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Can Hair Transplants Go Wrong?

In recent years, hair transplants have become a popular and widely available solution to hair loss issues for both men and women. However, they are a form of medical surgery, and so there is still the possibility of complications. And as with any surgery, the highest medical standards are required to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.

In addition to health and safety precautions, anyone thinking of having a hair transplant is planning to spend a considerable sum of money to achieve the desired outcome, ie the hairline or volume that enables them to feel good about their appearance. Although the cost of hair transplants has gradually dropped over time making the procedure more accessible to mainstream customers, opting for one of the more reputable clinics with experienced surgeons can still cost thousands of pounds. Naturally, people want to ensure their hair transplant will be a worthwhile investment. So, hair transplant clinics need to offer more than just hygienic and safe procedures, they also need to offer a level of expertise that will deliver the results their patients are paying for.

In most cases, hair transplant patients enjoy a safe and successful procedure and are delighted with their results. Unfortunately, though, there are instances where this is not the case.

Given the increased demand for hair transplants, the industry has seen a rush of providers offering the service and it’s clear that some have less training and expertise than is to be expected, despite what might appear to be glowing 4-5 star reviews that can sometimes be ‘manufactured’ by less-scrupulous clinics. The cheaper surgeries increasingly offered abroad may seem like a hefty saving on the expense of a more reputable clinic, but it may come at a cost. Regulations in other countries are often less strict than in the UK and some unscrupulous providers are offering the surgery without adequate medical training and experience.

If you are considering a hair transplant, it’s important to know the potential risks involved, so that you can discuss any concerns with your surgeon and ensure you choose an experienced and competent professional. See how to find the best hair transplant surgeon.

To help you guard against a disappointing or regrettable experience, here are some potential risks to bear in mind when researching your choice of clinic and surgeon.

Excessive harvesting

In any hair transplant, skill is required not only during the procedure itself, but in planning how much hair is to be harvested and the areas of the scalp to harvest from. In cases of poor quality transplants, too much hair may be harvested from the patient, causing undue pain and discomfort during the procedure and the recovery period. Removing too much hair can also leave more unsightly wounds that make returning to work or normal social life more difficult.

Unnecessary scarring

The best surgeons will be experts at providing the desired results with the least amount of scarring possible. In cases of less experienced providers, you may end up with unnecessary scarring in the donor areas of the scalp as well as the transplant area.

Skin or hair infections

When hygiene practices and medical standards are neglected, infections can occur in the skin on the surface of the scalp, and in the hair follicles. Although these are usually easily treatable, they are unnecessary and unpleasant side-effects of the operations. Find out what you should do if you get a hair transplant infection.

Transplant failure

Even if all safety standards are adhered to, an unskilled surgeon may lack the expertise required to ensure the follicles are transplanted properly. Transplanted hairs failing to take successfully is one of the common outcomes of inadequate training or an inexperienced surgeon.

It’s important to note that these outcomes are the exception. The vast majority of hair transplants at reputable clinics are carried out by highly-trained professionals with a good deal of skill and patient care.

However, by being aware of the potential risks and discussing these with your surgeon in advance, you’re likely to ensure a safe and pleasant experience that delivers the excellent results that are possible with this popular and highly effective procedure.

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