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Why Are More People Getting Hair Transplants?

Concerns about hair loss have been around for centuries. But despite the lengthy history of hair loss treatments, hair transplants are now becoming far more common.

A recent headline on the popular Business Insider group’s blog declared that ‘every 13th man has a hair transplant’. Citing stats from the Hair Society, the post revealed that over half a million hair transplants are performed annually around the globe, with the trend of rapid growth in the hair restoration industry predicted to continue. 

Though the basic hair transplant procedure has been available for decades, the massive growth in this sector is a relatively new phenomenon, with numbers increasing substantially over the last decade or two. 

So what’s changed? Why the sudden popularity of a treatment that used to be the exclusive preserve of Hollywood film stars and wealthy footballers? In an age when we have unprecedented access to a vast spectrum of hair loss remedies, why are so many people getting hair transplants? 

Here are just a few of the many reasons that more and more people – both men and women – are opting for this popular and effective solution to their hair loss issues. 

Impressive results

Possibly the most significant factor in the booming popularity of modern hair transplants is simply that they look so good! The procedure is vastly improved from the tell-tale hair plugs of the 70s and 80s. With such natural-looking results being possible for most cases, it’s understandable that more people would be drawn to this effective solution to hair loss – something that’s believed to affect up to 85% of men and 40% of women. 

Social acceptance

Thanks to the courage of high-profile celebrities sharing their hair transplant experiences on social media, these days there is much less stigma around enhancing what nature provided. It’s become socially acceptable to invest in measures that support increased confidence and self-esteem. 

High success rates

The success rates within the modern hair transplant industry are incredibly high, particularly for the latest FUE hair transplants, with some surgeons confidently promising 100% success. These impressive claims mean that more ordinary people are likely to spend their hard-earned money on this particular hair loss treatment. 

Increased affordability

As the demand for hair transplants has increased, more and more providers have entered this lucrative industry. With more competition, London hair transplant clinics are now forced to offer more competitive pricing, which has made the most popular hair transplant surgeries increasingly affordable. Improvements in technology have also helped to streamline the procedure, enabling further cost reductions. 

Beard & eyebrow procedures

Beard and eyebrow transplants are a new addition to the hair restoration field but these newcomers have proven to be an instant hit. The recent trends for full brows and impressive beards have created a strong demand for these procedures – boosting the hair transplant industry’s success even further. 

Less visible scarring

Hair transplant techniques have evolved greatly over the last few decades, so that modern procedures result in virtually no visible scarring. This aspect has opened up the market to large numbers of people who may have previously been put off by the prospect of scarring.

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