Vitamin D And Hair Loss – What’s The Story?

Vitamin D and Hair Loss: Everything You Need To Know

There have been numerous studies into the effects vitamin D has on our general health, most notably it plays a vital role in bone health and the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, recent studies by researchers at Cairo University have also found a link between vitamin D and hair loss, namely whether having a vitamin D deficiency can result in hair falling out.
Eating A Healthier Diet Can Prevent Hair Loss

Diet For Healthy Hair: What Do You Need?

What you eat and drink on a daily basis not only affects your weight and general health but also the condition of your hair. If you’re looking to prevent or slow down hair loss, check out our tips below on how to eat your way to healthier hair.

Cinnamon Oil: The Benefits For Your Hair

We typically lose up to 100 hairs a day from carrying out activities such as washing and brushing our hair. Some people however lose more hair due to conditions such…