Hope For New Hair Loss Wonder Drug

Hope for new hair loss wonder drug

A drug which reverses the effects of hair loss and thinning has always been the holy grail but until now, it has eluded scientists. While there are a number of…


Can a bad hair transplant be fixed?

While there are a high number of success stories with hair transplants, there are also a number of bad hair transplants that can leave patients with both physical and mental scarring. There is nothing worse than building yourself up to go through the procedure, only to be disappointed with the results.

Where does the hair come from for hair transplants?

Hair transplants have been increasingly popular every year since Wimpole Clinic was founded in 1975. Despite this, there are still misconceptions about the procedure, particularly the origin of donor hair…

Senior Man And Hair Loss Issue

FUE Vs FUT: What’s The Difference?

The hair transplant industry has boomed over the last few years. As more men and women turn to cosmetic procedures to restore their hair — and their confidence — it’s…


Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

As the stigma regarding hair restoration surgery diminishes, more and more individuals suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness are opting for hair transplant surgeries. However, one question…


4 Hair Loss Products That Work

As a Harley Street hair transplant clinic, we often come across queries about non-invasive hair restoration products aimed at reversing male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss, like…


Chili Oil For Hair Growth + 6 More Oils For Healthy Hair

Hair loss is an issue which affects a large proportion of both men and women, and can be the result of a wide range of causes. Illness, trauma, stress, pregnancy and genetics can all play a part in hair loss, and the effect can be either temporary or permanent. For cases of hair loss which are permanent, a hair transplant offers a natural looking and lifelong solution but it’s worth trying a number of other treatments first to see if it’s possible to reverse the effects.

Weird & Wonderful: The History Of Hair Loss Treatments

It’s not just contemporary society that has a fascination with a hairy man; throughout the centuries, hirsuteness has been much sought after as a sign of virility and manliness. Modern treatments for hair loss, such as FUE, are incredibly effective with natural-looking and permanent results. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been the case. Here’s a closer look at some of the treatments men have endured throughout history in an attempt to halt or reverse the hair loss process.
Rob Holding Before And After

Celebrity Hair Transplants Before & After

Here at the Wimpole Clinic we like to keep up to date with our celebrities, particularly those with hair transplants. We have ourselves had a few well-known gentlemen come through our doors

Hair loss products available from our range

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you may feel anxious about the effects and be keen to prevent any further deterioration. Getting checked out by a doctor to rule out any underlying cause should always be your first stop because if there’s something triggering your hair loss, any treatment is unlikely to have much effect. Reducing levels of stress and anxiety are also very important as these can contribute very significantly to hair loss. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising can all help stimulate healthy hair growth. But in addition to all of this, we also offer a range of excellent hair care products which are specifically designed to treat and improve hair loss in a variety of ways. Here’s a closer look at some of the products we have available.