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17 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Brides With Thinning Hair

Every bride-to-be dreams of making a breathtaking, memorable appearance on her special day. And showstopping hair is only second to the perfect dress when it comes to making an impression to last a lifetime. However, not all the best wedding hairstyles are suitable for all hair types. And if you have been struggling with hair thinning, it can seem especially challenging to find a look that will bring out your inner radiance.  

However, you will be happy to know there are many bridal hairdos out there which can mask hair loss while at the same time, emphasising the strengths of your locks. Moreover, if your wedding is still more than a few months away, there are also proven ways to grow hair quickly. Keep reading this article to learn all you need to know about how you can make your locks look unforgettable on your wedding day, such as: 

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Bride with a twisted low bun

1. A twisted low bun

This romantic style is ideal for thinning locks and can be worn with medium and long hair alike. Your hair is combed backwards, which masks increased hair parting width from female pattern hair loss, and the loose bun makes good use of your strand length, lifting them up to make them seem more abundant.

You can go for a messier look with tendrils that can add to its carefree vibe. And if you are experiencing patchy hair loss from alopecia areata or a common scalp problem (e.g. scalp psoriasis), you can accessorise it with jewellery or flowers for better coverage of problem areas.

Bride with a tight low bun with curtain bangs

2. A tight low bun with curtain bangs

The small, unassuming tight bun gets a distinct note of elegance and sophistication when combined with curtain bangs. This is one of the best bang styles for a thinning fringe, as it only requires a few strands on each side to frame and soften your face. And slicking your hair back behind them to create the bun will mask any top thinning as well. Placing a few small, white flowers in or around your bun might add to its graceful look.    

Bride wearing a classy fascinator

3. A classy fascinator

Not every woman can or wants to wear a hat on her wedding day. But if you are a creative, adventurous spirit, a fascinator may be just what you need. It can not only complete a memorable, retro or whimsical look, but it can also cover bald spots on the side of your head or temple hair loss.

Wearing it with a side part can also help you cleverly disguise crown thinning. And since these accessories are often the centre of attention, they will draw all eyes to them and away from any hair problems underneath.  

Bride sporting retro-chic waves with a headband

4. Retro-chic waves with a headband

For an easy-to-style, vintage, hippie-inspired look, search no further. All you need to do is style some loose waves, comb them back lightly (or wear a side parting) and put on an elegant beaded headband. The waves will give your hair texture, making it seem fuller, and the band will draw attention to your face and away from your crown.

This style can be worn with most hair lengths to a pleasant effect, but it works best with medium or long locks. While short waves can be chic, longer, flowing ones complete this flower-power look.

Bride wearing a Boho-style flower garland

5. A Boho-style flower garland

If you are a more sensitive, artistic soul, you may want to adopt a boho wedding hairstyle, complete with a natural flower garland on your crown. These floral adornments will not only make you look like a goddess of nature, but they can also mask balding patches and draw attention away from imperfections around your crown or hairline.

Depending on how low you wear the garland, you can even hide fringe and temple hair loss caused by traction alopecia. You can match it with a loose half-up, half-down style to fully bring out your inner sprite.  

Bride with a curly short style with an airy fringe

6. A curly short style with an airy fringe

If you have shorter hair, you can try this whimsical and wispy look. All you have to do is get some tighter curls with a wand (just be sure not to burn your locks since fixing heat-damaged hair can be tricky) and match them with an airy or choppy fringe.

The curls will give your hair more volume and prevent it from looking dull and flat, while the fringe will cover any irregularities around your frontal area, making this one of the best female styles for a receding hairline. If you still feel your crown looks too thin after completing this look, you can always lift your hair in a curly updo.  

Bride wearing a curly low bun

7. A curly low bun

If you have diffuse hair thinning at the crown due to female pattern baldness or telogen effluvium, you can always try a curly low bun. This hairstyle involves curling the lower portion of your hair and pinning it in a luxurious, swirly bundle at your nape.

You can try a side parting and let your hair hang looser at the sides of your head for a romantic, retro vibe. Flowers or hair combs go very well with this delicate style, allowing you to emphasise the fuller areas of your hair while obscuring the thinner ones. 

Bride sporting a messy half up half down with a zig-zag parting

8. A messy half up, half down with a zig-zag parting

A zig-zag parting is ideal if you are experiencing a widening midline part of the Christmas tree pattern characteristic of female androgenetic alopecia. If you want to add some more texture and volume to your tresses, you can use a wand to create some loose curls.

This messy half-up, half-down look is one of the best female hair loss hairstyles for a thinning crown. It is also youthful, fun and whimsical and can be easily styled at home. This hairdo works for most hair types and lengths and best fits a playful, sensual, unconventional bride. 

Bride with wavy, loose locks and a tiara

9. Wavy, loose locks with a tiara

If you have textured hair, emphasising and leveraging your wavy locks can leave the impression of fuller tresses. Placing a tiara upon them can leave you looking and feeling like a princess. The best part is that this type of hair jewellery can also obscure any thinning behind it, while your volumised curls make your hair look more abundant and airy.

No further buns, braids or artifices are needed for this very straightforward style, as your tiara already adds sufficient glamour and represents the focal point of attention.   

Bride with a traditional Indian Maang Tikka

10. A traditional Indian Maang Tikka

If you are planning on having a traditional Indian wedding, wearing the customary hair jewellery called a Maang Tikka can make you look stunning and regal. But this lavish type of forehead pendant can do more than just adorn your hairline. It also runs along your hair parting, so getting a thicker central piece can cover any widening around that area.

You can wear it with loose waves/curls or a low bun, and you can be sure the frontal pendant will keep attention on your face rather than the top of your head.   

Bride with an innocent side ponytail

11. An innocent side ponytail

A side ponytail takes very little time and no special skills to style, and if you have particularly feminine features, it can make you look dreamy and romantic. If your ponytail is too thin, you can curl your strands up a bit for additional volume.

Combing your hair back will also make it easier to hide hair thinning on top. Since this hairdo is rather plain on its own, it is a good idea to accessorise it with a dainty tiara or with small flowers or pearls. And make sure your makeup has softer, more natural tones, so it doesn’t clash with the unassuming grace of your hairstyle.

Bride with a formal sleek side bun and fringe

Image courtesy of Wedding Hairstyles: 60+ Expert-Approved Wedding Hair Ideas [1]

12. A formal sleek side bun and fringe

This retro look is sophisticated and elegant. And at the same time, its asymmetry can help you obscure thinning areas on your scalp – such as a messed up hairline or thinning on the crown.

This hairstyle is suited for medium to long hairstyles and it requires straightening out your locks for that extra neat, sleek appearance. It can be accessorised with flowers, combs or jewellery alike and its side part makes it perfect for adding a fascinator.   

Bride wearing short spiral waves

13. Short spiral waves

If you have shorter hair and a child-like joyfulness, spiral waves will capture your spirit perfectly. They also add volume to fine strands, and you can try a side part to cover top hair thinning. You can achieve this look very easily, all you need to do is use a medium barrel curling iron to curl your strands back and outward. And a hairspray finish will give it additional lift (don’t worry, hairspray doesn’t cause hair loss).

If you’re feeling particularly playful, you can add some colourful pastel highlights in your hair, which will attract the gaze, leading it away from the problem areas.   

Bride with a vintage wavy bob

Image courtesy of 24 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair From Real Weddings [2]


14. A vintage wavy bob

Another romantic, retro option for short hair is a plain, wavy bob. If you have naturally wavy hair and would like to do something more special, you can consider getting a combination of highlights and/or lowlights (depending on your shade), to give it extra depth and dimension. This soulful look can be completed with a side parting and a vintage 20s style hair band, feathered jewellery or similar hair decoration. 

Bride with a teased updo with face-framing tendrils

15. A teased updo with face-framing tendrils

Teasing your hair can give it fullness and volume, so it is ideal for fine strands. If you have long, wispy hair, a teased updo can help you easily cover top thinning and make it seem more robust. At the same time, allowing a couple of fine tendrils to frame your face can soften your look and give it a feminine, elegant touch. Flowers are the best accessories for this style, as jewellery can over-encumber it.  

Bride with an afro forward-combed updo

16. An afro forward-combed updo

If you have short or medium afro hair (or type 3 hair in general), you can get a vibrant yet elegant hairstyle by lifting it up and combing it forward. This can allow the fullness of your curly or kinky hair to take over your crown area, covering any bald spots or thinning areas. Using pearls or jewellery on one side of your head can create a lovely effect. Don’t be afraid to go bigger, as daintier pieces can easily get lost in your curly strands.    

Bride with a waterfall braid with cascading curls

Image courtesy of Easy Weddings [3]

17. A waterfall braid with cascading curls

You don’t need very thick hair to create a stunning waterfall braid and you can get one with most hair lengths. Curling the lower 2 thirds of your hair can give you a cascade of vibrant locks, which make your hair seem fuller and give it texture.

While this hairstyle can seem complicated to achieve, it is actually quite easy, and you can perfect it at home with some practice (see the video below). And once you are done, you can add small flowers in your braid, for a delicate, feminine touch. 

Bride disapproving of wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles to avoid when you have thinning hair

If you are experiencing hair shedding – especially if it’s due to female pattern baldness – you may want to steer clear of the following styling options, which require more top density to work best:

Bride with midline parting
  • Styles with a midline parting – one of the first signs of hair thinning and balding in female androgenetic alopecia is the widening of your midline parting [5]. You may also develop a Christmas tree pattern. So, wearing your hair parted down the middle can emphasise your thinning areas. Moreover, a midline parting can age you, making thinner hair look flat, especially if you have straight tresses.
Bride with a single French braid
  • A single French or fishtail braid – while these styles are romantic and feminine, they work best on women with thick, luxurious hair. If yours is on the sparse side, your braid may end up looking feeble and underwhelming. 
Bride with a slicked-back hairstyle
  • Slicked-back styles with a receding hairline – certain types of hair loss, such as frontal fibrosing alopecia, or traction alopecia can make your hairline recede. If that is your case, you may want to try some light bangs. 
Bride with a very ornate hairstyle
  • Very ornate hairstyles – while bridal hairdos with many complex braid patterns or based on abundant, voluminous curls may look amazing in pictures, they usually require luxurious hair. Thinner locks can make them look diminutive, flat or lifeless.
Bride hiding her thinning patches with hair thickening spray

The best ways to hide thinning patches on your wedding day

Your hairstylist likely already has their own professional bag of tricks to make you look gorgeous on your big day. However, if you plan to do your own hair, here are some fast and easy ways you can mask your frontal balding, patchy hair loss or that bald spot on your crown:

  • Use a hair-thickening spray – these cosmetics contain microfibers which attach to hair strands, making them look thicker and denser. 
  • Try a coloured spray – if your hair is so thin you can see your scalp, you can try a spray that colours the skin on your head in a shade similar to your hair. This reduces the contrast between them and makes your thinning less conspicuous.
  • Wear a clip-on hairpiece – you can easily cover up a balding spot and give your hair more volume by attaching a hairpiece. Just make sure it is of good quality (preferably made of natural hair), that it matches your hair shade and that it is securely attached.  
  • Curl or tease your hair for extra volume – the fastest way to make your hair appear fuller is to give it texture and volume. Curling and/or teasing it can give it a nice fluff. 
  • Accessorise creatively – Your wedding is an excellent time to make a style statement – use flowers, hair jewellery, beads, veils, headbands or elegant hats to cover any sensitive spots that you’d like to obscure. 

Whichever of these solutions you may choose, always try them on before your wedding. This way, you can see if you’re happy with the results and find a different solution if you’re not.

This advice also goes for any cosmetics you plan to apply to your hair or skin on your big day. If you haven’t used them recently, there is always a chance you could be allergic to one of their components and develop a reaction. So it is best to test them on a small patch of skin at least 2 weeks before your big day to be sure they don’t ruin your look. 

Woman getting her hair loss diagnosed

How to treat your hair loss before your wedding day

If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding and you are worried it will ruin your big day, book a consultation with a trichologist as soon as possible. They will examine your hair and scalp thoroughly and perform the most effective diagnostic trichology tests, such as a dermoscopy, a hair pull test or a blood test for hair loss. Once they have identified the exact reason your hair is falling out, they can recommend the best female hair loss treatment

Medications such as Minoxidil or steroid creams and therapies such as PRP hair treatment, dermarolling for hair growth or red light therapy for hair growth can be highly effective in curbing hair loss and increasing your strand density. Some of them have enhanced effects when combined, such as using Minoxidil and a derma roller together

However, it can take months before you can see the effect of non-surgical hair growth treatments, and you may worry that they’re not going to work well enough for you. If you still have at least one year to go until your wedding, you can also consider getting a female hair transplant. The procedure is safe, painless and has excellent results. And if you opt for FUE type surgery, you will have virtually no scarring, so you can get a hair transplant without anyone knowing.

The best hair transplant clinics in the UK have a 97-100% success rate, and you can expect hair regrowth in 6-9 months. And the best part is that a hair transplant is permanent, so you can still enjoy your restored locks for your silver wedding anniversary. See our results for yourself in our before and after hair transplant gallery.

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