on your pillow in the morning. Silk pillowcases benefit your hair, gently caressing it instead of tearing it off.

Your hair will be smooth as silk

No more morning bedhead for those who choose to sleep on silk pillowcases. Their soft slickness helps your locks glide on their surface without rubbing against it or getting charged up with static electricity. This means that one of the benefits of silk pillowcases is that you will wake up with a smoother, less frazzled mane, easier to style and tame. This is especially important after a hair transplant, when you’re trying to protect your new hair. Learn more about post-hair transplant styling.

Say goodbye to tortuous tangles

Brushing one’s hair in the morning is a dreaded moment for everyone with long locks, especially after sleeping on rougher fibres. That is because friction does not only harm your hair, it also makes it tangle. However, of the greatest silk pillowcase benefits is that it prevents your locks from becoming knotted, leaving them smoother and easier to comb and style after you wake up. The simple fact that they can reduce the pain and frustration that you have to deal with during morning brushing is reason enough to think that silk pillowcases are worth it.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits for Your Skin

Silk pillowcases help relieve acne

Cotton bedding absorbs the oily moisture from your skin, as well as the bacteria that causes acne, exposing your face to them all through the night. This can increase inflammation of the skin and make it break out. On the contrary, one of the benefits of silk pillowcases is that they keep your complexion clear and smooth, not letting dirt and moisture through.

Your face will be silky smooth with fewer wrinkles

Dermatologists confirm that sleeping on silk pillowcases can not only prevent the formation of new wrinkles, it can also help clear existing fine lines. That is because their slippery softness allows the skin to move freely on their surface, preventing crush wrinkles caused by friction.

Better skin hydration can be achieved

Your complexion needs all the hydration it can get, especially if you have dry skin. That is why bedding made from very absorbent fabrics can be the wrong option for you. Silk pillowcases keep the moisture where it is most needed – within your skin instead of inside your pillow.

Other Benefits of silk pillowcases

Temperature regulation

The cool feel of silk can keep you comfortable during hot summer nights, but not everyone knows that this fabric is also good at retaining warmth. This means that you will not be chilly in winter either. Sheets made from silk fibre are great in any weather and can be particularly helpful to women who are struggling with hot-flashes during menopause

Allergy reduction

Silk is known to be naturally hypoallergenic, because of its properties which repel bed mites. These microscopic bugs are the main reason behind dust allergies and can be quite difficult to get rid of since they live on the surface of our skin. While cotton fibre pillowcases get loaded with them quickly, silk ones do not, due to their texture and weaving, keeping them away from your airways.  

Better quality of sleep

Sleeping on cool, smooth, shiny bedding gives us a luxurious feel, it makes us comfortable and helps us relax and unwind after a stressful day. Moreover, the temperature regulating quality of silk sheets keep us comfortable and less likely to wake up during the night feeling hot or chilly. That will lead to better sleep quality and waking up more refreshed and energised in the morning. Since lack of sleep has been linked to hair loss, this is super important for preserving your tresses. Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential after hair restoration surgery — find out how to sleep after a hair transplant.

Having the opportunity to feel pampered as we sleep in a cool and pleasant fabric is great enough on its own. But protecting our skin and hair at the same time seems like the perfect deal. Silk pillowcases are a luxurious, effortless, natural way to preserve our beauty — and deal with dry hair. 

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Silk Pillowcase Benefits For Your Hair And Skin, Wimpole Clinic


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