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Wayne Rooney sparks a hair revolution

Wayne Rooney now looks much better following his second FUE hair transplant in June 2013. In his latest outing for Manchester United his hair on the front of his head and at the back look great. Even after shaving the back scalp there are no tell-tale signs of him having had the surgery. It is not even three months since latest FUE session and he is already showing a great head of hair. This shows that (in nearly all cases) two sessions of hair transplant surgery produce a complete makeover for the balding man.

At the time Wayne Rooney tweet made him a figure of fun and he was somewhat derided in the press over his decision. Since having his second session of FUE surgery he has been vindicated. No one can deny the success of the surgery.

Men become figures of fun and the butt of many a joke when they start to bald. They become equal figures of fun when they decide to have hair transplant surgery. Wayne Rooney however has single handedly made hair replacement ‘acceptable’ and many professional sportsmen are now following in his footsteps. His success is out there for all to see!


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