How Soon is Too Soon for a Hair Transplant
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How Soon is Too Soon for a Hair Transplant

Increasingly, younger men are turning to hair transplants below the age of 30 as a solution to hair thinning. Although younger men make excellent candidates for hair transplant procedures, the success of the results must be examined thoroughly.
Age and hair lifecycle are crucial factors in determining whether a younger man is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant procedure. Just because someone has had a hair transplant, it doesn’t mean that they won’t lose any more hair.

Therefore, some clinics are wary of offering hair transplants and other procedures to younger men.
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Permanent Procedure

A hair transplant gives permanent results and understanding the hair production cycle enables a better understanding of whether a younger candidate is right for the transplant process.

  1. Anagen – this is the growing phase and lasts for a few years
  2. Catagen – this is the cessation period and lasts from two to three weeks
  3. Telogen – this is the resting phase which lasts a few months. The hair then detaches from the follicle and is shed, and the new hair growth begins.

The most common cause of hair loss in men is Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as ‘male pattern’ baldness. It is cause by the effects of the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the production of which starts at puberty.

DHT affects what are known as susceptible hair follicles, those on top, front and crown of the scalp. This hormone causes hair thinning and loss by shortening the growth phase. The follicles go through longer resting phases, coupled with shorter growth phases.
As the cycle continues, the hair follicles become shorter resulting in thinner or finer hair which, over time, disappears completely.
Transplanted hair is taken from the back and sides of the scalp, and inserted into the thinning or bald areas. The follicles keep their genetic composition, meaning they stay immune to the effects of DHT.

The Problem Is…?

Imagine a young man in his 20s whose self-esteem is hit hard by receding hairline and thinning areas of hair on the scalp. He opts for a hair transplant, resulting in a denser hairline and crown.

As the years pass, the transplanted areas remain dense but his original hair, susceptible to DHT, continue to thin. He may look worse now that he did a few years ago, and this is the conundrum – it may be that it is possible for transplants to be performed too early.

A reputable hair transplant specialist, like the Wimpole Clinic, can help. Get the best advice and treatment from a renowned clinic with proven results, and you can be confident your hair loss will be well treated.

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