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20 Female Hair Loss Hairstyles for Thinning Hair on Crown

Choosing a hairstyle when you have thinning hair on your crown can be difficult. You may not want to go for a shorter style, but equally, you might feel self-conscious that people can see your scalp through your thinning hair if you keep it long.

Lots of hair loss hairstyles are great for those with thinning on the crown and around the top of the head. It’s all about finding the right style to conceal your hair loss. Even men with a receding hairline can find a hairstyle that hides their frontal thinning.

Here, see 20 hair loss hairstyles for women’s hair loss, plus five styles you should avoid.

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Top tips for finding the right hairstyle for a thinning crown

  • Texture and volume are your friends. Flat straight styles are more likely to expose your scalp through your thinning hair, so opt for curls and volume.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles. Any style that tugs tightly on your hair follicles can worsen hair loss, so keep your styling loose and flexible.
  • Tie up long tresses. Long hair is heavier, which makes it more likely to expose your scalp. Tying it up can hide any thinning spots.
  • Work with your natural hair type. Whether your hair is fine or coarse, straight or curly, find a style that works with it.
  • Keep heat styling to a minimum. Hair straighteners and curling irons can damage your hair, leading to breakage that makes hair look thinner. See more reasons why your hair feels thinner.

20 female hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on the crown

Here are the top 20 hairstyles for women with a thinning crown and mid-scalp.

1. Mid-length bob with long layers

Mid-length bob with long layers examples

Layers make your hair look thicker, so this style is a low-maintenance way to disguise any thinning around your crown.

Keep your bob short and lightweight with regular trims, so your hair doesn’t weigh itself down and expose your crown.

2. Pixie cut

pixie cut examples

Like the bob, a pixie cut is a short but stylish look that will help cover up any thinning areas. Use gel, wax, or mousse to style your pixie cut, holding it in place over any troublesome areas.

3. Curly hair

examples of curly hair

Curls are a great way to style your existing hair if it’s thinning around the crown. Curls and waves add volume, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Use heatless styling tools to get the curls you want. Heat may be linked with hair loss, so it’s a good idea to minimise the use of straighteners and curling tongs wherever possible.

4. Buzz cut

examples of buzz cuts

Feeling brave? Buzzing your hair off can be a liberating experience, especially if you’ve been struggling with female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, or another hair loss condition for a while.

Check out these bold bald women for inspiration on how to rock a buzzcut.

5. Bun

bun examples

A bun is an everyday hairstyle that’s ideal for those with longer hair. Messy buns work best, as they tend to be more forgiving while keeping those thinning areas covered.

Just remember not to tie your bun too tightly — this can tug on your follicles and lead to a condition called traction alopecia.

6. Natural hair

natural hair examples

Hair thinning is common in women of African descent who wear their hair in protective styles for long periods [1]. Letting your natural Afro hair grow out can give it a chance to recover, while also covering up your thinning areas.

7. Flipped side parting

flipped side parting examples

Sweeping or flipping your hair across to create a deeper side parting is a great way to disguise any bald spots on the crown or across the mid-scalp, especially if you have thinning on one side of the head.

However, it might be one to avoid if you have thinning around your parting, too.

8. Half-up, half-down

half up half down examples

Half-up half-down styles allow you to sweep your hair back across any thinning areas on the crown or top of the head while keeping some length in your hair.

As with any updo, make sure to keep your style loose. Don’t scrape your hair back off your face in tight ponytails, as this can lead to hairline recession in women. If your hairline is affected, try these ways to hide thinning hair in the front for women.

9. French twist

french twist examples

A French twist is a classy look for a celebration, such as a wedding or christening. Not only that, but you can style it as needed to cover up any thinning areas; wearing a messier French twist gives you more leeway to strategically pin specific strands in place.

10. High ponytail hack


This volume hair hack is a game changer! It masks any head of hair double the volume and way more exciting! #hair #ponytail #makeover #hairtutorial

♬ original sound - Chrisappleton1

Increase the volume of your ponytail with this simple hack. Tight ponytails may be linked with hair loss, so keep your ponytail loose when using this trick to boost volume and make your hair look thicker around your crown.

11. Slicked back hair

slicked back hairstyle examples

Steal this red carpet look by slicking or sweeping your hair back over your crown. This hides any scalp hair thinning, and gives you a high fashion style that’s sure to impress.

12. Beehive

beehive hair style examples

The beehive is a showstopping hairstyle that has the added advantage of disguising any thinning around your crown while keeping your hair lengths intact.

Keep your beehive small and subtle if you have thin hair. Try not to overdo the gel or hairspray, as hair gels may damage your hair with overuse.

13. Wigs and toppers

examples of wigs and toppers
Before and after using topper

If your hair is too thin to disguise with careful styling, consider getting a wig. Human hair wigs can create a versatile, natural look you’re sure to love, especially if you’ve been trying to find a style you’re happy with for some time.

Toppers are a type of smaller wig just used to cover the crown. So this could work if you can find the right colour and style to blend with your natural hair.

14. Bouffant ponytail

Bouffant ponytail examples

Combine the beehive with a high ponytail to get lots of volume in the crown area, which is sure to hide your hair thinning.

Try to avoid backcombing to add volume and lift, as this can damage the hair shafts [2]. Instead, use a heatless curling or crimping method on the hair near the roots and set it in place using hairspray or mousse.

15. Messy parting

messy parting examples

If you have diffuse thinning around your parting, a messy parting (along with volume and bounce) can make this less obvious.

16. Deep side parting

deep side parting examples

Shifting your parting to the side of your head — almost along your temple — allows you to sweep the majority of your hair to one side, covering up any thinning across the scalp.

This versatile style works with all sorts of hair textures, types, and lengths.

17. Perm


Curls add volume, so getting a perm could be a good way to add permanent bounce to your thinning hair.

However, perms can dry out your hair, making it more prone to breakage. So make sure to treat your tresses to regular moisturising sessions (coconut oil is a great DIY hair mask).

Perms might not be suitable for everyone, so check with your stylist and trichologist beforehand if you have a hair loss condition.

18. Twist outs

examples of twist outs

For people with Afro hair, twist outs can be a good way to boost volume and disguise the crown. Twist outs don’t rely on heat or chemicals, so it’s a good protective style if your hair is thinning.

19. Scarf or headwrap

examples of women wearing a scarf or headwrap

If your thinning is too extensive to style over, consider using scarves, headwraps, or hats to cover up your bald spots. Experiment with different styles and mix and match with your outfits for a unique, glamorous look.

20. Messy ballerina bun

messy ballerina bun examples

A ballerina bun (or donut bun) is a sophisticated updo that’s ideal for both work and special occasions. Best of all, you can style it high or low to cover up any thinning areas.

Just remember to keep your bun loose and messy to avoid any tugging on the follicles.

5 hairstyles to avoid if you have crown hair loss

There are lots of fab hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on the crown. But there are also some to avoid. Here are five styles to skip to prevent further damaged hair.

1. Dreadlocks and hair extensions

dreadlocks examples

Dreadlocks are renowned for creating weight that pulls on the follicles, leading to traction alopecia [1]. So while your hair is thinning around the crown, it’s a good idea to avoid dreadlocks, especially if you have longer hair.

2. Fringes

examples of fringes

While a fringe is a great female hairstyle for a receding hairline, they’re not so good if you have crown hair loss. Cutting in a fringe can remove body and volume from your hair. So they’re best reserved for those with thick, healthy hair across the mid-scalp.

3. Weaves and hair extensions

weaves and hair extensions examples

Hair extensions are tempting when you have thinning hair. But like dreadlocks, weaves and hair extensions can lead to hair loss, thanks to the unnecessary weight added to your hair. So try to resist the temptation to wear these if you have thin hair around the crown.

4. Tight ponytails and buns

Examples of tight ponytails and buns

Ponytails and buns are an easy go-to hairstyle on a busy day. But try to avoid scraping your hair back into a tight style, as this can lead to breakage around the hairline.

5. Straight long hair

straight long hair examples

If your hair is naturally straight, wearing it long can make your crown thinning more apparent. Consider getting a chop (or trying one of the suggested updos above) to add volume and bounce to your hair, helping disguise any thinning.

How to tackle thinning hair at the crown

Female hair loss can be really worrying. And sometimes, it takes more than clever styling to tackle thinning hair or reverse thinning hair after menopause.

For women in particular, getting to the bottom of the causes of hair loss is complex. You may need hair loss blood tests and other assessments to establish what’s making your hair fall out, whether it’s female pattern baldness or another condition.

At the Wimpole Clinic, our team of female hair loss specialists is on-hand to help you get through this tricky time, and help you find a female hair loss treatment plan that works. Book a consultation with our patient advisors to get started.

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