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Why More Men & Women Are Choosing Hair Transplants

Men and women have worried about hair loss for centuries — but despite the long history of hair loss treatments, the hair transplant industry is only now enjoying spectacular growth.

So why is this particular solution for hair loss suddenly becoming so popular? 

There are many reasons behind the dramatic rise in the number of UK hair transplant clinics. This has resulted in increased competition within the industry – which is always beneficial for consumers – and subsequently created an upsurge in demand for transplant procedures. 

Here are some of the reasons that more men and women are choosing hair transplants.   

Technological improvements

One of the main drivers behind the growth of the hair transplant industry is the technological aspect. As emerging science and technology have led to new techniques and developments within the procedure, clinics have been able to streamline their services. As a result of more efficient processes and new technology, the procedure has become more affordable, making it an option for mainstream consumers, as opposed to being the preserve of the rich and famous. 

These advances also mean there’s less chance of scarring, and triggering phobias such as hair transplant trypophobia.

Less stigma

While the wealthy footballers and film stars might no longer be the only ones able to afford a hair transplant, many celebrities have helped to boost the industry by being open about their own procedures and experiences. A new culture of transparency and openness in the media has meant that more and more people in the public eye are sharing their ‘behind the scenes’ cosmetic enhancements. These celebrity endorsements have done a huge amount to remove much of the stigma that used to surround these ‘secret’ treatments. 

Being camera-ready

With the prevalence of social media and the rise of the Influencer phenomenon, there’s more call for ordinary people to be ‘camera-ready’. And as many jobs are moving online, the increase of video conferencing for work increases the pressure to look good on camera. For many of us, our hair is one of the major aspects of our appearance, as well as our confidence. So, with this new and growing demand for looking out best more of the time, it’s natural to want to seek solutions for hair loss or thinning issues that affect how we feel about how we look. 

Alternative hair transplants

As the demand and provision of traditional hair transplants on the scalp have increased, the techniques have been adapted to provide a solution for hair loss or thinning in other areas. It’s now possible to have an eyebrow transplant or a beard transplant, to help people achieve the overall look they want. These new types of procedures have opened up a new market of people wanting to enhance or alter their facial hair. The recent trends for big beards and bushy eyebrows have also boosted the demand for these new treatments. 

Improved recovery times

As the hair transplant procedure has developed over the last few decades, there have been significant improvements in recovery timescales and a reduction in scarring – factors that may have previously deterred many people from opting for a hair transplant. Making this surgery a viable option for more sufferers of hair loss has helped its popularity to spiral, and as the hair transplants become more commonplace, even more men and women are likely to consider it as an option for themselves. 

While these reasons may explain the sudden increases in hair transplants, the main reason that they continue to be a popular solution to hair loss is that the results are so impressive. Success rates for many people are close to 100%, and the results are permanent. And given that modern transplants from leading hair transplant clinics are almost impossible to detect (as opposed to the older hair plugs), it’s really little wonder that so many people from all walks of life are choosing such an affordable and effective solution to their hair loss issues.

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