Male Pattern Balding Q and A

What is male pattern balding?

Male pattern balding or male pattern hair loss is the name for gradual hair loss from the scalp, occurring in men which results in hairless areas or balding. This condition affects over 50% of men. Since it is a genetic condition, there is no cure, nor can it be prevented or reversed. Some hair loss products available from hair loss specialists may be able to slow hair loss, care for the existing hair condition and also create the look of fuller or thicker hair.

Why does male pattern hair loss occur?

95% of male hair loss is genetic and male pattern hair loss usually describes any genetic hair loss. Other kinds of hair loss such as alopecia areata which is a patchy-looking condition of hair loss can be caused by a period or periods of high stress or trauma and may only be temporary. Male pattern balding is a permanent physical state, however some treatments may slow hair loss and some are aimed at hair restoration through surgery.

When does male pattern balding occur?

Most male pattern hair loss occurs between the ages of 40 and 70 however many men can begin to lose their hair as young as 20 – 30. Hair loss is usually gradual and may only affect the crown or the hair line, which may recede to varying degrees. The rate of hair loss is often down to the individual.

Does female pattern balding exist?

Yes. Female pattern hair loss, also genetic, tends to be diffuse which means that gradual thinning begins through the crown area and eventually continues down towards the temples. With female hair loss, it may stop with thinning and not continue to result in full hair loss patches or scalp baldness. As with male pattern hair loss there is no cure, however specialist help can create the appearance of a full head of hair or restore hair to the affected areas.

What treatments are available for male pattern hair loss?

For many men, going bald needn’t mean the end of hair styles. Many men today can benefit from hair restoration treatments such as hair transplant surgery, now a state of the art hair loss procedure which permanently restores hair to areas where early balding has occurred. Hair restoration surgery is usually only not possible where total baldness (alopecia totalis), has already occurred.

What now?

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