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Rob Brydon Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know

Comedian Rob Brydon’s hairline has changed over the years, leading to speculation that he’s undergone a hair transplant. While these rumours have never officially been confirmed, his strong hairline transformation suggests some kind of intervention.

In this article, we’ll reveal everything that’s known about Rob Brydon’s hair transplant, including what his pre-transplant hair looked like, the estimated graft count, and the estimated cost.

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Does Rob Brydon have male pattern baldness?

While Rob’s current hairline looks great, it appears that, like most men at some point in their lives, he has symptoms of male pattern baldness.

Rob Brydon before and after hair transplant

Telltale signs of male pattern baldness in Rob’s hair include:

These symptoms were also visible during Rob’s role as Bryn in Gavin and Stacey, although he wears a side-swept hairstyle to hide his receding hairline:

Rob Brydon receding hairline

Has Rob Brydon had a hair transplant?

Like many other celebrities who have hair transplants, Rob Brydon has never officially confirmed his hair transplant. But his hairline has improved in recent years, a fact he alluded to in his show The Trip:

“For some time now my head has been feeling a lot warmer but I was unable to put my finger on the reason why.”

Rob Brydon hair before and after hair restoration

So does this mean Rob Brydon has had a hair transplant? Not necessarily. While we can’t rule it out, there are other ways Rob might have tackled his male pattern baldness. These include:

  • Finasteride — A drug approved to treat androgenetic alopecia and recommended by more than 69% of hair loss specialists [1].
  • Minoxidil — A topical solution that opens up the scalp blood vessels, allowing more nutrients to flow to the hair follicles.
  • Dutasteride — A drug similar to Finasteride that blocks the production of the hormone that causes male hair loss.

Could these medications alone have transformed Rob Brydon’s hairline? It’s possible, but maybe not that likely. Medical therapy tends to have more impact when it’s used in the earlier stages of hair loss, while Rob’s hair loss had progressed to Norwood stage 4 prior to treatment.

So based on the difference between Rob’s former and current hairline (along with his wry comments on the matter), it’s safe to assume he has probably had some form of hair transplantation.

Rob Brydon hair transplant before and after

These photos show what Rob Brydon’s hair looked like prior to his hair restoration procedure, and the results following hair regrowth.
Before and after Rob Brydon hair transplantation

As you can see, Rob has a noticeable straighter, thicker hairline in more recent photographs, with much more density through the mid-scalp.

Rob Brydon with sparser hairline vs Rob Brydon with a thicker hairline

Rob’s thicker hairline makes him appear younger and more confident — two key reasons many people undergo a hair transplant.

Rob Brydon's hair growth after hair restoration

What type of hair transplant did Rob Brydon have?

Interestingly, Rob Brydon allowed a journalist to inspect his hair for signs of a hair transplant. The journalist concluded that there was “no sign of trichological jiggery-pokery.”

Unlike Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which can leave a small scar in the donor area, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants tend to leave no trace. This suggests that if Rob has had a hair transplant, he probably chose the FUE hair transplantation method.

Other benefits of FUE hair transplants include:

  • They’re cheaper than FUT — FUT is less commonly used these days, so it’s more difficult to find an experienced FUT technician and therefore can be more expensive.
  • It takes less than a day — You’ll be in and out of the clinic the same day, so there’s no need for an overnight stay.
  • Recovery time is shorter — It usually takes less time to recover from FUE than FUT, as the wounds are much smaller.
FUT vs FUE hair transplant graphic

How many hair grafts did Rob Brydon have?

Based on the extent of Rob’s hair loss, it’s likely he’s had approximately 1,500 to 3,000 hair grafts to fill out his thinning areas and straighten his hairline. His hair loss mainly affects zones one, two, and three.

Informational graphic showing how many hair grafts are needed for male hair transplants

How many hair transplants has Rob Brydon had?

It’s possible that Rob Brydon has had multiple hair transplants, though not necessarily likely. His results could have been achieved in a single session, especially if his graft count was on the lower end of the spectrum. A 1,500-graft hair transplant is routinely completed in a single session.

How much did Rob Brydon’s hair transplant cost?

Assuming Rob got his hair transplant in the UK, where hair transplant costs tend to be a little higher than some overseas clinics, his hair transplant probably cost around £6,500. This is based on a 2,000-graft hair transplant at the UK national average rate of £3.25 per graft.

Rob Brydon’s hair transplant results

However Rob Brydon has improved his hair, and his current hairline looks great. Here are the results of Rob Brydon’s successful hair transplant procedure.

Rob Brydon with thick head of hair
Rob Brydon head shot photos

Considering your own hair transplant?

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