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60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Looking for a new short hairstyle to refresh your look? We’ve collated 60 of the best short hairstyles for women over 50.

Each of these styles can help you look and feel more confident — whether it’s because you feel younger, need a restyle due to a female hair loss condition, or just love your new do.

Let’s take a look at the top hairstyles for women over 50 in this photo gallery.

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Top tips for finding a short hairstyle that suits you
  • Work with your natural hair texture. Whether your hair has thinned over time, or you’re still rocking thick, curly tresses, find a style that works with your natural hair texture.
  • Consider your face shape. Different styles tend to suit people with different face shapes, so think about which styles are more likely to suit you.
  • Think about style maintenance. Consider how much time you like to spend styling your hair. Avoid high-maintenance styles if you don’t want too much upkeep.
  • Consider colour as well as cut. Age shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with your hair colour, whether you want to embrace your natural grey or pick a bold new tone.
  • Add statement accessories. Earrings, necklaces, hairpieces — these can all spice up any short hairstyle.
  • Get a hair loss checkup. If you’re concerned your hair is thinning too quickly or extensively, see a trichologist to help you find the right female hair loss treatment plan to restore your tresses.

Do women over 50 look better with shorter hair?

Age isn’t a factor in whether a particular hair length suits you. For most people, any cut that gives you confidence is likely to make you look your best.

That said, there are many reasons why women over 50 opt to cut their hair short:

  • Hair gets thinner with age — As you get older, your hair will naturally start to thin [1]. Shorter styles can add volume to your hair.
  • Hair loss conditions — Conditions like female pattern hair loss and frontal fibrosing alopecia are more likely to affect older women, so cutting your hair short can help you deal with any visible hair loss [2].
  • Short hair is sophisticated — Many short hairstyles lend sophistication and style to your everyday look.
  • More confidence to experiment — Lots of women get a newfound confidence after 50, so you may feel more comfortable experimenting with a new hairstyle.

60 stunning short hairstyles for women over 50

Ready to find your perfect short hairstyle? Check out these fabulous shoulder-length-or-shorter hairstyles for women over 50.

1. Simple layered lob

Simple layered lob

Let’s start simple. A lob — or long bob — is a great way to transition from longer hair to shorter hair if you’re not quite sure about going the whole hog just yet. Cut in some layers to add texture and bounce around your shoulders.

2. Rounded bob

Rounded bob

This popular hairstyle is classy and sophisticated — perfect for women over 50. It works best if you have fairly thick, straight hair, so the rounded style falls into place without too much extra styling.

3. Stylish side parting bob

Stylish side parting bob

Dame Helen Mirren perfectly demonstrates the stylish side-parted bob here. This jaw-skimming look is ideal for those seeking a sophisticated short hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. Add a long fringe and layers for shape and volume.

4. Tousled bob

Tousled bob

Thick, wavy hair is perfect for a tousled bob. This chic, beachy look is easy to style — just add a little salt spray or mousse and run your fingers through your hair for a fabulous heat-free finish.

5.Bob blowout

Bob blowout

Treat yourself to a salon blowout for a special occasion. Ask your stylist to blowdry your hair to add bounce and volume to your bob. Any bob can benefit from a semi-regular blowout to make you look and feel your best.

6. Permed bob

Permed bob

Perms remain a popular way to style short hair for women over 50. It’s a good way to make your bob hairstyle easy to maintain — but consider the risks of getting a perm. Perms involve using chemicals to alter the hair texture, so they can lead to hair breakage on the crown and even scarring alopecia if the chemicals are misused [3].

7. Straight long bob

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

This modern cut is ideal for those with naturally straight hair. Try to avoid using straighteners or other heat styling tools to achieve this look regularly, as overuse of heat can lead to hair loss.

8. Textured long bob

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

Mousse or styling wax can help you achieve this tousled, textured lob. It’s a flexible style that works with all hair partings. Cut it shorter at the back for a modern twist, or keep the lengths even for a beachy look.

9. Slicked back bob

Slicked back bob

The slicked back bob has been seen a lot on the red carpet in recent years — and Helen Mirren shows women over 50 can wear it just as well as younger women. Pair with a red lip and statement earrings for a glamorous Hollywood finish.

10. Short coiffed bob

Short coiffed bob

This carefully coiffed style is great for hiding hair loss. Sweeping your hair across your head in different directions can conceal any bald spots created by alopecia areata or another hair loss condition. But it also looks fabulous on women with healthy hair.

11. Asymmetrical textured bob

Asymmetrical textured bob

Taraji P. Henson pairs her stunning asymmetrical textured bob with a statement necklace for a glamorous look. Borrow her style by tinting and tousling the ends of your hair for extra volume.

12. Swept-back voluminous bob

Swept-back voluminous bob

Add drama to this classic style with a swept-back blowout that adds major volume to your hair. Wear this style with fresh glowy makeup and classy accessories to achieve Jane Fonda’s sophisticated elegance.

13. Jaw-skimming bob

Jaw-skimming bob

Accentuate your cheekbones with this simple yet fabulous jaw-skimming bob. To keep your bob looking short and sharp, get regular trims to remove split ends that can give your hair an slightly unkempt finish.

14. Beachy long bob

Beachy long bob

This long bob is a great way to switch from longer tresses to a shorter cut. Borrow Julia Roberts’s beachy vibes with some blonde highlights and soft tousling. Don’t be afraid to let your roots grow through for a natural balayage effect.

15. Bob with brow-skimming fringe

Bob with brow-skimming fringe

Fringes need a lot of maintenance, but they also add style and youthful sophistication to any short hairstyle. These brow-skimming bangs are a playful way to refresh your look without too much commitment to a shorter style.

16. Bevelled bob with full fringe

Bevelled bob with full fringe

Don’t underestimate the styling needed to wear this sleek bevelled bob (unless you have naturally straight, full hair). However, a thick fringe is a great women’s hairstyle for a receding hairline, so it could be a good option if you have any frontal thinning.

17. Layered flicked-out bob

Layered flicked-out bob

Channel your inner Jane Fonda with this stylish layered flicked-out bob. Highlights look great with this style, as the layers and texture reveal all the tones of your hair. Set your flicked-out ends with mousse or hairspray.

18. Slick flicked-out bob

Slick flicked-out bob

If your hair is straight or unlayered, you can still achieve a fancy flicked-out bob, as demonstrated by Naomi Watts. A perfectly centred parting and sleek, shiny hair makes for a fabulous uniform bob.

19. Feathered bob

Feathered bob

Add regal style to your look with this feathered bob, as popularised by Queen Camilla. Soft feathering around the face creates a gentle look that many women over 50 favour. For an edgier look, consider tinting your bob.

20. Curly bob

Curly bob

Use heatless curlers to achieve Susan Sarandon’s gorgeous curly bob. Heatless curlers are less likely to damage your hair than curling tongs or straighteners, and will give you all the volume and bounce you want.

21. Pageboy bob

Pageboy bob

A unique look, the pageboy bob is great for women who don’t mind a bit of upkeep when it comes to haircuts and styling. You’ll need to keep your fringe and lengths trimmed to maintain the signature shape of a pageboy cut.

22. Natural hair

Natural hair

Ready to embrace your natural hair? It’s time for the big chop. Cutting your Afro hair short can help you remove any treated or damaged hair, getting you back to a healthy crop of natural curls. Go as short as you dare.

23. Half pixie, half bob

Half pixie, half bob

Thinking about a pixie cut, but not quite ready to go all the way? This half-bob half-pixie cut is a good place to start. Keep your hair longer over your ears and around your nape to distinguish this from a classic pixie cut.

24. Classic pixie cut

Classic pixie cut

Opt for Judi Dench’s signature style with a sharp, spiky pixie cut that’s perfect for women of all ages. The classic pixie cut is just that — a classic. That’s why it’s been worn by celebrities including Kate Hudson, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Hudson.

25. Face-framing pixie cut

Face-framing pixie cut

This face-framing pixie cut is a daring look — so it’s ideal for bold older women. Use hair gel (sparingly) to keep your hair in place around your face. Excessive hair gel may damage your hair, so try to limit the amount you use.

26. Curly pixie cut

Curly pixie cut

Jada Pinkett Smith has struggled with alopecia totalis in recent years. But that didn’t stop her from rocking this stunning blonde curly pixie cut. Keep your hair longer on top so you have enough length for optimum curls.

27. Wavy pixie cut

Wavy pixie cut

Keep your pixie cut neat and playful with a wavy style like Toni Braxton’s. It’s a great way to show off any statement jewelry, and it’s easy to achieve if you have naturally curly or wavy hair.

28. Pixie undercut

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

Feeling bold? Opt for this stylish pixie undercut. Keep the sides shorn for maximum impact (although if you don’t love your new style, you can always grow out the sides for a fabulous faux hawk).

29. Flat pixie cut

Flat pixie cut

Looking for a cute, artsy look? This flat pixie cut is fabulous — and it’s incredibly easy to style. Just comb some hair wax or gel through your hair to keep it flat and in place. Get it trimmed regularly to prevent mullet-like growth over your ears and neck.

30. Long pixie cut

Long pixie cut

Add height and length to your pixie cut for a modern twist on the classic look. This allows you to add more layers to your hair, giving you a great hairstyle that can hide any thinning on the crown or around the top of the scalp.

31. Pixie cut with fringe

Pixie cut with fringe

Love the pixie cut look, but worried it will expose your thinning hairline? Consider adding a fringe to cover up any female hairline recession. Even a thin or wispy fringe can hide your hairline and give you a sophisticated modern style.

32. Asymmetrical pixie cut

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Add drama to your pixie cut with a long side fringe. You can wear this style straight or curly, making your shorter haircut super versatile. While an asymmetrical pixie cut is easier to achieve with thicker hair, it can also work if your hair is fine.

33. Swept back pixie cut

Swept back pixie cut

Brush back your pixie cut for a casual look that’s perfect for laidback ladies. It’s simple to style and looks chic. Add a bright or unique colour à la Tilda Swinton for an edgy, age-defying look.

34. Brushed forward pixie cut

Brushed forward pixie cut

If the swept-back look isn’t for you, consider brushing your pixie cut forward instead. Keep some length through your hair so you have the option to brush it over your forehead like a makeshift fringe.

35. Coiffed pixie cut

Coiffed pixie cut

Just because your hair is short, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different styles. Emma Thompson’s carefully coiffed and pinned pixie cut elevates the style from cute to sophisticated.

36. Tousled pixie cut

Tousled pixie cut

Don’t have time for lots of styling? Choose a tousled pixie cut that just needs a little mousse (and a quick zhuzh here and there) to keep your look intact. This style is great for masking any light hair thinning.

37. Choppy faux hawk

Choppy faux hawk

This choppy faux hawk is a punk-inspired short hairstyle that suits plenty of women over 50. Style with mousse or wax to keep your faux hawk standing tall all day long. Keep your makeup and accessories simple so your hair stands out.

38. Bouffant faux hawk

Bouffant faux hawk

For a sophisticated twist on the faux hawk, crop your hair shorter at the sides and keep more length on top. Use mousse and hairspray to coax your hair into a bouffant faux hawk that’s both eye-catching and elegant.

Learn more about hairspray and if it is bad for your hair.

39. Cropped textured cut

Cropped textured cut

Hitting 50 is the perfect time to embrace your natural hair. But you can still get a cut that favours your facial features while maintaining your individual style. Choose a cropped, textured cut that gives volume and shape.

40. Headbands


Hair accessories are a great way to enhance any short hairstyle. Choose a headband or Alice band that contrasts with your hair colour for a bold, bright way to freshen up your look. Match with other accessories for extra fun.

41. 1920s style hair

1920s style hair

For vintage glamour, give a nod to the roaring twenties with short, stylish flapper waves. Halle Berry wears hers tinted, tousled, and drawn away from her scalp for a modern twist on the classic twenties style.

42. Buzzcut


The buzzcut is the ultimate short hairstyle for daring women over 50. While it can feel like a dramatic move, many women say buzzing off their hair is a liberating experience — so if you’re looking for a dramatic change, a buzzcut could be the style for you.

43. Long buzzcut

Long buzzcut

Don’t feel you need to go straight for a number one if you opt for a buzzcut. A longer buzzcut is another great option if you’re not ready for a full shave. Keep your hair at a single, longer length for a feminine take on a daring look.

44. Tapered bowl cut

Tapered bowl cut

This retro-inspired hairstyle looks fabulous on experimental older women. As well as wearing your tapered bowl cut flat, styling wax and salt spray can be used to add texture and versatility to this unique short style.

45. Pastel hair

Pastel hair

Spruce up your colour with a pretty pastel shade. The most popular shades include pink and purple, though there are plenty of more daring options, too. Pastel hair is chic and stylish and suits sophisticated women over 50 as well as younger women.

46. Bold coloured hair

Bold coloured hair

If pastel shades aren’t quirky enough for you, maybe it’s time to experiment with a bold new hue. Bubblegum pink, inky purple, or bright blue — if you’re ready for a real change, this could be the way to achieve it. Just be mindful that excessive dyeing or bleaching can lead to hair loss, so get professional advice before you start.

47. Two-tone hair

Two-tone hair

For a subtle yet striking effect, borrow Halle Berry’s iconic two-tone hairstyle. A black undercut and vibrant blonde highlights create an eye-catching look that’s ideal for bold women of any age.

48. Go platinum

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

Platinum hair has taken off in a big way, which is good news for anyone whose hair has started to lighten or grey. Embracing your age with platinum white hair is stylish and on-trend, especially when paired with a modern cut like this low-maintenance tousled bob.

49. Style with a hat

Style with a hat

Hats can cover up any bad hair day — but they can also elevate your short hairstyle to a new level of sophistication. This baker boy hat matches Rita Moreno’s monochrome outfit to a T, but you can also experiment with berets, beanies, and fedoras.

50. Highlights or balayage

Highlights or balayage

If you’re not yet ready to embrace the grey, highlighting your hair with natural blonde and brown tones will give you a gorgeous age-defying style. Be warned: bleaching your hair can easily go wrong, so it’s best to get a professional to recreate this look for you.

51. Curly half-up half-down

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

Want a short hairstyle you can wear to a wedding? This curly half-up half-down updo is elegant enough to wear on any special occasion. Use heatless curlers and hairspray to achieve robust bouncy ringlets without damaging your hair.

52. Short hair chignon

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

Chignons are often styled on women with longer tresses, but they can also be achieved with shorter hair. This sophisticated updo is truly versatile — wear it to work, on date night, or even to a wedding.

53. Short messy updo

Short messy updo

Even the shortest hair can be twisted into a stylish updo with a little imagination (and plenty of careful pinning). Allow loose curls and ringlets to twist gently out of your hair for a playful messy updo.

54. Short twist outs

Short twist outs

Twist-outs are a great protective style for women of all ages — and best of all, they work on short hair as well as long hair. Twist-outs can keep Afro hair hydrated for longer, stopping hair becoming dry and brittle.

55. Tied back bob

Tied back bob

Tie back your hair in a messy bun or ponytail for a casual day-to-day look. Don’t tie your hair back too tightly, though; this can lead to traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by consistent tension on the hair follicles.

56. Curled pixie undercut

Curled pixie undercut

Enhance any pixie undercut with heatless curlers. Grow out your hair on top for a volume boost, then curl your tresses forward to get this pretty look. Adorn with an elegant hairpiece for weddings or other occasions.

57. Messy pixie undercut

Messy pixie undercut

Boost your retro style with this messy pixie undercut. The beautiful shape of this hairstyle gives you fabulous volume across the crown and scalp, while the tousled, messy style is very easy to maintain day-to-day.

58. Dramatic wedge haircut

Dramatic wedge haircut

Older women with thick, full hair who are looking for a shorter style often benefit from a wedge hairdo. With longer layers around the face and crown, and a shorter crop at the nape, a dramatic wedge style like this can make your hair much more manageable.

59. Mod-inspired mixie

Mod-inspired mixie

The mixie — a mullet/pixie — is a unique shorter hairstyle that works for any woman who wants a modern twist on the mod revival. Face-framing lengths and short hair at the nape characterise the modern mixie.

60. Bold bald look

Bold bald look

Lots of women can seriously rock the bald look. Whether it’s a conscious style choice or driven by a health or hair loss condition, embracing baldness can be an empowering decision for lots of older women.

Does short hair make a woman look younger or older?

While the shade and density of your hair can make you look younger or older, hair length doesn’t necessarily have the same effect [4]. So cropping your hair short is a matter of style choice rather than age.

However, some other factors can come into play. Evidence shows that thinner hair does make you look older — so if cutting your hair gives you a volume boost, this could help make you look younger [4].

Helen Mirren with long hair (left) and short hair (right)
Helen Mirren with longer, thinner hair in 2021 (left) and shorter, fuller hair 2020 (right).

What to do if your hair is thinning as you get older

It’s normal for your hair to thin slightly as you age. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with excessive thinning or bald spots across your scalp.

Menopause, health conditions, and nutrient deficiencies can all contribute to hair loss. So it’s important to discover what’s causing your hair to fall out — is it just natural hair ageing, or something more?

We understand how much your hairstyle can influence your confidence, no matter how old you are. So book a consultation at the Wimpole Clinic to discuss your hair thinning with our female hair loss specialists.

60 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50, Wimpole Clinic

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