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UK Hair Transplants Cost Analysis: Choosing the Right Clinic In 2023

To uncover the true cost of a hair transplant in the UK, we sent 104 UK clinics the same photographs with the same desired result. In this exclusive, we reveal the state of hair restoration treatment across the country: from…

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Finasteride Guide: Uses, Results & Side Effects

Finasteride is a drug used to treat male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Both topical and oral versions are available, but oral tablets are by far the most popular. In fact, Finasteride tablets are the most commonly prescribed…

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Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Stages & Treatment Options

Male pattern baldness (MPB), or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss in men [1]. It affects more than 95% of men by the age of 80 and typically starts before middle age [2]. If you find…

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Minoxidil Guide: Uses, Results & Side Effects

Minoxidil is one of the most popular treatments for hair loss. It helps reduce hair fall and stimulate regrowth in a whole range of hair loss conditions, from male pattern baldness to traction alopecia. Minoxidil is the second most recommended…

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Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey & Is It Worth The Risk?

The global hair transplant industry is worth more than $6 billion — and a sixth of this value comes from Turkey [1]. Turkey is a popular hair transplant destination, thanks to its cut-rate hair restoration treatments. You only need to…


Is My Hair Thinning Or Am I Paranoid? When To Speak To A Hair Loss Specialist

Whether we like it or not, our hair plays a vital role in how we look and feel; and if you’re experiencing thinning hair or hair loss it can have a significant impact on your life, self confidence and self-esteem.
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Hair Transplant Recovery: What to Expect

Taking the plunge to undergo hair transplant surgery can be a big step, but it’s one that an increasing number of individuals are opting for. In fact, since 2016, hair transplant surgeries have increased by more 16% worldwide [1].Although it…

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Female Pattern Baldness: Causes, Stages & Treatment Options

Approximately half of all women will experience hair loss by the time they’re 80 [1]. From stress to diet, there are many causes of hair loss in women — but the number one cause is female pattern baldness [2].These patients…

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Does Seborrheic Dermatitis Cause Hair Loss?

If you have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and been warned about its increased chances of hair loss, the prospect will likely have caused you some concern. But while this condition is known to cause hair loss, incidences are rare…

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FUE Hair Transplants: Everything You Need To Know

Ready to find out everything you need to know about the follicular unit extraction hair transplant process? Learn about FUE technique, cost, results, and recovery below. Table of Contents Key FUE facts:FUE is the most popular, least invasive hair transplant…


Can Stress Affect The Success Of My Hair Transplant?

Stress can have all kinds of effects on the human body from panic attacks to weight loss and, yes, to hair loss. So it is perhaps natural to worry about whether stress can affect your hair transplant, particularly if you're…


How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need?

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you’ll probably want to know how many hair grafts you need to get the hairline you want. In general, the more hair you’ve lost, the more hair grafts you’ll need — but there’s more…

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Joe Swash Hair Transplant: Everything You Need to Know

For TV star Joe Swash, his hair transplants were kept under wraps for many years. With many celebs opting for hair transplant surgery (such as Rob Holding and James Nesbitt), it’s only more recently that Joe has begun to be…

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What’s The Best Age To Get A Hair Transplant?

Considering FUE or FUT surgery? It’s important to know whether you’re the right age for a hair transplant.Getting a hair transplant too young (or too old) can damage your chances of successful hair restoration, so finding out the best age…

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Hair Donation UK: Everything You Need To Know

Thinking about donating your hair? It’s a great way to support people who’ve lost their hair due to health conditions like cancer and alopecia. Hair donations are used to create realistic wigs, which are then worn by patients to help…

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Can Intermittent Fasting Help Hair Growth?

If your hair isn’t as shiny or full as you’d like, you may find yourself turning to diet changes or other lifestyle changes to help stimulate hair growth. Intermittent fasting has been touted as a way to stimulate hair growth…

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Hair Transplant After 14 Days: Photos, Results, Side Effects

14 days after your hair transplant, you’ll be curious about seeing the results begin to emerge. You may also feel anxious about losing grafts or whether you can safely return to your usual hair routines and day-to-day activities. At this early…

Matt Lucas Later In His Career

Matt Lucas Alopecia: Everything You Need To Know

Matt Lucas rose to fame as co-creator of the sketch show Little Britain. He donned a number of different wigs to play various memorable characters for the show — but Matt Lucas actually has alopecia, a type of hair loss…

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18 Best (& Worst) Ways To Grow Hair Quickly

Whether your stylist has given you a less-than-ideal haircut, or you’re worried about female pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness, it’s common to want to make your hair grow super fast overnight.While there’s no quick fix for overnight hair…

Promote Healthy Hair Growth With These Foods

11 Hair Growth Foods + 4 Key Nutrients For Healthy Hair

When it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, many people think that store-bought treatments are the answer.
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Norwood Stage 7: Photos, Treatments, Results

According to the Norwood scale, Norwood 7 is the most advanced stage of male pattern baldness, which accounts for around 95% of hair loss in men [1].By this stage of hair loss, the hairline recedes enough so that there may…


Eyebrow transplant vs microblading vs eyebrow tattoos – how to find the best option for you

Our eyebrows get thinner as we get older, and this can prematurely age us. Fuller eyebrows can make us look younger, fresher and more radiant. There are many eyebrow replacement options available, including microblading, eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow transplant at…

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Can Women Take Dutasteride?

Dutasteride is a drug used to tackle male pattern baldness, as well as other health conditions related to the overproduction of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is a male sex hormone that can safely be inhibited in men.…

Donor Area And Transplanted Hair 1 Month After Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant After 1 Month: Photos, Results, Side Effects

The first month after a hair transplant shows some dramatic changes in your hairline. First, there'll be some swelling, bleeding, and oozing (pillow protectors at the ready). After this, the grafts will start to heal over, creating crusts and scabs across…

Getting-ready-for-hair-transplant-surgery-the Essential Steps

Getting ready for hair transplant surgery: the essential steps

If you have been struggling with thinning or receding hair, you may have tried a number of different treatments in order to stop or reverse the effects.
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Trichotillomania: tips for hair regrowth

According to research, up to 3.6% of people suffer from Trichotillomania [1], a mental disorder that can have big implications on your everyday life.Trichotillomania is mainly associated with the repetitive pulling of hair, which can lead to significant hair loss.If…

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Does Low Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Unfortunately, ageing happens to us all. For many men, hair loss is a sign that ageing is well underway.  As many men will attest, losing your hair can have a huge impact on your confidence as well as on your…


Hair Transplant Surgery: The Questions You Really Want to Ask

Hair restoration treatments have come a long way since the days of hair plugs and bad toupees. Now more men, women, and transgender people are investing in themselves and seeking treatment for their thinning hair and hair loss, whether it’s…

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How Much Does Finasteride Cost?

In 2022, Finasteride costs between £12.20 and £73.00 per prescription. This depends on the dosage, pack size, pharmacy, and whether you opt for topical or oral Finasteride.In this guide, you’ll learn all about the cost of Finasteride for hair loss,…

Dutasteride Vs Finasteride

Dutasteride vs Finasteride: Which is better for hair loss?

When it comes to hair loss, there are two main treatments that most people have heard of before: Finasteride and Dutasteride.They are two very similar treatments, in that they both belong to a family of drugs known as 5-alpha reductase…


Which hair care rituals can lead to hair loss and damage?

Hair loss can be hereditary but even still, there are a number of things you could be doing to damage your hair without even realising. Here we’ve shared some of the different hair care rituals that can potentially lead to hair loss and damage.
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Medication To Be Taken After Hair Transplant: Which Should You Use?

No matter how well your surgeon performs your hair transplant, the outcome depends just as much on how much care you take afterwards. All Wimpole Clinic patients are given an aftercare pack to help them look after their hair post-surgery. However, you…