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Bad habits you need to kick to get healthy hair

Who doesn’t want to see a full head of thick, luscious locks every time they look in the mirror? Our hair is often taken for granted but it is very important in terms of how we view ourselves and also how society views us. A recent report found that 84% of women and more than 50% of men say their hair has an impact on their self-esteem. Whether we like it or not, a level of importance has been placed on how your hair looks and keeping it in good health is vital to ensure we don’t suffer thinning or even hair loss in the future.

There are swathes of hair treatments and products on the market advertised to improve hair health and even repair damaged hair. However, it is the bad hair habits we are all guilty of which really need to be broken in order for hair to be at its most healthy.

Leaving it too long between washes

While it is not good for your hair for it to be washed too frequently, as this strips it of its natural oils, it is not good to leave it too long between washes either. According to dermatologists, going too long between washes allows the oils to build up and clogs pores. This will stunt hair growth and can also lead to dandruff.

Using too much oil

Applying oil to your hair can help to improve the condition of dry and brittle hair as well as giving it a thicker and glossier appearance. However, oily products should be confined to the lengths of your hair only as applying to the roots just clogs up follicles and can hamper the production of natural oils that the scalp is responsible for.

Product loading

We are all guilty of using products on our hair in some form or another. Gels, wax, hairspray and other products are full of chemicals that attack the hair, leaving it brittle and dry. Using products too often can eventually lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Try swapping out your existing products which natural alternatives to give you hair a break.


Colouring your hair can be exciting and offer a big change to your appearance. While you may not think it is affecting your hair, colouring products are full of harsh chemicals, which strip the hair and leave it dry and brittle. And as for bleaching; that is a serious hair no-no. If you fancy a change in your natural colour then natural henna offers a deep, rich colour change but doesn’t damage the hair.

Being too harsh with wet hair

We’ve all sprung out of the shower in the morning in a bit of a mad rush and hastily brushed through wet hair to get rid of the tangles. It’s part of the morning routine and most of us don’t think twice about it. But when your hair is wet, the roots are at their most tender and not being gently can pull the hairs out altogether. Allow your hair to dry slightly before brushing or use a comb to gently tease out the knots.


Hair dryers, curling tongs and hair straighteners are the biggest culprits when it comes to poor hair health. When heat is applied to hair, the hair becomes damaged and eventually with split and break. When you can allow hair to dry naturally but if you must use anything, protect your hair first with a heat defence spray and try to avoid straighteners at all costs.

Protecting your hair by getting rid of bad habits can mean your mane will look better for longer. Even if you give up just one bad habit, you could see a real difference.


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