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Traction or Trauma Alopecia & its treatment

Traction alopecia occurs when hair is consistently worn in very tight hair styles, creating constant tension on the hair root which causes irreparable damage. This tension will, initially, cause breakage of the hair shaft but, over time, it will actually kill the hair root altogether. When the hair roots die another hair cannot be reproduced and this causes alopecia or baldness.

An increasing number of very young women are being treated for hair loss caused by traction or trauma alopecia, due to the constant strain made on the hair, from very tight tension styling. Young girls who wear very tight hair styles, such as cornrows, braids, weaving or scraped back styles like pony tails, will often present with traction alopecia by their late teens or early twenties. Men who wear their hair in a top knot or man bun can also develop hair loss related to traction alopecia.

The hair loss typically occurs around the hairline, ears and neck, however, it can occur anywhere where weaves, cornrows or braiding have been tightly applied to the hair.

The first course of action in treating traction hair loss is to dramatically change the style of your hair as this immediately relieves the tension trauma.

It is then advised to use Minoxidil lotion to stimulate the growth from any dormant hair roots. This should be used for 12 months to allow any new growth to fully mature.

If there are permanent bald areas still showing then it will mean that the hair roots in that area have died and the only way of treating this is by undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Surgical hair restoration will correct this problem and will permanently restore your hair, along with your self-esteem.

“I appreciate the care I received from your team during the hair surgery. The healing process was fantastic, less than 2 months after the hair transplant the difference is amazing & visible. I now carry on without anything to cover my head. I thank you for the confidence that you have given to me.”

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